Is the north of Majorca the best place to practice outdoor sports?

In Majorca you can easily find places where to enjoy nature and outdoor activities: beautiful mountains and spectacular sea views across the island. You can find many places with excellent public services for sport lovers, specially for those who like sailing, paddle surf or diving.

Northern Majorca (like Alcudia or Pollensa) is a great area where to practice sports like kite surf, climbing, golf, hiking or nordic walking. Cycle Tourism is really popular in this area: there are many tours from Alcudia and Pollensa crossing the entire island.

practicar deportes en mallorca

Majorca: is the perfect training place?

Training professionally differs from getting fit and having fun. Many professional athletes and amateurs train in Majorca. Cycling teams taking part in international competitions train in the island every year. Some cycling teams join international events and challenges throughout the year.


You can find many places where to practice running in Majorca. Enjoy amazing landscapes, the natural environment and the sunset of the Mediterranean Sea. There are many running routes you can follow in Majorca with different difficulty levels.


You need to be fit and healthy to take part in marathons. There’s lot of enthusiasm for marathons in Majorca. In fact, the 4th Edition of the Half Marathon was recently celebrated.


Serra de Tramuntana is the main attraction for cycle tourism, professional and amateurs. There’s an important cycling event: 110 kms of difficult route from Pollensa to Coll de Sa Gramola.

Iron Man

Swim, run, ride a bike…all these and much more at iron man challenge.

Northern Majorca is perfect for those looking for practicing, running, cycling running,.

Ferrer Hotels Active and beneficios

One of the most important hotels that offers accommodations with excellent services  addressed to athletes is Ferrer Hotels with its programme Ferrer Hotels Active.

It’s designed for high-performance athletes and divided into different sports: cycling, hiking,  Iron Man, marathon and running.

The main attributes of this programme are:

  •      Best gym in the area. It’s perfect for toning up, burning fat or in case you had to recover from and injury. An expert can indicate you which are the best activities for you
  •      A running coach can organize great routes for you.
  •      If you like swimming, you can go to the heated semi-olympic pool of Ferrer Janeiro Hotel which can be used throughout the year.
  •      Bike rental. Whether you need a bike or a mountain bike, the hotel has its own bike parking and repair shop.

These hotels are located in Can Picafort and Puerto de Alcudia. Ferrer Hotels offers Ferrer Active weeks in 2016, where expert instructors of different sports train you in the north of the island.

High-Altitude destinations: mountain holidays

In high season, most of the people, including families, travel to popular destinations like beach destinations. On the contrary, some people prefer cold destinations. Mountain holidays are increasingly popular in the tourism industry.

Spain is the best example, the perfect destination for mountain holidays, where cold weather and snow become usual.

Spain has everything you need

Snow season takes time from November to May, which makes it one of the longest snow season in Europe, being sky the main sport in Sierra Nevada in Granada.

Alhambra, Granada

Alhambra, Granada (picture: granadatur)

However, you can go to Sierra Nevada and not going out skiing.There are many alternative activities you can do in this amazing place, from hiking to gazing the stars at night while enjoying a huge bonfire surrounded by international tourists, who also travel to explore and enjoy the beautiful city of Granada.

The perfect accommodation option for ski and snow lovers is a mountain hotel in Sierra Nevada, so you should not choose a hotel in the centre of Granada as you will have to reach ski areas everyday.

Luxury accommodation: Vincci Rumaykiyya

5-star hotel in the heart of Sierra Nevada. Its amazing contrasts between wood and clay are perfect and making the hotel blend perfectly with the environment.

Vincci Rumaykiyya is one of the few hotel with direct access to the slopes in Sierra Nevada, so if you are a ski lover or you are practising this amazing sport, this is your perfect hotel.

A hotel with spa, comfortable rooms from individual to family rooms, perfect for friends ski holidays.

Granada: the best ski destination to enjoy the snow

Granada is really beautiful, full of charming streets and picturesque neighbourhoods that surprise all international tourists is Sierra Nevada and its activity offer, especially designed for sport lovers. If you really like skiing and exploring the mountain, you should choose Sierra Nevada and stay at a ski hotel in Granada: Vincci Rumaykiyya.

The best moment to visit Matalascañas

Matalascañas is a coastal region that belongs to Almonte municipality in Huelva. It’s one of the most popular places in Costa de la Luz, and it’s the perfect starting point for your next travel. It is easily accessible from Sevilla or Huelva, a closer region in Eastern Andalusia.

Matalascañas is known as a beach area. Its large and beautiful coast is one of the largest in Costa de la Luz. We can find an amazing flora and fauna in Doñana Natural Park, which is also a perfect place to enjoy sports, great landscapes and gourmet gastronomy.

Keep on reading and discover why Matalascañas is the best destination for your spring holiday.

Practice golf in Matalascañas

Andalusia is a golf destination with more than 200 golf courses. Matalascañas has one of the best golf courses in the area (Doñana Golf), offering amazing landscapes while you practice golf.

Costa de la Luz, Huelva

Costa de la Luz, Huelva (picture: touristinspain)

In addition, Matalascañas has a great hotel infrastructure which is committed to golf practice,with exclusive hotels like El Cortijo Golf of FERGUS Hotels with excellent views of Matalascañas, and Doñana’s Natural Park, an icon in the region.

Discovering Matalascañas

Matalascañas has all the advantages that characterize Costa de la Luz: sunny weather, large sandy beaches, crystal waters, whitewashed houses and towns in Andalusia.

Matalascañas is one of the best environmentally friendly destination in Europe.  It perfectly preserves its ecosystems of an impressive natural beauty, as well as facilitates visitors access to the natural secret spots of Doñana.

A summer destination, but also a golf destination

In Matalascañas we find one of the best golf courses in Costa de la Luz, Doñana’s Golf. It’s the perfect place to practice golf amateurs and professionals from all over the world will meet to practice this entertaining sport. The course opened in 2000 and it is located within a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean.

In order to enjoy Matalascañas’ golf to the fullest,  FERGUS Hotels offers you the best accommodation for golf lovers, FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf, located in the E Section of Matalascañas.


Hiking in Jandía

Although the peninsula of Jandía is mainly a sun and beach destination, ideal to enjoy and relax in an All Inclusive hotel in Fuerteventura, just worrying about tasting the good life. There are more and more travelers opting for the south of the island for active tourism. Hiking in Jandía is attracting more attention, since all the mountain range of the natural park which occupies almost the entire peninsula, offers routes and unique spots.

The paths of this area have usually rising stretches: you set off from the foot of the mountains, from Playa Matorral to Playa Gaviotas, where are situated the biggest hotels for children in Playa Jandía and some of the best spa hotels in Fuerteventura. The routes directly connect these accommodations with so wonderful places such as Cofete beach, hidden behind the mountains of Jandía, in a coastal area where waves and winds are usually stronger.

Precisely, the excursion to Cofete is one of the most recommended in this area of Jandía. Although it includes a couple of ascents, it is considered to have a low level of difficulty, so it is suitable for children.  It is very close to one of the highest peaks in Fuerteventura, El Pico de la Zarza, and the panoramic views offered by all the southern coast of the island are really worth it.

If you want to consult all the routes signalized and regulated by the Fuerteventura council, check the previous link and prepare your following adventures.  The island has really magical places where, in most cases, you can arrive by adapted paths easy to walk.