The most beautiful areas along Fuerteventura’s beaches

Those looking for contrasts might opt for the island of Lanzarote, and families prefer travelling to Gran Canaria. In the same way it’s common that travellers who look for Atlantic beaches choose to stay on the lovely, tranquil island of Fuerteventura. It’s nearly two thousand square kilometres, not only the second largest of the Canary Islands, but also one of the most exclusive ones when it comes to beautiful beaches.

Having said that, the island hides unique spots along those beaches, beyond the natural magic of the coastline. Places you can only discover if you have a good backpack slung over your shoulder. Unique locations that deserve to be treasured as memories for life. What are the most famous ones? This month we highlight them in this travel diary for Hotels and Destinations.




The Dunes of Corralejo

Declared a Natural Park in 1994, the area called the Dunes of Corralejo is one of those places that keep surprising travellers. A place more than two thousand hectares big where you can enjoy the magic of a sea of dunes (identical to the neighbouring parts of Africa). Apart from enjoying incredible moments and panoramas worthy of a postcard, the excursion also provides unique places to go for a swim on beaches with intensely blue water, hardly visited by man. It does sound great, doesn’t it?

Discovering Ajuy

It’s not the most striking beach on Fuerteventura or the most frequented one by tourists who travel here, but those are two facts that make the Ajuy coast a great place to come to if you’re visiting. Apart from the beautiful beach with black sand (a peculiarity of the Canary Islands), this area shelters a natural monument that is over a hundred million years old.

The natural lake of Sotavento beach

Even if its fame is based on its golden sand and crystal-clear, deep-blue waters, very few know that the very action of the sea in this part of the island has created a natural lake where you can enjoy sunbathing and all kinds of water-related sports.

Hotels to stay in when on holiday in Fuerteventura

In addition to unique landscapes and exquisite food, Fuerteventura is a well-renowned when it comes to hotels, and there is a lot on offer. Our recommendation?

IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas or the beautiful IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park.

Plans for 2 in Playa Jandía

We have spoken on many occasions about Playa Jandía as one of the booming destinations for those traveling with family, but we have always overlooked something very representative of this Canary paradise: the southern tip of Fuerteventura is an ideal oasis to forget the routine, to flee from the office, bosses, the work… Goodbye to responsibility. Welcome to the corner of the planet where you will only have to worry about which beach you want to roast in the sun on.

Playa Jandía, integrated in the municipality of Pájara, is one of the most welcoming and quiet tourist areas of Fuerteventura. While it’s true that you breathe in an increasingly familiar atmosphere, you should remember that Playa Jandía, and especially its famous Playa del Matorral, have been for decades romantic refuges for couple’s getaways.

Playa Jandía, Fuerteventura

Morro Jable, which is the town with more local life around it, brings you that livelier side, vibrant and festive, thanks to its taverns, terraces by the sea and places to have a drink in the sun while sharing an unforgettable moment at sunset. In its weekly activities, Morro Jable includes multiple activities where the visitor can join in. A must-see is one of its traditional markets, where you can find all kinds of native products, as well as artisan crafts and accessories for all tastes.

But, if your idea of a romantic getaway is to be both alone on a spectacular beach… don’t miss Cofete. Hidden behind some of the beautiful hills of the Jandía Natural Park, on the other side of the Matorral beach and Morro Jable, is the wonderful Cofete beach. What you should know though is that you should be aware of the tides. The Atlantic is not the Mediterranean and its tides and currents must be understood, and enjoyed with respect: at Cofete there’s a point where the tide goes up high enough to isolate you on one side of the beach, preventing you from being able to go back. So, enjoy your peace and beauty, but don’t get too distracted.

For accommodation, you should consider the possibility of looking at a suite or a slightly special or original room in one of the 3 and 4-star hotels in the area. The 5-stars are terrific, but they run high in price, while the 4-stars are more reasonable. As an example, you’ll see that right next to El Matorral beach you have 3 Iberostar options, a brand known in the sector to always provide guarantees: the IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas, and its neighbor the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park. The first of the 3 is the one most oriented to couples and romantic getaways specifically.

If you prefer to stay in the area of ​​Esquinzo, you will also find complete hotels, and also hostels and apartments that are quite affordable. In Costa Calma, a little more towards Puerto del Rosario already, there are some key accommodations like the H10 hotels, a chain that has several locations on this Pájara coast and that are well rated for their service, cleaning and attention.

Enjoy Fuerteventura with your family at Iberostar

This beautiful island in the amazing Canary Islands offers you a wide range of familiy activities. It’s known as the “quiet island” and families are expecting it to give them the renewed vigour to face all future problems. It’s the island of contrasts and impressive landscapes. Famous for Tindaya’s Mountain, where local aborigines used to show reverence to it, as they considered it magical.

Fuerteventura is also called the island of the mills, as its flat but sometimes undulating terrain was perfect to build mills that use the power of the wind to grind the flour included in many typical dishes in the island.

Tindaya Mountain, Fuerteventura

Tindaya Mountain, Fuerteventura; picture:

Iberostar gives you the opportunity to explore this wonderful and unique island.

Available Iberostar hotels

Iberostar offers you three amazing hotels in Fuerteventura, where you can spend a memorable holiday with your kids.

These 4-star hotels are located at the same beach in Fuerteventura, where the sun rises every day and you will enjoy this amazing moment with your family.

What to see in Fuerteventura with your family?

There are many must-see places in Fuerteventura. Below you can find a list of the must-visit places that your family cannot miss, especially if you have children or if you want to have a great time with your couple:

  • Oasis Park: a themed tropical park in La Lajita. 150 hectares home to hundreds of species. Giraffes, chimpanzees, gorillas, crocodiles and the biggest herd of camels in Europe live together in Oasis Park in Fuerteventura. There are crocodiles and sea lions shows every day, which will amaze the whole family. Its botanic garden hosts one of the biggest cactus in Europe.
  • Acua Water Park: popular water park in Corralejo, Fuerteventura. There are lots of water slides, wave pools,… Everything you need to have fun on hot days in the island.
  • Windsurf: Fuerteventura is full of incredible places to practice windsurf. Every place is perfect. no necesitas preguntar el lugar perfecto para hacer windsurf en Fuerteventura. Todos los lugares son perfectos. For this reason, Fuerteventura hosts windsurf world championships.

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace: Romantic Hotel Playa de Jandia

Among all the hotels that we received references or reviews, there is one in particular that stands out as an ideal hotel for couples in Playa Jandia. This is one of the most emblematic hotels of this area of ​​Fuerteventura, managed by the hotel chain Iberostar Hotels & Resorts and with an exceptional location: the Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace Hotel is right on the beach and has one of the best views on the peninsula of Jandia.

Although it is not an Adults Only hotel, it has services for families and with free accommodation for the first child, it has been designed so that couples and parents may enjoy their holidays, even if they do not (or can not) leave their children at home.

Hotel Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace

Hotel Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace

Outdoor swimming pools with sea views, VIP area with spa and with adults only solarium, piano bar with terrace and chill out atmosphere, aerobics, diving, late breakfast… The facilities as well as the activities programme, have been designed to offer a fun and relaxing experience for those traveling as a couple.

The special rooms for couples are different from the rest, with exclusive furniture and spaces that create a cozy environments. You may choose between the Superior Double Room with views to the beach (32 m² and private sun terrace with loungers and Balinese beds) or the Suites in Playa de Jandia (similar, but with 45 m² and a Jacuzzi).

Hotel Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace in Fuerteventura

Hotel Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace in Fuerteventura


Main Points:

· Romantic Hotel in Playa de Jandia

· VIP area with spa and Adults Only solarium

· Wedding Halls: Recommended hotel for honeymoons

· Diving school in Jandia