Look for me in Fuerteventura

People say it is the quiet island, the perfect destination for getting away from it all and get lost in its never-ending beaches. Fuerteventura is calm, peace in the purest form. One of the places where landscape beauty is so much strong that it transforms the visitor.

All the island is a perfect combination of life and customs converging in places with amazing vegetation and unforgettable summits… But the south offers the true access to the paradise.  The area of hotels in Jandía, Costa Calma and Morro Jable is an opportunity to delight in the Atlantic in all senses: gastronomy, huge beaches, parties and popular culture, shops, craftsmanship, parks… Ideal if you plan a relaxing holiday with your couple, friends or the entire family.

Jandia is the golden island. A pinch of magic that nature strength have joined in the course of centuries to the central part of the island, opening a path towards paradise. Despite of the presence of hotels in Jandia and resorts in surroundings of the Matorral beach, this area has still the authentic nature of those times where only locals walked its sands, went to the harbour and set sail.

Foto Playa Jandia, fuerteventura

Morro Jable, small fishing town in the most southern part of Jandia, is a good example of all this essence: calm, old customs, the most traditional fishing art, noisy restaurants with fresh fish served in front of the sea, markets with unimaginable objects, people that contemplate the movements of the waves, ships, rocks and sun.

Close, hidden between the mountains of the natural park of Jandia, we find the famous Cofete beach, a place where you need to hike and be prepared to play with the waves. It is a wonderful beach, with undeniable beauty, but where swimming could be difficult because of the strength of the ocean in this area, with treacherous currents.

Planning a surfing or diving class is a good alternative to complete the holiday in this island which is considered all around the world as one of the best destinations to enjoy the waves and the sea bottom. In the whole peninsula you will find schools and companies providing these services, they even allow you to rent equipment or reserve tours with expert guides. Some hotels in the coast of Jandía directly offer their own lessons or give discounts to their guests for schools courses.

Gastronomy is another strong point. Although you had booked an All-inclusive hotel in Jandia, you should dedicate at least a couple of nights to dine out or to enjoy a lunch in front of the Atlantic in some of the most charming restaurants in Morro Jable, such as the famous La Laja and Los Abuelos. Locals usually eat in the last one and it is, therefore, an ideal place to experience the local everyday life and the most curious anecdotes of life.

To escape to Fuerteventura, any season of the year is good, but August and September are the best time, not only because days are longer and sun hours are perfect, but because the events and plans are more varied than during winter months, especially in the south of the island.

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