Alcudia: sports, sunbathes, gastronomy and spring!

You can’t find any better spring destination than Alcudia for a spring break, north of Majorca, a small cosy coast that lead us to one of the most beautiful bays of this Mediterranean island,   one of Majorca’s most authentic, natural and well preserved landscapes, making it the perfect place for all kind of outdoor sports while enjoying the calm and warm of these first days of spring.

Alcudia was declared an ecotourism destination, it has a coastal zone of 30 km long with paradisiacal coasts such as the own Alcudia beach and the famous Playa de Muro, one of the favourite summer destinations for Europeans travellers, a place where you can experience the Mediterranean relaxation, thanks to its safety environment, its touristic services and its easy road access to the rest of the island and with Minorca by sea (ships sail directly from Puerto de Alcudia to Ciudatella).

Despite being one of the most visited places of the island with a large quantity of hotels, Alcudia is still a place with tradition, culture and unexplored nature, such as the S’Albufera de Majorca National Park the largest of the island well preserved and famous thanks to its unique wildlife. The perfect place for family hiking, bicycle touring, or for enjoying a couple of days of ornithology, many travellers (especially from Britain) come to Alcudia only to be able to watch the unique bird species in the park.

One of the main tourist attractions is the cycling and cycling tourism red all over Alcudia and it connects it with the rest of the north coast. One of the main routes is Alcudia-cape Formentor, at the edge of Serra de Tramuntana, a high level cycling tour, special for experienced trainers, it’s a secondary narrow street, very sloped, we recommend to be careful, since it is commonly used by rent cars and tourist buses that go to the top in order to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Majorca island. May not be appropriate for children.

However, if you’re planning a family holiday, Alcudia in spring is full of family activities, since the Mediterranean water is still fresh (and it will continue this way until well into May), It’s a good plan to book your accommodation in Alcudia with sailing lessons, kitesurf course or kayak course, or other services that hotels offer inside and outside.

Plans for everybody

A nice way to spend the day is visiting Alcudia town, from yourfamily friendly hotel in Majorca such as a hotel in Port de Alcudia, it will only take a couple of minutes by car to go the little market on Sundays, and have a traditional breakfast in one of the lovely terraces, toasts with olive oil and tomato, visit the small handcrafted shops, the monuments and its beautiful narrow streets…

A picnic at the beach is ideal to spend the day in family. The coastal zone between Alcudia and Pollença offers you that special place where you can relax next to the Mediterranean ocean and have a picnic under the pines. Just a few steps from the sea, it’s a place with tables and benches for a comfortable meal, besides, courts to play and of course, a warm place to sunbathe.

Where to eat in Alcudia?

Gourmet restaurant in Alcudia

Gourmet restaurant in Alcudia

If you’re looking for a special destination for a gastronomic weekend, you should add Alcudia to your route list, since it has many options where you can enjoy the authentic Majorca’s cuisine, not only downtown but in Port de Alcudia as well, new places like Restaurante Alcuina, near the docks, combine perfectly with the traditional tapas of Can Punyetes and the typical cuisine of the S’Oli Verge restaurant, a famous place in the port. There are other restaurants at the Majorca’s beach that you definitely should know, such as the Can Cuarassa, located in a typical Majorcan house at the beach, terraces and gardens with an amazing view to the sea.

Another gastronomic jewel here in Majorca is the Sa Romana, an author’s cuisine restaurant (prices varies from 30 to 40 euros), a menu full of local flavours, enhanced with new culinary techniques, influenced by other Mediterranean cuisines. The place is meticulously decorated, a delightful terrace with an outer garden, perfect for spring nights. If you booked in a hotel in Playa de Muro or an aparthotel in Alcudia, we highly recommend you to visit at least one time, we promise you won’t regret it.