Gastronomic centers in Tenerife for an Autumn break

Although we all agree that Summer is the best season to travel so that we can be assured of having good weather (at least an 80% chance), this statement isn’t the case if Tenerife is your chosen destination.

With mild weather all year round and with a level of tourism that goes down considerably in the Autumn and Winter months, the Canaries are perfectly ideal for three or four day getaways with the aim of escaping the cold.

Once the destination is chosen, it is time to start making plans that will make your stay unforgettable. Yes, we know … The beaches are there and we all know that going to the Canaries and not going to any of its beaches is rather like not having been there; however, the lucky islands offer visitors lots of alternative ideas that are worth trying, especially in this season. For example why not try visiting one of the most outstanding ‘shrines’ to gourmet food in Tenerife.

bodega en Tenerife

A good starting point is to taste some of the wines of the land and what better way to enjoy them to the maximum than with a visit to the Island’s main wineries. Wineries such as Frontos or El Lobo that offer travelers a tour with tasting included. Without a doubt, this idea can be recommended.

Since a glass of wine is perfect to get your appetite going, from Hotels and Destinations we suggest you make an obligatory stop at one of the best restaurants on the island: the Papa Negra restaurant.

This is a restaurant located in the impressive IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey in which to try some of the land’s most special delicacies presented with an exotic and avant-garde touch. Although in low season it is easier to get a good table, it is best to book in advance.

Lastly, and since more and more people love cookery and spending hours in the kitchen, no traveler with cooking skills should return to his/her routine without having passed through Mencey’s cookery classroom, a place that offers cooking courses in Tenerife taught by expert chefs.