Garden Hotels: new summer beach clubs

Beach clubs are in fashion. They are taking the lead of 2015 summer events focusing the attention on all those who plan their holidays in beach areas in Spain. With important models in clubbing areas such as Ibiza, they are now situated in all tourist areas in Spain, specifically in the best beaches, leaving behind the traditional beach bars characterised by their fried fish, beer and sandwiches and that were the summer kings in Spain until now.

We like them because of their design, style, music and relaxed ambience, their cocktails and magnificent sunsets.  Many private clubs of family companies or chains have established in the coast, renewing the beach bars and turning them into authentic chill out music palaces.  Many of them belong to hotels that have taken advantage of their location in front of the sea to captivate their customers and attract locals and tourists that, although they do not stay at these hotels, can enjoy their music and cocktails.

One of the last chains that have joined this trend of beach clubs in Majorca is Garden Hotels, which has just opened the Samsara Pool Beach with a high level event (with the irreverent Mario Vaquerizo at the top of the poster) promising a summer full of themed parties in Playa de Muro, where it is located.

Garden Holiday Village Hotel is also located in Playa de Muro.  Its modern beach club in Majorca is situated right in the pools and gardens area of the hotel and is directly connected to the sea. It offers live music with some of the most renowned DJs in the island and an excellent drinks and cocktails menu.  Likewise, it has a complete events calendar including themed parties open to the public and special advantages for those who book a room in their hotel in Playa de Muro.

Its design is inspired by simple, fresh and very Mediterranean lines, with exotic details.  Its lush gardens surrounding the chill out area blend perfectly with the atmosphere. Very close you will find other beach clubs, so you can always opt for a tour around Muro and reserve the weekends of the next months.  You will never have enough time to make the most of all.


Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (Part4)

It will be fantastic

Travel to Majorca. In particular, travel to Palma, the capital of the islands, the administrative and crucial centre of the culture, shopping, nightlife and of the most vibrant life in Majorca all year round. Palma engaged a lot to give travellers thousand and one excuses to consider it not only as a summer destination, and it has become one of the preferred European cities for a holiday any time of the year. We are not going to lie to anyone: the best moment to visit Palma is in June or September, when the summer begins or it is about to end. In this way, you can avoid the high temperatures of the Majorcan summer and the massive flow of tourists coming to this island between July and August mainly.


Palma changes completely according to the type of travel you plan to do. If you want to escape some days with your friends to experience the nightlife and drowse relaxed on the beaches during the day, between dips, we recommend you a hotel in the centre of Palma and a rented car that are quite cheap in the island, both in the beginning of the season and in the end. It is better that you plan your holidays with children in a hotel near Playa de Palma (that is very comfortable, because this zone is next to the airport and is connected through urban buses to the city centre every 15 minutes) or Illetas, which is one of the nicest coves outside Palma, after the Estación Marítima and Porto Pi. To travel with your partner, it is better to look for Adults Only hotels in Majorca that have been proliferating in various parts of the island during the last decade and they offer quite full accommodation and entertainment plans. As always, we recommend you to make your reservations firstly checking the official websites of the hotels, since you can save the intermediary and many hotels ensure that you can have the lowest online rate guaranteed by booking there.

San Miguel de Abona, a town of contrasts

San Miguel de Abona is one of the places of the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife which keeps intact its traditional spirit, full of contrasts and natural charm, which offers visitors a passage in time and an invitation to dive into the local environment with only simple stroll through the narrow streets of the old town.

Located in the south of Tenerife, with an exceptional climate that only the Canary Islands can offer, San Miguel also has a quality tourism infrastructure, with a notable offer for golf holidays and luxury resorts in San Blas, Los Abrigos, Guincho the Oasis del Sur and all the coast of Amarilla Golf.

Hotel San Blas in San Miguel de Abona

Hotel San Blas in San Miguel de Abona

To enjoy a nice image of this charming town there are two viewpoints nearby, El Fronton and La Centinela, from where you can also see some of the neighbouring villas and towns such as Granadilla de Abona, where the Airport Tenerife South is located.

But the best way to discover it, is to go into the old town and spend a night from guaniche to guaniche, small typical taverns where to try some of the best products that are produced in this town with farming and agricultural roots.

Restaurant with views to the ocean

Restaurant with views to the ocean

The walk through the heart of San Miguel is a must. Although this is a small town of simple architecture, with Canarian roots and beautiful whitewashed Canarian houses on the foot of the hill, it has been declared a historic-artistic town, of a high value and in it you can find little gems of everyday Canarian life and samples of its people’s character.

The big celebration is the Pilgrimage of San Miguel, which is held in the second half of September, coinciding with the end of summer and the beginning of the so called summer of San Miguel. The celebration is very attractive, with varied gastronomic products, dances and folk music, and it involves not only the locals but also tourists and residents from all over the island of Tenerife.

The first hotel in Islantilla

We begin September with a review of a very special hotel, an accommodation that was a milestone in the history of the municipality of Islantilla: the Confortel Islantilla Hotel was the first resort to be built in the area of ​​Costa de la Luz, where up to the 90s there was only fields, farming lands, private fincas and steep cliffs. The area, as a place of cultivation and farming, was not productive as the land was affected by the tides and the abrasive saline humidity. The alternative was to convert it into a residential area intended for quality tourism.

Hotel Confortel Islantilla en huelva

Hotel Confortel Islantilla en huelva

This is how a coastal town was configured, full of charm and a relaxed atmosphere, designed for those looking to relax and where the Confortel Islantilla Hotel led the concept of a modern and innovative hotel. Design spaces that are refurbished over the years and rooms with state of the art services.

The hotel is on the beach of Islantilla and offers beautiful views of the coast of Huelva, renown for the quality of its waters and the wide range of restaurants and entertainment that has developed in this small tourist resort located between Lepe and Isla Cristina. In fact, the golf course of Islantilla, 27 holes, was constructed at the same time as the hotel, circa 1992.

Hotel con spa Islantilla

Hotel con spa Islantilla

Some of the services, of the Confortel Islantilla Hotel, highly valued by its guests are the relaxing facilities and leisure options it provides, among which are the spa and the free WiFi. But, it has some other advantage over the rest of the hotels in the area: private parking, a full gym and heated swimming pool for the winter, since Islantilla is an interesting destination not only for a summer holiday.


Key points:

· Hotel with Spa in Islantilla

· Free Wifi and Internet Corner.

· Meeting rooms for events in Costa de la Luz.

· Mini club and activities for families.