Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (Part4)

It will be fantastic

Travel to Majorca. In particular, travel to Palma, the capital of the islands, the administrative and crucial centre of the culture, shopping, nightlife and of the most vibrant life in Majorca all year round. Palma engaged a lot to give travellers thousand and one excuses to consider it not only as a summer destination, and it has become one of the preferred European cities for a holiday any time of the year. We are not going to lie to anyone: the best moment to visit Palma is in June or September, when the summer begins or it is about to end. In this way, you can avoid the high temperatures of the Majorcan summer and the massive flow of tourists coming to this island between July and August mainly.


Palma changes completely according to the type of travel you plan to do. If you want to escape some days with your friends to experience the nightlife and drowse relaxed on the beaches during the day, between dips, we recommend you a hotel in the centre of Palma and a rented car that are quite cheap in the island, both in the beginning of the season and in the end. It is better that you plan your holidays with children in a hotel near Playa de Palma (that is very comfortable, because this zone is next to the airport and is connected through urban buses to the city centre every 15 minutes) or Illetas, which is one of the nicest coves outside Palma, after the Estación Marítima and Porto Pi. To travel with your partner, it is better to look for Adults Only hotels in Majorca that have been proliferating in various parts of the island during the last decade and they offer quite full accommodation and entertainment plans. As always, we recommend you to make your reservations firstly checking the official websites of the hotels, since you can save the intermediary and many hotels ensure that you can have the lowest online rate guaranteed by booking there.

Sun and beach holidays never fail

Even the most rebellious takes it. Even those who say nothing or criticise it end up to plan such a holiday once. And they enjoy it. The sun and beach holidays, lying down to dolce far niente for a week in a paradise at the edge of the sea, is one of those little comforts that everyone choose from time to time. It is no wonder that – and now they can say no, but those who denies it, will soon wish they could delete those words – planning holidays basically means: resting in a quiet place, where you can spend you free time in the most comfortable way, relaxing your body and mind, and doing everything that you cannot afford in the place where you live. It does not matter whether it is sport or long reading days lying down on sand. In any case, no one gets bitter for a sweet.

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace Hotel

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace Hotel

It is true that the sun and beach holidays have a host of detractors, because in many occasions the budget is limited and you end up to any beach in Torremolinos or Benidorm, drowsing surrounded by people, children and beach equipment that leave not a single bit of sand free throughout the summer. But this is a very reductionist view of the travel concept we are talking about today. Sun and beach can also mean escape to a virgin beach among nature for 5 days, enjoying a comfortable accommodation and the varied entertainment proposals designed for their guests. An example is the resort in the El Rompido beach of Garden Hotels chain, an Adults Only resort in Huelva that offers sol and beach with 4 star facilities, interesting and varies complementary plans, and services customised for couples and adults who look for the maximum calmness.

Sun and beach, par excellence, is the Caribbean. In addition, despite those who criticise it, if you can afford it, in terms of dates and budget, everyone should go to a resort in Playa Bávaro or to an All Inclusive hotel in Riviera Maya, México at least once in a lifetime. Booking an All Inclusive hotel in the Caribbean, does not mean giving up visiting the destination or remaining in the resort all days of your stays, but, if you like it, it is a good plan as well. The value for money is exceptional and you can enjoy everything you want any time and in any place of the resort; you have every kind of service, not only inside the hotel, but also in its gardens and at the beach; you have parties, relax, culture… Everything you want and almost everything is included in your initial budget. Therefore, you can plan your holidays in an easy way and without last minute distress.

However, for those who do not like take an airplane and will never cross the pond, there are resorts very similar to those of the Caribbean in Spain, such as for example, the resorts in Playa de La Barrosa, Cádiz, that boast of having the biggest number of sunny days in Spain and are at the seafront. Some hotels in Costa Adeje, in Tenerife, are not inferior to the big Caribbean resorts. Actually, there you can find the one that, for three years in a row, has been chosen as the best All Inclusive hotel in Spain by its guests.

The All Inclusive resorts in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Majorca or Andalusia are perfect for holidays with children: comfortable, with complete services, every time more specialised (a good example are those called Picapiedra Hotels, of the hotels for family holidays range of Melià Sol Hotels). Some of them feature different spaces for parents and children, so that also the adults can enjoy some relaxing holidays, even if they travel with their kids… However, above all, they are an advantage, because you can have a fixed quotation beforehand that avoids you any distress at the end of your holidays.