Costa del Sol, Malaga: recommendations to enjoy it to the fullest

Many people considers Malaga a synonym of sun, and from where the name of Costa del Sol cames from. Everybody knows Costa del Sol for its beaches, sun and more beaches. However, in Costa del Sol there are many other places which which are not included as sun and beach concepts: museums, theatres, bars, dynamic streets, folklore…We detail you below some of the most iconic places in Malaga. And finally, we recommend you the best accommodation option in the second biggest city in Andalucia.  

Discover La Alcazaba and Gibralfaro

For those who don’t know about Malaga’s city history, we must mention that this Spanish city was essential on Muslim settlement. As a result, La Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro are now emblematic buildings. Just some of the remains of the castle are preserved, however both places are visited by lots of people looking for something more than beach and sand.   

Alcazaba palace and gardens are really well-kept after their renovation.  


Visit “La Manquita”, the impressive Malaga’s cathedral

Malaga’s cathedral is famous in Spain and all over Europe, and it’s one of the most important architectural works in Spain. Also called “La Manquita” by locals, as they never finished to build this tower. It’s a must-visit place in Malaga, whatever your religious convictions are.

Note: locals confirm that funding for the unfinished tower construction were poured into the United States to help them with the Independence War.  

The best accommodation: Vincci Aleysa

Malaga is world-famous because of its artists. It was the cradle of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. For this reason, you should stay at an artistic hotel if you visit Malaga. Therefore, staying at Vincci Aleysa is your best option.

Vincci Aleysa has an excellent location close to popular places, allowing you to enjoy the city to the fullest avoiding traffic inconveniences.  

Ferrer Hotels, accommodation offers to help you discover the north of Mallorca

The north of Mallorca has always been a popular place for its landscapes, beaches and services, which create amazing experiences for nature, outdoor sports and family fun lovers. It’s undoubtedly the perfect place for couples or for holidays with kids: there are multiple activities to share.

In this sense, Ferrer Hotels stands out for the excellent location of its accommodations:  Puerto de Alcudia and Can Picafort (Son Baulo) are two of the best places to enjoy Mallorca and all of its charm throughout the year. The chain’s renewed strategy offers a wide range of alternatives increasingly addressed to its guests. We will analyse these season updates in this post, as they are some of the most developed and versatile accommodation offers in northern Mallorca.

Hotels for families and couples

The family accommodation concept of Ferrer Hotels is addressed to couples and friend groups looking for rest in a kind and caring environment, but also flexible and free. Ferrer Hotels owns the Aparthotel Ferrer Maristany and the Apartamentos Ferrer Tamarindos, both located in Puerto de Alcudia, and surrounded by varied services and natural areas where you can have fun in good company.

Moreover, two of its most complete hotels like Hotel & Spa Ferrer Concord and Hotel & Spa Ferrer Janeiro include a wider audience: couples with kids who want to enjoy a relaxing holiday despite being accompanied by the children.

In this sense, the activities and services of the hotels in Son Baulo beach, in Can Picafort are designed to satisfy both audiences needs: kids and adults. Children’s parks, pools, playgrounds, direct access to the beach, solarium areas, tailored menus…and only adults spa and relaxing areas, so there’s no excuse to enjoy your desired holidays without leaving the hotel.

Sport hotels

sport is the key factor of Ferrer Hotels accommodation offer in northern Mallorca.Cycling, hiking, nordic walking, running, tennis, kitesurf or sailing…There are multiple sports available in this area and Ferrer hotels are designed to suit all travellers choices in the most economic and comfortable manner.

Its programme experiences in northern Mallorca includes all kinds of plans and interesting extra services like menus for athletes, special bookings of equipment, lessons or sport areas nearby.

Loyalty Club

The gold medal goes to Ferrer Friends programme, which gives extras to guests repeating every year and choosing to stay at their hotels. Prizes, discounts in Puerto Alcudia and Can Picafort accommodations, personalised attention…The goal is to provide loyal customers a plus as big hotel chains do, but adding Ferrer Hotels’ personal and familiar touch.

Direct online bookings

Ferrer Hotels also accepts now bookings through its website. Although most of the bookings are made through agencies and third parties, the chain is really committed to renew its online system to facilitate bookings at their hotels in Mallorca with just a few clicks. In this way, they avoid intermediaries and allow them to offer competitive and reduced accommodation prices.  They then guarantee travellers a secure connection with the chosen hotel.
More information about Ferrer Hotels at

What to eat in Budapest?

This post is dedicated to gourmet lovers wherever they travel. Those adventurous palates willing to taste everything and experiencing new flavours and typical dishes even in places hidden to tourists. Those who want to live their holidays to the fullest. Particularly, we dedicate it to those travelling to Hungary this summer and dying for an accommodation in Budapest. Here’s a piece of the best Hungarian gastronomy to pamper your palates.

You cannot leave Hungary without tasting a good Goulash. This is the most international dish and one of the most delicious stews you can taste in the world. It’s only suitable for meat-eaters and those who like spicy food. Although it’s not too greasy, it’s really hearty so you will feel full easily. There are many places where you can taste it, but if you are an expert gourmet, you must try Hungarikum Bistro or visit Grand Hotel Budapest restaurant , where this dish is excellent. Stay at least one night in this hotel in the centre of Hungary’s capital: its rooms in Budapest are amazing and this hotel also includes one of the best Spa centres in Budapest.

Borkakas Restaurant, Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest

Borkakas Restaurant, Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest

There’s nothing better than Hungarian rices…. Are you surprised? Not just in Valencia know about rice. Rice tradition in Budapest is long-standing and they create great dishes with this ingredient, such as rice and meat balls accompanied by tejföl, chicken with rice and paprika, the colourful rice salad (includes yellow rice) with pepper, raisins, dried tomatoes, parsley; Hungarian style rice with mussels…

Everything cooked with…tejföl (bitter cream essential in the typical Hungarian sauces) is worth tasting. Its intensive and delicious flavour combines with everything -meat, fish or vegetables- and it’s the perfect garnish for the traditional Hungarian gnocchi, which are smaller than the italian ones.


Travelling to Colombia: 3 cities you must visit


Bucaramanga is considered “the beautiful city” of Colombia, and also known as the city of the parks. Its ecosystem, mountains and forests give a breath of fresh air to the metropolis, where you surely would like to visit places like:

  • Parque del Agua
  • Parque de las Palmas: here you find the best cafes and restaurants in the city, a meeting point for locals.
  • Parque Santander: the most famous and important park in the city. It’s surrounded by buildings that are already part of Bucaramanga history.

The best choice is the Hotel Dann Carlton Bucaramanga, located in Barrio Sotomayor, a central area close to the best places of the city, as Parque de las Palmas.


The capital and financial heart of Colombia. It’s perfect for business travels to Colombia due to its wide hotel offer, from which we stand out the following:

  • Hotel Dann Bogota Norte: in the 17th Avenue and just 15 minutes away from Bogota’s World Trade Center. One of the few that has Sello Ambiental Colombiano and rooms with anti noise glasses.
  • Dann Carlton Bogotá: luxury hotel in the centre of the city. Perfect for business events and meetings.
  • Dann Avenida 19: more than 4 decades of service in the centre of Bogota. A hotel that satisfies the most demanding guests.

If you still have time, you cannot miss the following must-see places:

  • Museo del Oro: the most important of its kind in the world. It has been declared a National Monument.
  • Parque de la 93: sign of Bogota’s scattering.
  • Catedral Primada
  • Jardin Botanico de Bogota


For aquatic sports lovers. It is a young and developing city, however Teatro Tolima, Museo Antropologico or Jardin Botanico San Jorge are samples of the city’s history. Its beaches and fish gastronomy are unique.Departing from Bogota, you can reach Ibague by land or departing from any other Colombian big city, you can reach it by plane.

Once there you can stay at Hotel Dann Combeima Ibagué, the best one in the city, but not the most expensive one. It will make your trip special in a city with an idyllic climate and lots of places to discover.

Enjoy Matalascañas and Costa de la Luz with FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf

Costa de la Luz is an amazing destination and Fergus Style El Cortijo Golf makes your holiday experience in Matalascañas much more interesting and unique. You will never forget your pleasant experience.

The chain offers you one of the best hotels of the firm, located in the heart of Matalascañas beach with direct access to the Doñana’s golf course and National Park, as well as to the large beach of this park.

A total pleasure

If you plan to visit Matalascañas, in Costa de la Luz, whether you are travelling for leisure or business, do not miss the opportunity of visiting Hotel FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf, and enjoy all what Matalascañas has to offer.

hotel in Matalascañas

hotel in Matalascañas

What to see in Matalascañas?

In Matalascañas you can admire 4 kms of fine white sand beach facing the Atlantic ocean. Apart from the beach and going for a swim, there are lots of different activities to do and other places to see. Here are some examples:

  • Parque Nacional de Doñana: one of the best known natural parks in Spain.
  • La Peña: old military building. A defense tower that fell over a long time ago, which remains upside down and crumbled into the sea. It is possible to see the old remains from the coast.
  • Parque Dunar and Museo del Mundo Marino
  • Nudist beaches of Mazagon or Castilla

Why Fergus Style El Cortijo Golf?

Because it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling for family holidays, a romantic getaway, a golf tournament, enjoying the beach alone or for business and you need a great meeting place, this 4-star hotel in Costa de la Luz with an impressive Andalusian touch and close to the biggest golf course in Doñana is perfect for you.

You will enjoy a horseback riding to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in Matalascañas beach or drive to Parque la Doñana from early morning by 4×4 to admire the purest nature.
Why Fergus Style El Cortijo Golf? Because there’s nothing better!

Tenerife: a destination to learn cooking

Tenerife is the most well-known island in the Canary Islands and especially its gastronomy. 5 restaurants which were awarded Premio Michelin, one of the highest culinary distinction award, are located in Tenerife. There’s no place with such a high culinary distinction and prestige.

Tenerife has beautiful beaches, monumental mountains and running and hiking places, but it’s also one of the best gastronomic destinations, where it is possible to make a career in cooking and study culinary higher education.

An island with a delicious historical background

The best culinary secrets in Tenerife are found on their lands, which always have been really profitable for all the people from Tenerife. It’s a fertile ground where potatoes, bananas and lots of vegetables have been grown for more than 400 years.  Honey and cheese are also world-famous in Tenerife, and villagers worked hard to obtain the perfect flavours.

gourmet restaurant in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

gourmet restaurant in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Gastronomic hotel Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey

Santa Cruz, Tenerife, and the Canary Islands are well-recognized since the 50’s.  After decades of effort,  illustrious guests came and tasted its delicious food, now a gastronomic icon in the city.  In fact, it’s a gastronomic icon thanks to a culinary classroom which offers guests a tasting menu and cooking courses at themed kitchens.

Culinary school in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

La Cocina del Mencey is responsible for training the new generation of chefs in Tenerife. It also offers courses for visitors and people who want to start a career as a chef: European haute cuisine courses, intensive exotic, Indian or Japanese food courses and Spanish and local cuisine courses.  Whether you want to learn cooking to make a culinary career or to surprise someone, The Mencey Cookery Classroom is the perfect place for you. You will learn to prepare a wide range of difficult drinks and cocktails in a unique destination.