Dann hotels and the new hotel form in Latin-America

Exquisite gastronomy, design spaces, large bedrooms and a varied list of services thought to offer you completely different new experiences all in one place, gathering all kind of guests, that’s the Dann hotels style, one of the most advanced hotel chains in Latin-America, a new generation of hotels that adapt to a new generation of travellers with an accommodation for each one of them.

Distinguished, with a classic style, and a remarkable service this Colombian hotel chain doesn’t leave its characteristic tradition away, its true north charms the regular guests and the new ones discover a place that looks just made for them, like the  Dann Bogotá Hotel; Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa in Bogotá; and the Dann Bogotá Norte Hotel.


Most of them offer the typical urban services, thought for short stays to go out to know the places of interest or shopping or long stays for health or business related. This way, all of them offer you relaxation areas (some of them even have a Spa centre, beauty salon, beauty treatments, sport centre), meeting hall for large activities or little halls for corporate meetings, restaurants and lounge bars, with all the local style and taste, with the best quality, all of this with the most personalized service for all kind of guests.

The Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa in Bogotá is an example of the exclusive areas, like the amazing terraces with a panoramic view to the city, located close to the 93 park. The bedrooms and suites in the centre of the north district of Bogotá and to the deluxe apartments for long stays make this hotel the perfect accommodation regardless your travel reason. It is the hotel chain flagship, the most cared and luxurious of them, it even has a conference centre with 16 halls to host all kind of high class celebrations and events.


More discreet, but still luxurious, the Dann Avenida 19 is a hotel in La Candelaria neighbourhood, a charming place with a classic decoration, with a baroque touch, and a restrained air, with some areas oriented to the businessmen, with with spice and colour in the rest of it. It is a 4 star hotel in the centre of Bogotá, greatly evaluated (and still does) for both the Colombian travellers and the Americans and Europeans which are the usual guests.

Despite most of their large hotels are located in Bogotá, The Dann hotel chain also offer they cared service in Medellín, Cali, Cartagena and Ibagué. The last one, the Dann Combeima is actually a renowned hotel for events in Colombia since it has several meeting hall with specialized services for businessmen and some different areas in addition to that, from business halls, to executive bedrooms, restaurant with catering service and a Gym.

The hotel chain has a corporative website and several individual sites specialized according each hotel, each site has a special area of online offers that allow you to find accommodation packs, with the best price and quality service, it’s recommended to check both the corporative website and the individual one since both usually offer very competitive prices.


Catalonia, an avant-garde hotel

Catalonia hotels made an all or nothing bet to the hotel industry: the future is now, and guaranteeing a renewing experience that goes far beyond the simple comfort and rest is mandatory. To succeed, each place has to stand out, create its own identity, but without losing the common thread and hotel chain portfolio. A defined line of work recognisable wherever it is.

This work philosophy might look very simple, but it’s actually a very detailed and complex system, supported by a large investment and an attentive and excellence taste. We’re not talking about 5 star hotels but 3 and 4 star hotels located from the most crowded urban areas to the usual touristic areas in holiday.

Some examples of this new concept are the emblematic hotels in Barcelona from Catalonia hotel chain, that offer and specialized service, with a distinguishing ambient, which varies in each hotel but with all the attractions of every location, with more services, and more free amenities, (Wi-Fi, breakfast, welcome gifts) creating full packages for each specific guest (businessman, youth, couples, group of friends, family, athlete, etc.)

The first thing you notice when you’re in a Catalonia hotel is the avant-garde taste, then you see the well maintained facility in both the private and common areas, offering the opportunity to enjoy an accommodation with a dreaming decoration that we all would love to have home.

Hotels like the Catalonia Atenas, the Catalonia Las Cortes or the Catalonia Sagrada Familia, will surprise you for they furniture care, they all have the avant-garde line of design, with modern style, and sometimes minimalistic, sometimes combined with baroque details or different styles that make them unique, far from those sad poorly designed hotels that look like an Ikea magazine.

It might surprise you that this avant-garde taste leaded them across the sea, creating two incredible resorts in Riviera Maya and Bávaro, some of the most care designed in the Caribbean. They services and facilities are excellent, despite not being deluxe resorts, nor the larger ones in the touristic area, they are starting a new wave away from the traditional Caribbean resorts, creating a beach hotel with good taste and art style, but the best of it is that it doesn’t take the tradition, and essence of the destination.


Garden Hotels: new summer beach clubs

Beach clubs are in fashion. They are taking the lead of 2015 summer events focusing the attention on all those who plan their holidays in beach areas in Spain. With important models in clubbing areas such as Ibiza, they are now situated in all tourist areas in Spain, specifically in the best beaches, leaving behind the traditional beach bars characterised by their fried fish, beer and sandwiches and that were the summer kings in Spain until now.

We like them because of their design, style, music and relaxed ambience, their cocktails and magnificent sunsets.  Many private clubs of family companies or chains have established in the coast, renewing the beach bars and turning them into authentic chill out music palaces.  Many of them belong to hotels that have taken advantage of their location in front of the sea to captivate their customers and attract locals and tourists that, although they do not stay at these hotels, can enjoy their music and cocktails.

One of the last chains that have joined this trend of beach clubs in Majorca is Garden Hotels, which has just opened the Samsara Pool Beach with a high level event (with the irreverent Mario Vaquerizo at the top of the poster) promising a summer full of themed parties in Playa de Muro, where it is located.

Garden Holiday Village Hotel is also located in Playa de Muro.  Its modern beach club in Majorca is situated right in the pools and gardens area of the hotel and is directly connected to the sea. It offers live music with some of the most renowned DJs in the island and an excellent drinks and cocktails menu.  Likewise, it has a complete events calendar including themed parties open to the public and special advantages for those who book a room in their hotel in Playa de Muro.

Its design is inspired by simple, fresh and very Mediterranean lines, with exotic details.  Its lush gardens surrounding the chill out area blend perfectly with the atmosphere. Very close you will find other beach clubs, so you can always opt for a tour around Muro and reserve the weekends of the next months.  You will never have enough time to make the most of all.


What’s new in the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

This June the Tenerife Island will have lots of news and activities to enjoy with family and friends.  The arrival of summer increases the number of proposals available on the island. Here we have some of these activities you shouldn’t miss this month.

During the weekend of June 13 and 14 the 4th edition of Mencey Fashion Room will take place in the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey turning it into an authentic concept store in the city of Santa Cruz in Tenerife. The hotel will change 50 bedrooms into luxurious fashion boutiques, jewelleries and decorations. The Mencey fashion room will be open for everybody, besides the fashion show, guests will enjoy the best live music and the gastronomic area Gastrolounge, specialized in high cuisine and the most amazing cocktails.

Every Saturday after 11, guests can enjoy the Mencey’s aperitif at the Iballa Cocktail Bar terrace.

During the night the Mencey Lounge Nights will continue this month with themed nights full of spice. The first night will be this Friday 5 of June at 19, where the theme will be ceviche and tartars. Guest will have the opportunity to enjoy a tuna tartar with mustard by 5 euros only,  accompanied with Peruvian cocktails and Cuban mojitos.

On Friday 19, at the same hour as before, the second night of Mencey Lounge nights will take place. This second evening will be theme with Andalucia’s flavours, like fried fish, Andalusian Calamari, shrimps tortilla, salmorejo, etc., drinks will be Andalusian of course: Chamomile, summer wine and the rebujito.

Regarding the cooking courses in the Mencey  cookery classroom, this June it will offer two cooking courses. One of them about  fresh potatoes and Italian sauces, given by the Italian chef Paola Soggiu, 1stplace winner in the VI Regional event of Canarian chefs. The course will be on June 22 from 17:30 to 20:30, with a 38 euros price.

The second cookery room will be on June 29 from 17:30 to 20:30, it will be about a banquet recipe for special occasions. This course will teach you how to cook snacks, canapés and fruit Sculptures, etc.). By the hand of Alberto Nieto we will learned how to surprise your family and friends with a delicious summer banquet.