Enjoy the festivities of Sant Joan in Mallorca

The month of June hosts one of the most awaited nights in Mallorca. A night full of magic that brings together families, couples and groups of friends around a bonfire on the beach. A night full of shows, parades, live music, legends, rituals and, above all, a wonderful atmosphere. Here at Sol Hotels we want you to enjoy this night to the fullest and get to know all the traditions and customs on the island during your holidays in Mallorca.

The night of San Juan, or the Revetlla de Sant Joan in Mallorcan, is a festival that is celebrated in practically all the countries in Europe and Latin America. Of pagan origin, this celebration pays tribute to fire, considered an element of purification and renewal in many cultures. Nowadays this festival usually takes place on the beaches and coves, and the main squares of the cities and inland towns. In the case of Mallorca, tonight is usually celebrated by the sea with huge bonfires, outdoor dinners and, above all, lots of music and a great atmosphere.

If you want to enjoy the night of San Juan on the beach, our exclusive Sol House The Studio and Sol Beach House are surrounded by nature at the foot of the beaches where there is usually the largest celebration. In them you can try the traditional Mallorcan torradas, barbecues where people gather to grill typical Mallorcan sausages among other products.

In the city of Palma, Sant Joan is celebrated in a special way. In the old town, specifically in the Parque del Mar, music and parades begin in the late afternoon, and last until almost midnight. The protagonists of the party are the Dimonis (demons) groups of people, usually from a neighbourhood of the city or a town, who disguise themselves as demons and play with fire, sparklers and fireworks terrorising anyone who crosses their path. A fun show that you cannot miss if you decide to enjoy the night of San Juan in Palma.

The music and the concerts continue until dawn and, after midnight, many people follow a mystical ritual to attract good luck. They burn a sheet of paper on which they have written aspects of their life that they would like to change. Then, some jump the bonfires and others get into the water at the end of the night.

Do you want to enjoy the night of San Juan in Mallorca? Enjoy your exclusive holidays on the island of Mallorca and get to know all the customs of this mystical party that kicks off the summer.