Look for me in Fuerteventura

People say it is the quiet island, the perfect destination for getting away from it all and get lost in its never-ending beaches. Fuerteventura is calm, peace in the purest form. One of the places where landscape beauty is so much strong that it transforms the visitor.

All the island is a perfect combination of life and customs converging in places with amazing vegetation and unforgettable summits… But the south offers the true access to the paradise.  The area of hotels in Jandía, Costa Calma and Morro Jable is an opportunity to delight in the Atlantic in all senses: gastronomy, huge beaches, parties and popular culture, shops, craftsmanship, parks… Ideal if you plan a relaxing holiday with your couple, friends or the entire family.

Jandia is the golden island. A pinch of magic that nature strength have joined in the course of centuries to the central part of the island, opening a path towards paradise. Despite of the presence of hotels in Jandia and resorts in surroundings of the Matorral beach, this area has still the authentic nature of those times where only locals walked its sands, went to the harbour and set sail.

Foto Playa Jandia, fuerteventura

Morro Jable, small fishing town in the most southern part of Jandia, is a good example of all this essence: calm, old customs, the most traditional fishing art, noisy restaurants with fresh fish served in front of the sea, markets with unimaginable objects, people that contemplate the movements of the waves, ships, rocks and sun.

Close, hidden between the mountains of the natural park of Jandia, we find the famous Cofete beach, a place where you need to hike and be prepared to play with the waves. It is a wonderful beach, with undeniable beauty, but where swimming could be difficult because of the strength of the ocean in this area, with treacherous currents.

Planning a surfing or diving class is a good alternative to complete the holiday in this island which is considered all around the world as one of the best destinations to enjoy the waves and the sea bottom. In the whole peninsula you will find schools and companies providing these services, they even allow you to rent equipment or reserve tours with expert guides. Some hotels in the coast of Jandía directly offer their own lessons or give discounts to their guests for schools courses.

Gastronomy is another strong point. Although you had booked an All-inclusive hotel in Jandia, you should dedicate at least a couple of nights to dine out or to enjoy a lunch in front of the Atlantic in some of the most charming restaurants in Morro Jable, such as the famous La Laja and Los Abuelos. Locals usually eat in the last one and it is, therefore, an ideal place to experience the local everyday life and the most curious anecdotes of life.

To escape to Fuerteventura, any season of the year is good, but August and September are the best time, not only because days are longer and sun hours are perfect, but because the events and plans are more varied than during winter months, especially in the south of the island.

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Fuerteventura, a place for you this summer

Fuerteventura is the place for you this 2015 summer. If you have any doubt, here we have a lot of reasons to convince you.

Kilometres of sand

South Fuerteventura, in the beach hotels area in Jandía, you will be able to enjoy the longest and cared beaches of all the island. Calma Coast, Gaviotas Beach, and last but not least, the famous Matorral Beach, an almost unexplored sand area in the southern peninsula of Fuerteventura. The calm waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the shallow sea close to the beach, which makes it the perfect destination for family holiday, even with little babies.

Custom-made services

In the Jandía beach the hotels, apartments and hostels offer all kind of services specialized in couples and children, which are the usual customers there. From family bedrooms in front of Jandía beach to restaurants, chill out areas, spa centres and all you can image that would make your summer holiday comfortable.

Water sports

Is there is a perfect island to practice all kind of water sports that would be Fuerteventura. Ideal to practice surf and windsurf, in this island you will find all you need like some of the best surf classes and international competitions. To rent any sport equipment is really simple and many hotels in Jandía offer you this service and give you discount.

Culture and tradition

Despite being a tourism area, southern Fuerteventura keeps its essence, something we all like to find when we arrive to a different place, near the beach hotels area in Jandía is one of the charming towns of the island: Morro Jable, a port settle where you can still see the fisherman weaving their net and exploring the sea in their boats.


In this port we will find some of the best seafood restaurants in Fuerteventura. Prices are very affordable, and the fish is fresh, plus the environment is just perfect to spend any day any time and enjoy the Canarias flavour: from the gofio to the Canarian wrinkly potatoes with Mojo sauce. It is important to make a reservation beforehand since being a touristic place sometimes the place gets crowded.


Jandía peninsula has one of the most beautiful mountain range of all Fuerteventura. It covers a large part of the Pájara’s topography and it hides some secrets like the famous Cofete beach. The hiking routes are spectacular in this area since the ascent isn’t hard and you can enjoy a breathtaking view very easy, you can even go with your children.

Fuerteventura Family hotels: beach, sand, water and tons of fun in the Playa Gaviota Park

Share with your family in the hotel IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, a place that offers us great facilities (plenty activities for all tastes and all ages) and a lovely beach, the perfect places to spend holiday.

The beaches of the Fuerteventura Island gather millions of children, families and couples during the year. There is a 4 star family and couples hotel in one of the most touristic zones of Playa Jandía. Enjoy the view, the warm weather and peace of mind, the right place to have some fun. If you’re looking where to spend an unmatchable holiday full of fun activities, Playa Gaviotas Park is the perfect accommodation for you and your loved ones.

Family hotel in Fuerteventura

Family hotel in Fuerteventura

Looking for a place where you have to do nothing, but relax and enjoy? This hotel in Fuerteventura has just the right formula for the perfect plan: fun+unique environment=the perfect plan. Break the monotony and get away to enjoy yourself with all kind of services and entertainments: ping pong, water polo, aerobics, beach volleyball, football, and many others. Enjoy not only the island recreations, but its flavour as well. Do you have a soft spot for food? Do you believe the way to your heart is through your stomach? The gastronomy is one of the hotel’s specialty (and delightful too). Restaurants are famous thanks to their Spain and international cuisine with Canary typical dishes that are a whole new experience to please your palate. Tempting isn’t it?

This all inclusive family hotel in Playa Jandía has a million of activities to enjoy with family as well as offering different sports, and an incredible spa to harmonize your body and mind leading you to an absolute comfort. Are you excited to have a unique place where you can be 100% relaxed? In here you can have a Thai Zen Sensations session with our therapeutic staff specialized in zen massages, facial treatments, body wrap treatment, water treatments, among others.

Rejoice yourself in the best places of the island with our hotels, a place that has it all: a cozy environment with a modern touch. The Playa Gaviotas Park has 206 bedrooms with all the amenities you need. (134 suites… 56 junior suites and 16 senior suits) distributed in 6 floors, several restaurants and open terraces, disco, shows, bars, parties, and engulfing environment with a good vibe.

Life is not about fairy tales, it’s about memories that brings us those little details that worth live them. The Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park bets for a memorable unique experience. Are up to?

Come to our website and book now for an unmatchable Price. Hurry up and start living the best family holiday! This is the best choice when it comes to enjoy the beach, the sun, the water, the sand, all at the same time.



Sports that you must try while in Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura is one of the favourite destinations for all those who practice water sports, like surfing or windsurfing. Its excellent winds and spectacular beaches that extend along miles of virtually unspoiled coastline, make this island a paradise to venture to learn or, for those who are already active fans, to escape to and enjoy the excitement of the ferocious Atlantic waves. In fact, it is in Fuerteventura where every summer the World Windsurfing and Kiteboarding Championship is celebrated.

If you have planned to travel to Fuerteventura this Autumn, and you are a windsurf enthusiast, book a hotel in Corralejo and challenge yourself to try the incredible waves created in this northern coast. The best beaches to practise windsurfing are Mats Blanca, El Burro, Piedra Playa and Butihondo, and close to them (or very close to) you find schools dedicated exclusively to this sport, with intensive courses for those spending a few days on the island.

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park

Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park

Diving is another water sport that you can enjoy on Fuerteventura like in no other place. In this case, the best advice is that you choose a hotel in Playa de Jandia or a hotel near Matorral beach, as it is here, at the southern end of the island where you find the calmer waters, and the immersions allow greater visibility, as well as an additional level of safety.

For those that prefer ground sports, it is always a good alternative is to choose a hotel in Jandia and organise trekking, Nordic walking and hiking trips in the area surrounding the coast, where you can find stunning beaches like Cofete beach.

Parasailing, water skiing, climbing and canyoning, caving… Fuerteventura lends itself to almost any sporting whim that visitors have, and prices are quite affordable. Also, if you do not want or cannot move your sporting equipment, there is a good number of shops and nautical schools that rent out all necessary equipment without problems.

Pajara, the city with the coastline with the most kilometres in Spain

For many of the foreign tourists who visit it each year (60.6 million in 2013 with a total expense of 59.082 million EUR), Spain is sun and beach. And they are right: the Spanish Peninsula and its islands are authentic havens by the sea of relaxation, being in some parts of its geography practically just that. This is the case of Pajara, in Fuerteventura, the town with more kilometres of coastline in Spain, where everything revolves around the sea, its beaches and the spectacular natural landscapes, almost uninhabited.

Pajara has 170 km of coastline, of which more than 70 are beaches are perfect for swimming, with fine sand, stretched and with shallow waters. Cofete Beach, one of the most famous, located on the large natural park of Jandia, is a true spectacle of beauty, although its current’s and tides make it one of the least recommended for bathing especially if traveling with children.

Sol Jandia Hotel

Sol Jandia Hotel

This southern municipality is one that has the most beach hotels in Fuerteventura, being especially notable those located in the resorts of Costa Calma, Jandia and Morro Jable. More specifically, the hotels in Jandia beach are the most desired because they offer a privileged location, just steps from everything, but with the peace of mind of being in a more natural areas of Fuerteventura beach.

Book a hotel in one of the southern beaches of Fuerteventura is a guarantee of sun and relaxation, but also gives you the opportunity to know the interesting culture of this area of the island, where the sea spirit of the people is mixed with the tourism boom that it has experienced in recent years.

Pajara retains its traditional charm, its traditional festivals and gastronomy, very much based on seafood: in some of the restaurants that one can find on the frontline promenade of Morro Jable, it is possible to taste delicious and amazing dishes, not only for its preparation but for the excellent quality of the raw materials with which they are prepared.

Towns like La Lajita, La Pared o Ajui are worth a visit, as they offer a clear image of what was and what is Fuerteventura today. It’s small streets, caves and natural sights, its people, its traditional taverns, the pleasant atmosphere of the evening when the sun goes down, the music …

Pajara is a place to get lost in its coast, but also it is a place to discover inland, and discover its true essence. An ideal place for family holidays, and an escapade to a beach destination.