Kitesurf in Huelva

The Huelva province has 120 kilometres and perfect beaches for kitesurfing. The ideal wind conditions and the quality of beaches have gradually made of Huelva a sought-after destination for those who practise this exciting water sport.

Throughout the Huelva coast, there are at least ten spots (beaches where water sports are practised, such as surfing and windsurfing) where we can kitesurf. Some of the most known spots, thanks to their suitability for this sport, are for example, Isla Canela or Punta del Morral, both in the Ayamonte municipality.

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Other beaches also boast good conditions, such as Isla Cristina, La Antilla or Punta Umbría. On windy days, it is very usual to see the beaches sky swarming with kites and the kiters taking off the sea and doing acrobatics in the air. For tourists, it is a real spectacle and, actually, many of them spend long time in the seashore taking pictures of the kiters.

There are even many people that, attracted by this sport, sing up for an introductory course in some of the many schools of these beaches. These courses provide the students with all they need to start this thrilling sport, such as the material, the basics of safety, kite control, etc…

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Whether you do kitesurf or not, travelling to Huelva to do this sport is a stupendous experience because, besides good wind and weather conditions, in this province we find beautiful fine golden sand beaches where sailing is just fantastic.

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Nature parks in Huelva

Huelva has the privilege of having an extensive natural area where we find important nature parks, prevailing, both in size and in number of species, the Doñana National Park.

The Doñana National Park takes up an area of 185 329 acres of marshes and 66 718 acres of dunes. It is located in an incredible enclave in the Guadalquivir marshes, housing hundreds of species of flora and fauna, besides being the biggest wetland in Europe.

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This big nature park covers the municipalities of Almonte, Aznalcazar, Pueblo del Río and Hinojo. Additionally, the Doñana National Park is a great tourist attraction because visitors not only contemplate its flora and fauna, but also enjoy different activities such as hiking, horse riding, excursions by Jeep, for example.

Marismas de Isla Cristina is another of the natural lures in Huelva. It is placed in the mouths of the Guadiana and Correas rivers and covers an area of 5300 acres. This park includes different municipalities such as Ayamonte and Isla Cristina, among others. It is worth mentioning that this park is situated between tidal marshes with a high ecological value where you can watch the birds living, breeding or staying in this area for periods of time.

On the other hand, Marismas del Odiel is another of the nature parks in Huelva, declared Biosphere Reserve by the UNESCO. This park, with an area of 17 754 acres, has the most important tidal marshes in the Iberian Peninsula and is the second most important wetland in Andalusia, after Doñana. One of the recommendations if you visit this park is enjoying the sunrise or the sunset from there, as well as seeing the mouth of the Odiel and Tinto rivers bordering the city.

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Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche also deserves a special mention for the extensive natural area it covers, nothing less than 454 673 acres.  It covers 28 towns, among which are Jabugo, Cumbres, Mayores and Cortesana. In this mountain range are very common the stream beds. Besides, it is an area very frequented by the hikers and mountain bikers.

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Dunas Golf in Matalascañas

Golfers’ passion for travelling to discover new golf courses in different destinations is full well known. Playing always in the same course entail knowing very well all its difficulties, but it could be at the same time very monotonous. That is why golfers find very rewarding travelling to other places to practice its favourite sport.

In this post we will talk about the Dunas Golf in Matalascañas, a wonderful course designed by Fernando Menaya Nieto-Aliseda, placed in an unique spot in Matalascañas, one of the most important tourist complexes in the Huelva coast.


Dunas de Doñana Golf

Its nearness to the Doñana’s National Park allows you to appreciate from the course its amazing views of the landscape, characterised by its abundance of vegetation in the surroundings.

Dunas Golf has magnificent facilities, among which should be noted its spacious shop on the entrance and its restaurant located inside the place, where is offered a select menu with traditional dishes of the coast of Huelva.

The course is formed by 18 holes combining the American and link-style. Its functional design turn the course into an exceptional and enjoyable experience for golfers of all levels.  

Dunas de Doñana Golf


The round is easy to walk and player will see himself obliged to use all the clubs and let his imagination run wild to dodge the obstacles found in the big variety of holes in the course.

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