Are you hunting high and low for summer holiday destinations?

A new calendar month is around the corner, the month of January is heading for its place at the end of the line and yes… it’s still cold, but it’s a different kind of cold and there’s a lot more sun. You’ve already noticed how the days are getting longer and how those months leading up to summer are approaching, and this is when it’s time to choose a travel destination – to enjoy your holiday in a well-researched location and at the best available price.

Early Booking is becoming increasingly popular, and a majority of destinations compete with each other, presenting interesting offers for leisure and relax. We’ll suggest three of them this month, three that never fail: Ibiza, Tenerife and Mallorca. It does sound good, doesn’t it?


Iberostar Santa Eulalia

Iberostar Santa Eulalia


Ibiza, the island that never sleeps

Couples, families, singles and groups of friends, there is room for all here on the white island of Ibiza. Known for its beaches and summer nights partying until dawn, the Balearic island has other places to offer that exist side-by-side with this bustling, frenetic lifestyle. Locations such as Santa Agnes or Santa Eulalia del Río where you can experience the real Ibiza. Also, finding a good hotel in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza is relatively easy since there are many who have chosen this area for their headquarters.

From enjoying golden sunsets to strolling along the nature trails, the truth is that this  destination always leaves you with a nice feeling inside, a feeling that this is a place you’ll always want to return to. The best month to enjoy it as it ought to be enjoyed? May, June, the first weeks in July and September.

Tenerife, a passion for everything natural

Territory of the Teide: Tenerife is a place where nature and authenticity is waiting around every corner and at every beach, which is why choosing it as a holiday destination is a winning idea. For those looking for peace and quiet nothing could be better than choosing a hotel in the south of Tenerife, one of the areas preferred by families who want to relax rather than go partying until dawn.

The good thing about the Canary Islands is that thanks to their lovely climate you can visit them all year round, so don’t hesitate to spoil yourself with a getaway during these months if what you’re looking for is getting away from the routine.

Mallorca, the perfect destination

Mallorca is beautiful, we know that for a fact. But there’s something else about it too: Mallorca is a destination that has it all… It’s the perfect place, in the perfect location and with a perfect climate where it’s never too cold or too hot. The Mediterranean in its purest state with landscapes that look like they’ve been created by some world-famous artist.

The areas in the south of the island (such as Playa de Palma) are mostly frequented by younger travellers and the north of Mallorca is the ideal option for those looking for a quiet holiday as a family in one of the many hotels in Alcudia. Just like Ibiza, the best months to visit the island without too much hustle and bustle are May, June, the first weeks of July and September.