Gran Canaria, the island of magic

The island where good weather lives. This is the slogan of the official website of Tourism in Gran Canaria, and it is not a trivial sentence chosen at random, but rather one of the main attractions offered by this beautiful island to the visitor. Sun, beach, peace…  Gran Canaria has guaranteed good weather, as well and many other things.

Surrounded by the amazing Atlantic Ocean, it is the island with largest population among all those that compose the Canary archipelago and has one of the most important cities: Las Palmas de Gran Canaria,  co-capital of the autonomous community of the Canary Islands (jointly with Santa Cruz de Tenerife) – and epicentre of the cultural and artistic life of  the island.

With unique landscapes, Gran Canaria offers one of the most striking viewpoints routes in Spain, with 16 must visit places from which we can contemplate the authentic magic of this dream island: Roque Nublo and Roque Bentayga, Pico de Pozos de la Nieve, Caldera de los Marteles, La Crucita, Pinos de Gáldar, La Sorrueda, El Ingenio, Las Tederas and La degollada de las Yeguas, among many others.

Thanks to this natural richness, almost the middle of the island has been declared Biosphere Reserve and has 8 nature reserves, 2 rural parks and 2 nature parks, 7 areas with protected landscapes and 10 natural monuments among which stand out Los Riscos de Tijarana, Roque de Aguayro, Caldera de Bandama and Barranco de Guayadeque.

Hotels in Gran Canaria

Hotels in Gran Canaria

Mountain, sea, light… Gran Canaria stands out for its wide variety of landscapes, its moonscapes, its hills and lush valleys, its impressive cliffs opening onto the Atlantic Ocean and its long sand beaches. Playa del Inglés, Maspalomas, Meloneras, the charming Mogán town, Amadores beach, San Agustín, Puerto Rico, Agaete and Las Canteras: any of these places is ideal for escaping from it all and find the peace and calm we miss during those long months of work and routine.

The magic of tradition

Although it is one of the most touristic islands in the archipelago, with an average of 3,3 millions of visitors per year, it preserves that spirit of quietness in all its corners. Its people is kind and friendly, and its traditions are worthy of attention: The cuisine of Gran Canaria is one of the richest in the archipelago, and the local celebrations in its small towns are , along with with Las Palmas Carnival, one of the main cultural attractions of this magical destination.

Places such as the Cathedral of Santa Ana, Museo Canario, Casa de Colón, Centro Atlántico de Arte Moderno  or Cueva Pintada Museum & Archaeological Park, are must visits since there you can find the key elements of the history of this island with more than 14 millions of years of existence.

One of the most recommended experiences is to taste different varieties of flor de guía cheeses accompanied by one of its wines with guarantee of origin and quality of Gran Canaria, very appreciated by gourmet travellers that, increasingly, visit every year this Atlantic location. This is why the gastronomic trips to Gran Canaria always end up in Santa Brigida, a town full of charm in the middle of the mountains, in the interior area of the island. With long wine tradition, there we find Casa del Vino de Gran Canaria (The house of wines) where we can enjoy a wine tasting and visit a complete exhibition about the history of wine in this municipality.

For toasting, however, there is not better moment that when you are in one of the thousands of traditional parties celebrated in the towns that compose the island. From its above mentioned and extremely famous carnivals to Fiestas de la Virgen del Pino (Feast of Virgin of the Pine), patron of the island, devoutly commemorated every 7th September in Teror.

It is also worth mentioning the Agaete celebrations which receives, year after year, more and more residents, tourists and bystanders. The main function, attended by many people, is the known Bajada de la Rama,, which was declared Festival of National Tourist Interest and is celebrated every 4th August in honour to St Mary of the Snows. Undoubtedly, the must attend summer party in Gran Canaria.

The magical coast

Besides cheese and wine, the cuisine of Gran Canaria boasts other elements that make it authentic and unique. One of them is the fish, captured in its Atlantic waters and taken to the Arguineguín y Mogán harbours. There we can find the essence of the island in each detail and eat one of the best tunas of the Atlantic: the tuna from Mogán, as it is known in many countries in the world.

But  the waters washing the coasts in Gran Canaria offer much more. Blue marlin, barracudas, needle fishes…  Fishing in an authentic fishing boat is one of the best plans of the island for anyone who visits it and looks for something different and special. Recreational fishing could be easily practised in these coasts, and in almost all the marinas in Gran Canaria is possible to book tickets in a fishing vessel for enjoying a sea day with a fishing rod.

For those looking for something more daring, this magical island is the best place in Europe for doing water sports.  The quality of the coast, its delicious weather, its waters and its winds have turned Gran Canaria into the European capital of windsurfing, There we find some beaches such as Vargas and  the wonderful Pozo Izquierdo which are situated in a privileged place, surrounded by the best spots for enjoying this sport.

Diving lovers can also live unique moments immersed in the magical ocean around the island, enclosing the island: there are innumerable scuba diving schools throughout the entire coast, located in the main tourist areas such as Playa del Inglés or Maspalomas, where we can easily find a hotel in Gran Canaria at affordable price. Besides signing on a private lesson or on group intensive courses during holiday, these diving centres usually offer the possibility of renting equipment, vessels and areas where you can dive freely.

Puerto Rico and Amadores, the destinations of Gran Canaria for 2014

The areas of Puerto Rico and Playa Amadores are the most popular destinations in Gran Canaria for 2014. In recent years, they have been considered one of the most exclusive areas on the island as they provide an incredible natural location (between 3 beautiful valleys overlooking the Atlantic Ocean) and some luxury tourist services that have managed to attract, mainly, tourists from Nordic countries, that travel every year to this corner of Gran Canaria.

Apartments in Playa Amadores

Apartments in Playa Amadores

Finding a hotel in Playa de Amadores or in Puerto Rico is not an easy task. The large demand and the limited existing offer in the area means that during the high season all accommodations are sold out, and that the possibility of finding a budget hotel in the area of Gran Canaria, is almost impossible. To avoid this, the best option is to take advantage of the early booking campaigns that can offer discounts between 20 and 30% over the price set for the summer season in the area of Playa Amadores.

The current situation of these destinations does not only reflect the good occupation all year round and the purchasing power of many of its visitors, but in the constant increase of its quality complementary offer that includes gourmet restaurants, luxury boutiques, beach clubs, chill outs and cocktail bars with amazing terraces. You can also find a water park, 2 marinas, yachting clubs and shopping centres.

Palmera Mar apartments

Palmera Mar apartments

The pull factor generated by the marina situated between the beaches of Puerto Rico and Playa de Amadores is another key element that has led both destinations to top the ranking of the most popular holiday spots in Gran Canaria. Some of the best boats and yachts that sail across the Atlantic can be seen mooring in its waters.

The quality of the water of the beaches, the minimum swell of the bay of Amadores, protected from the different tides that are present in the Atlantic, are the perfect compliment for one of the most exclusive spots of the moment for sun and beach tourism. An irresistible plan for this 2014.


Beach of Amadores, a destination for the family

The beach of Amdores, in Gran Canaria, is one of those destinations that seem to be tailor made for those travelling with family. Known as one of the quietest areas and with the best atmosphere on the island, it also offers a perfect beach for children, protected from the strong currents of the Atlantic ocean by two large breakwaters.

The beach of Amadores, viewed from the hill under which it runs, looks like a large family swimming pool where children can spend the day playing in the water and parents can rest   sunbathing peacefully, completely unconcerned.

Views of Playa de Amadores

Views of Playa de Amadores

Located between the towns of Puerto Rico and Mogan we find this famous beach, known by many as the “peaceful beach” and in recent years transformed into one of the most important tourist resorts in Gran Canaria, where you find different accommodation options, from the classic all inclusive hotel or apartments with views to Playa Amadores.

A magnet for many foreign tourists, due to the natural charm of the area, it still retains that simple aesthetics, typical in many towns in the south of Gran Canaria, Amadores and its beautiful beach offer all kinds of comforts, that have led it into the top of user reviews, even over the iconic beach of Playa del Ingles.

Apartments in Playa de Amadores

Apartments in Playa de Amadores

In the surrounding area, you find the coastal town of Puerto Rico, belonging to the municipality of Mogan (like Amadores), and surrounded by beautiful valleys and a remarkable abundance of European tourists, especially Norwegians. It is an area with a strong link to fishing and coastal activity, and it is an ideal place to enjoy a boat trip and see dolphins travelling along the coast. A perfect experience to enjoy with children.

Autumn Sun in Port Mogan

Summer is almost over, but for many this is when holidays begin. The traditional beach destinations in Spain become less crowded and allow for tranquility and relaxation where, just a few days ago, there was large crowds and noise. September and October are the perfect months to enjoy an autumn under the sun, and if we have to choose, Port Mogan in Gran Canaria is possible one of the best destinations for this fall.

Palmeramar apartments in Gran Canaria

Palmeramar apartments in Gran Canaria

Its spectacular nature, located in a beautiful valley next to the Atlantic ocean, surrounded by the large natural reserve of Inagua and the rural park of Roque Rubio, are just two of the many attractions. The town stands out among all other places in Gran Canaria for its delightful atmosphere that permeates its streets all year round.

Port Mogan, attracts those who live life with optimism, dedicating time and care to every moment, people that set the pace of time and not otherwise, as it often happens in cities. Visiting in Autumn is a balm for those of us that live absorbed by the cruelty of routine, work and obligations, a perfect way to recover strengths and face the coming winter with a smile on our face.

Apartaments Palmera Mar, a sunset in Gran Canaria

Apartaments Palmera Mar, a sunset in Gran Canaria

This area of Mogan, counts with excellent services to organise a tailor made holiday. There are sailing schools, that are perfect to enjoy some sailing lessons, embracing the liberty that the Atlantic Ocean transmits. There are also plenty delicious restaurants allowing to enjoy a gastronomic escapade, Canarian style, as well as exceptional places for hiking and of course, long beaches where to lie down and relax.

Accommodation in this area of Mogan is varied, from villas to large suites, luxury hotels and complete apartments to accommodate the whole family. One of our favourite accommodation is the apartment complex of Palmeramar Apartments in Playa de Amadores, which offer amazing views. These apartments have an outdoors heated swimming pool for adults and children, fully equipped kitchen, private terrace and a restaurant on the beach of Amadores, ideal to enjoy a breakfast with the sea breeze.