The most beautiful areas along Fuerteventura’s beaches

Those looking for contrasts might opt for the island of Lanzarote, and families prefer travelling to Gran Canaria. In the same way it’s common that travellers who look for Atlantic beaches choose to stay on the lovely, tranquil island of Fuerteventura. It’s nearly two thousand square kilometres, not only the second largest of the Canary Islands, but also one of the most exclusive ones when it comes to beautiful beaches.

Having said that, the island hides unique spots along those beaches, beyond the natural magic of the coastline. Places you can only discover if you have a good backpack slung over your shoulder. Unique locations that deserve to be treasured as memories for life. What are the most famous ones? This month we highlight them in this travel diary for Hotels and Destinations.




The Dunes of Corralejo

Declared a Natural Park in 1994, the area called the Dunes of Corralejo is one of those places that keep surprising travellers. A place more than two thousand hectares big where you can enjoy the magic of a sea of dunes (identical to the neighbouring parts of Africa). Apart from enjoying incredible moments and panoramas worthy of a postcard, the excursion also provides unique places to go for a swim on beaches with intensely blue water, hardly visited by man. It does sound great, doesn’t it?

Discovering Ajuy

It’s not the most striking beach on Fuerteventura or the most frequented one by tourists who travel here, but those are two facts that make the Ajuy coast a great place to come to if you’re visiting. Apart from the beautiful beach with black sand (a peculiarity of the Canary Islands), this area shelters a natural monument that is over a hundred million years old.

The natural lake of Sotavento beach

Even if its fame is based on its golden sand and crystal-clear, deep-blue waters, very few know that the very action of the sea in this part of the island has created a natural lake where you can enjoy sunbathing and all kinds of water-related sports.

Hotels to stay in when on holiday in Fuerteventura

In addition to unique landscapes and exquisite food, Fuerteventura is a well-renowned when it comes to hotels, and there is a lot on offer. Our recommendation?

IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas or the beautiful IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park.

Plans for 2 in Playa Jandía

We have spoken on many occasions about Playa Jandía as one of the booming destinations for those traveling with family, but we have always overlooked something very representative of this Canary paradise: the southern tip of Fuerteventura is an ideal oasis to forget the routine, to flee from the office, bosses, the work… Goodbye to responsibility. Welcome to the corner of the planet where you will only have to worry about which beach you want to roast in the sun on.

Playa Jandía, integrated in the municipality of Pájara, is one of the most welcoming and quiet tourist areas of Fuerteventura. While it’s true that you breathe in an increasingly familiar atmosphere, you should remember that Playa Jandía, and especially its famous Playa del Matorral, have been for decades romantic refuges for couple’s getaways.

Playa Jandía, Fuerteventura

Morro Jable, which is the town with more local life around it, brings you that livelier side, vibrant and festive, thanks to its taverns, terraces by the sea and places to have a drink in the sun while sharing an unforgettable moment at sunset. In its weekly activities, Morro Jable includes multiple activities where the visitor can join in. A must-see is one of its traditional markets, where you can find all kinds of native products, as well as artisan crafts and accessories for all tastes.

But, if your idea of a romantic getaway is to be both alone on a spectacular beach… don’t miss Cofete. Hidden behind some of the beautiful hills of the Jandía Natural Park, on the other side of the Matorral beach and Morro Jable, is the wonderful Cofete beach. What you should know though is that you should be aware of the tides. The Atlantic is not the Mediterranean and its tides and currents must be understood, and enjoyed with respect: at Cofete there’s a point where the tide goes up high enough to isolate you on one side of the beach, preventing you from being able to go back. So, enjoy your peace and beauty, but don’t get too distracted.

For accommodation, you should consider the possibility of looking at a suite or a slightly special or original room in one of the 3 and 4-star hotels in the area. The 5-stars are terrific, but they run high in price, while the 4-stars are more reasonable. As an example, you’ll see that right next to El Matorral beach you have 3 Iberostar options, a brand known in the sector to always provide guarantees: the IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas, and its neighbor the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park. The first of the 3 is the one most oriented to couples and romantic getaways specifically.

If you prefer to stay in the area of ​​Esquinzo, you will also find complete hotels, and also hostels and apartments that are quite affordable. In Costa Calma, a little more towards Puerto del Rosario already, there are some key accommodations like the H10 hotels, a chain that has several locations on this Pájara coast and that are well rated for their service, cleaning and attention.

Everything you always wanted to know about Fuerteventura

You should visit at least once this paradise destination in summer: Fuerteventura is a magic island where to get lost and enjoy the sea, the relax, the natural environment and the local world-famous products (majorero cheese, wine and delicious fish dishes).

The sun shines always in this amazing island on its 150 kilometers of beaches. A windsurfing paradise where Corralejo, Puerto del Rosario and Costa Calma are the best places of this old island recognized as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO due to its incredible natural beauty.


The best kept secret of Fuerteventura

  • Beaches at Corralejo in Fuerteventura are in the ranking of the 25 best beaches in Europe.
  • Fuerteventura residents are called majoreros and majoreras as the cheese.
  • The island is a Bird Protected Area as recognized by the European regulations, so you will see unique species in the world hiding at trees.
  • Surprise yourself with amazing histories and the real majorero folklore: it’s said that Fuerteventura was part of Atlantis the lost continent. Some others say Lanzarote and Fuerteventura were a single island.
  • Do you know that the most beautiful Spanish stars can be seen in Fuerteventura? Sabías que las estrellas más hermosas de España se posan siempre en el cielo de Fuerteventura? In fact, it’s a protected atmospheric space.
  • If you travel to Fuerteventura, you should ask local which is the fish that gives the shape to the island.

Activities to do in Fuerteventura

  • Try paprika majorero cheese and surprise yourself!
  • Take a dip at Cofete beach, unspoiled and just incredibly beautiful with an amazing natural environment. Take care of the waves when the tide is high in this sandy beach.
  • Visit Betancuria and ask again locals about the history of what was the capital of Fuerteventura, and now it’s one of the best must-visit destinations in the island where to explore its colonial attributes.
  • Discover the history of Mirador Guise y Ayose. You will know that Fuerteventura was previously two merged islands.
  • Enjoy Playa Jandia. Stay at this beautiful beach area including El Matorral, completely recovered and one of the best unspoiled areas in the entire south coast of Fuerteventura. You should stay at some of the best family hotels in Fuerteventura, as Playa Gaviotas Hotel, Playa Gaviotas Park and Fuerteventura Palace Hotel -with an Adults Only space, chill out and relax areas oriented to travellers who want to enjoy holidays without kids-.

Hotels for families and couples in the south of Fuerteventura

A holiday in Fuerteventura is a guaranty of sun, beach, good gastronomy, entertainment for children and calmness for adults. So do not hesitate: this magic island is the perfect option for any time of the year. We have selected some hotels of the south of Fuerteventura specially designed for trips as a couple or for family holidays. Besides, now they have an interesting offer for a New Year’s Eve under the sun 🙂

Fuerteventura Palace Hotel

We have already talked before about this hotel on Jandia beach, really close to Morro Jable, as it is one of the most versatile and complete accommodations of the area. Although it is a hotel for all types of clients, both its services and its common areas and rooms have been designed to offer an extra of comfort to those who travel as a couple with or without children. In fact, it features reserved areas for adults and game areas for children. Besides, it is located in front of the beach, which makes it an ideal accommodation for the practice all type of water sports.

Playa Gaviotas Hotel

Near the previous one, really close to the famous Matorral beach, one of the most unspoilt and stunning beaches of the south of Jandia, we find this hotel ideal for travelling with children. With good communications with the different areas of Fuerteventura, with the main theme parks and leisure water areas, zoos and cultural tourist attractions, this is a hotel with fully-equipped rooms designed for the whole family and with an All Inclusive service which allows for the organisation of a trip at an adjusted budget.

Playa Gaviotas Park Hotel

A similar hotel to the Playa Gaviotas Hotel, this beach hotel in Jandia is an authentic luxury for your relaxing holidays with children. Apart from its varied gastronomy, All Inclusive board, games room, sports and relax areas, its rooms in Jandia are one of the hallmarks of this establishment. They are modern, spacious and versatile rooms equipped for the comfort of adults and children and with details that will allow you to organise a personalised trip. And prices are more than affordable.


The most beautiful beach in Fuerteventura

is known worldwide for being one of the Islands with the most beautiful beaches in the world. Long areas of very fine, white, golden sand full of light and with the Atlantic surrounding its shores and cliffs. All without exception are havens of peace and relaxation where anyone would like to get lost at least once a year, but there is one of all of them that stands out in indisputable way: .

Located in the Natural Park of Jandía, in the municipality of Pájara, this pristine beach is surrounded by high mountains and breaches the sea, as if it were a result of an architecture designed with detail. Pure nature which only can be accessed by sea or through a path that crosses the hills of this southern part of Fuerteventura towards the Atlantic.

Its difficult access is what makes it one of the most isolated and quiet beaches to rest during a . It is especially suitable for travellers who love sport, adventures, relaxation as a couple and all those seeking to discover always new places.

Playa Jandia, Fuerteventura

Swimming is not easy in this beach, hence it is not of the most recommended to go with children, since when the tide is high, it leaves a part of the beach isolated and, in addition, the winds in the area form strong eddies that create a swell that makes it difficult to enjoy a quiet dip unless you are a good swimmer.

To visit the area of Cofete beach, the most recommended is to book accommodation in Costa Calma, or opt for a hotel in Playa de Jandia. There are several 4-star hotels in Jandia that combine services for adults and children, also hotels for couples next to the Matorral beach, one of the most famous in this area.

Look for me in Fuerteventura

People say it is the quiet island, the perfect destination for getting away from it all and get lost in its never-ending beaches. Fuerteventura is calm, peace in the purest form. One of the places where landscape beauty is so much strong that it transforms the visitor.

All the island is a perfect combination of life and customs converging in places with amazing vegetation and unforgettable summits… But the south offers the true access to the paradise.  The area of hotels in Jandía, Costa Calma and Morro Jable is an opportunity to delight in the Atlantic in all senses: gastronomy, huge beaches, parties and popular culture, shops, craftsmanship, parks… Ideal if you plan a relaxing holiday with your couple, friends or the entire family.

Jandia is the golden island. A pinch of magic that nature strength have joined in the course of centuries to the central part of the island, opening a path towards paradise. Despite of the presence of hotels in Jandia and resorts in surroundings of the Matorral beach, this area has still the authentic nature of those times where only locals walked its sands, went to the harbour and set sail.

Foto Playa Jandia, fuerteventura

Morro Jable, small fishing town in the most southern part of Jandia, is a good example of all this essence: calm, old customs, the most traditional fishing art, noisy restaurants with fresh fish served in front of the sea, markets with unimaginable objects, people that contemplate the movements of the waves, ships, rocks and sun.

Close, hidden between the mountains of the natural park of Jandia, we find the famous Cofete beach, a place where you need to hike and be prepared to play with the waves. It is a wonderful beach, with undeniable beauty, but where swimming could be difficult because of the strength of the ocean in this area, with treacherous currents.

Planning a surfing or diving class is a good alternative to complete the holiday in this island which is considered all around the world as one of the best destinations to enjoy the waves and the sea bottom. In the whole peninsula you will find schools and companies providing these services, they even allow you to rent equipment or reserve tours with expert guides. Some hotels in the coast of Jandía directly offer their own lessons or give discounts to their guests for schools courses.

Gastronomy is another strong point. Although you had booked an All-inclusive hotel in Jandia, you should dedicate at least a couple of nights to dine out or to enjoy a lunch in front of the Atlantic in some of the most charming restaurants in Morro Jable, such as the famous La Laja and Los Abuelos. Locals usually eat in the last one and it is, therefore, an ideal place to experience the local everyday life and the most curious anecdotes of life.

To escape to Fuerteventura, any season of the year is good, but August and September are the best time, not only because days are longer and sun hours are perfect, but because the events and plans are more varied than during winter months, especially in the south of the island.

More information about Fuerteventura

More information about Jandía


Playa Gaviotas, luxury at a good price

Today’s post is dedicated to the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Hotel, one of the 3 hotels in Jandía managed by the Majorcan hotel company IBERORSTAR Hotels & Resorts, of which we have talked before in our blog. In this case, we have chosen a family hotels next to Matorral beach, which has received good reviews especially because it can offer luxury services a very affordable prices.

It is a 4-star hotel in Playa Gaviotas, one of the quietest beach areas in the south of Fuerteventura, with more complete tourist services. It is very close to the famous Matorral beach, you only have to walk the promenade of this coast to easily arrive there. Gaviotas beach is the smaller but more suitable for those travelling with children, since it gives you the possibility to enjoy the sea at one step from the hotel. At the Matorral beach, whose dune area is being regenerated, we do not find hotels next to the sea.

Hotel IBEROSTAR en Playas Gaviotas

Another outstanding characteristic of this resort at the seaside in jandía is the All-inclusive service and the Premium version: Star Prestige, which gives the possibility to enjoy personalised holidays with top quality, comfort and attention for a bit higher accommodation rate. According to its individual website, this VIP plan includes free wifi, bar with dinks and fruits during the entire day, a special room to relax, Bali beds for each customer, late check-out, access to private swimming pool and VIP solarium, free newspaper…

Nevertheless, general services of this hotel in Jandía represent an interesting and varied range: spa, babysitter, daily entertainment for all ages, sports such as scuba diving in the Atlantic Sea, special services for children, gym, shows, meeting rooms… Everything you can need.

It is worth mentioning the breakfast, since it is one of the few hotels in this area of Jandía that serves it in flexible breakfast hours, until midday, so you don’t have to get up early to enjoy the buffet, which includes show cooking and hot dishes.

Rooms are also worth of attention. Although decoration is nothing special, they are really spacious, with natural light, and most of them have furnished terrace, many of them with sea view. Their most exclusive room in Jandía is the suite, specially recommended for those who want a private and quiet holiday with everything within reach.

For further information about this hotel, we recommend you to visit their website or the official page of IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts.  There you have the best price online guaranteed and, in case of finding a lower rate in other booking website, the hotel chain is committed to make the price equal, and apply a 5% discount.

Fuerteventura, a place for you this summer

Fuerteventura is the place for you this 2015 summer. If you have any doubt, here we have a lot of reasons to convince you.

Kilometres of sand

South Fuerteventura, in the beach hotels area in Jandía, you will be able to enjoy the longest and cared beaches of all the island. Calma Coast, Gaviotas Beach, and last but not least, the famous Matorral Beach, an almost unexplored sand area in the southern peninsula of Fuerteventura. The calm waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the shallow sea close to the beach, which makes it the perfect destination for family holiday, even with little babies.

Custom-made services

In the Jandía beach the hotels, apartments and hostels offer all kind of services specialized in couples and children, which are the usual customers there. From family bedrooms in front of Jandía beach to restaurants, chill out areas, spa centres and all you can image that would make your summer holiday comfortable.

Water sports

Is there is a perfect island to practice all kind of water sports that would be Fuerteventura. Ideal to practice surf and windsurf, in this island you will find all you need like some of the best surf classes and international competitions. To rent any sport equipment is really simple and many hotels in Jandía offer you this service and give you discount.

Culture and tradition

Despite being a tourism area, southern Fuerteventura keeps its essence, something we all like to find when we arrive to a different place, near the beach hotels area in Jandía is one of the charming towns of the island: Morro Jable, a port settle where you can still see the fisherman weaving their net and exploring the sea in their boats.


In this port we will find some of the best seafood restaurants in Fuerteventura. Prices are very affordable, and the fish is fresh, plus the environment is just perfect to spend any day any time and enjoy the Canarias flavour: from the gofio to the Canarian wrinkly potatoes with Mojo sauce. It is important to make a reservation beforehand since being a touristic place sometimes the place gets crowded.


Jandía peninsula has one of the most beautiful mountain range of all Fuerteventura. It covers a large part of the Pájara’s topography and it hides some secrets like the famous Cofete beach. The hiking routes are spectacular in this area since the ascent isn’t hard and you can enjoy a breathtaking view very easy, you can even go with your children.

IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, beach, children and relaxation

There’s no better place for summer like the Canary Islands, and today we are going to add a must-visit hotel in our summer 2015 list. The IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, a family hotel in Fuerteventura, a special place for family holiday, for those who like to spend time in family and enjoy the free time.

This hotel is a deluxe destination, located in the Gaviotas Beach in Fuerteventura and close to the Matorral beach, a family resort in Jandía stands out thanks to its special service for family holiday, the affordable prices and its cuisine, the menu is wide and varied, something unusual in these types of hotels.

Additionally, its adult services are worth to mention, with the Thai Zen SPAce wellness centre, that offers Asian health and beauty treatments. This is the oasis where you are going to relax and enjoy since is reserved for over 16 years, while children play at the playgrounds or the kid pool area under the staff protection.

Many guests usually return thanks to the child care staff and security that the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts always offers. A renowned hotel in the family segment, that always know how to leave the guests expectations satisfied, as the reviews in Tripadvisor support it.


The hotel location is ideal. A resort next to the Jandía beach, one of the most important beaches in the southern Fuerteventura. It’s also close to the famous El Matorral beach, that has a family area and a hidden area for nudist lovers (smaller every year)

The Morro Jable town is near too. A small fishing area where you can enjoy the great atmosphere, the daily and night activities and its local cuisine, specially the bars and restaurants near the docks, where you can find the most delicious fishes and fish stews.

Amenities and services

The Playa Gaviotas Park hotel, like the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas (next to the hotel), offers an all-inclusive service, kid pool areas, and adult pools, a wide solarium around the pools, bars, restaurants, snack bar, playgrounds, lounge areas, live performances, bowling alley, babysitting, breakfast service the whole morning, sports and direct beach access.


The rooms in the Playa Gaviotas Park Hotel are something worth to mention. They all are suites or junior suites, some of them have a view to the sea, a true holiday paradise. Guests also like the spacious facilities and the furniture, all of them are more than 30 square metres long, and have private bathroom and terrace.

Some of them even have a living room with comfortable sofa, TV inside and outside the room, its designed for family trips, but you can make a couple reservation and enjoy all the place for the two of you, with an affordable price of course.


The reservations for the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park can be made directly on their official website, or on the hotel chain page. You can be sure that both sites offers you the lowest price online.

Fuerteventura Family hotels: beach, sand, water and tons of fun in the Playa Gaviota Park

Share with your family in the hotel IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, a place that offers us great facilities (plenty activities for all tastes and all ages) and a lovely beach, the perfect places to spend holiday.

The beaches of the Fuerteventura Island gather millions of children, families and couples during the year. There is a 4 star family and couples hotel in one of the most touristic zones of Playa Jandía. Enjoy the view, the warm weather and peace of mind, the right place to have some fun. If you’re looking where to spend an unmatchable holiday full of fun activities, Playa Gaviotas Park is the perfect accommodation for you and your loved ones.

Family hotel in Fuerteventura

Family hotel in Fuerteventura

Looking for a place where you have to do nothing, but relax and enjoy? This hotel in Fuerteventura has just the right formula for the perfect plan: fun+unique environment=the perfect plan. Break the monotony and get away to enjoy yourself with all kind of services and entertainments: ping pong, water polo, aerobics, beach volleyball, football, and many others. Enjoy not only the island recreations, but its flavour as well. Do you have a soft spot for food? Do you believe the way to your heart is through your stomach? The gastronomy is one of the hotel’s specialty (and delightful too). Restaurants are famous thanks to their Spain and international cuisine with Canary typical dishes that are a whole new experience to please your palate. Tempting isn’t it?

This all inclusive family hotel in Playa Jandía has a million of activities to enjoy with family as well as offering different sports, and an incredible spa to harmonize your body and mind leading you to an absolute comfort. Are you excited to have a unique place where you can be 100% relaxed? In here you can have a Thai Zen Sensations session with our therapeutic staff specialized in zen massages, facial treatments, body wrap treatment, water treatments, among others.

Rejoice yourself in the best places of the island with our hotels, a place that has it all: a cozy environment with a modern touch. The Playa Gaviotas Park has 206 bedrooms with all the amenities you need. (134 suites… 56 junior suites and 16 senior suits) distributed in 6 floors, several restaurants and open terraces, disco, shows, bars, parties, and engulfing environment with a good vibe.

Life is not about fairy tales, it’s about memories that brings us those little details that worth live them. The Iberostar Playa Gaviotas Park bets for a memorable unique experience. Are up to?

Come to our website and book now for an unmatchable Price. Hurry up and start living the best family holiday! This is the best choice when it comes to enjoy the beach, the sun, the water, the sand, all at the same time.