Discover Malaga from an exclusive luxury hotel

They say that Andalusia has two capitals, in the West it would be Seville and in the East, Malaga reigns queen. Beautiful, with great temperatures throughout the year, full of history and steeped in international culture and with customs loved by each and everyone (from the first moment); Malaga is a province of discovery, of rest and a place to experience an exclusive holiday full of luxuries … What sort of luxuries?

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus

Unique routes to discover Malaga

Shopping along Calle Larios

With its history and character, Malaga’s ‘Calle Larios’ is the meeting place of the ‘fashionistas’ who reside in the Andalusian province and this central street hosts local, national and international brands of both clothing and footwear to complete the look. Since at peak times there are lots of visitors who scour the area from end to end, we recommend that the day of shopping along Calle Larios begins early in the morning (at about 10.00 h) or late or the afternoon.

Puerto Banus, a unique place in the world

Although you have to cover a distance of about thirty kilometers, visiting Puerto Banus is a delight. With its harbor full of white houses, the aroma of pure luxury (with Just, Cavalli or Versace boutiques among many others) and their pontoons filled with ultra long megayachts, the port is one of the most exclusive in the world and also one of the most visited by lovers of luxury tourism.

Dining with a Mediterranean background

Whether in the city center or at the port, there is an element that is always present in Malaga: the Mediterranean. With the slight breeze so characteristic of the Alboran Sea (which bathes the coast of Malaga), there is nothing like enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight with the sound of the Mediterranean waves, with its scent and cooling moisture. A unique and highly recommended experience.

Luxury hotels in Malaga

Select tourism has kept watch on Malaga for many years and has noticed that the city is a hub for the finest of hotels. Which of these luxury hotels stand out?

  • Vincci Aleysa: Located on the exclusive beach in Benalmadena, The Vincci Aleysa is a 5-star, smoke-free hotel, perfect for those who don’t want just any accommodation. Its cuisine and Spa make it one of the most important hotels in the area.
  • Vincci Estrella del Mar: In Marbella and less than 10 minutes from Puerto Banus, you can find the exclusive Vincci Estrella del Mar, a five star hotel in which you can relax as never before and where you’ll discover the province of Malaga’s most select and beautiful side.
  • Vincci Malaga: For those who prefer to spend their days off in the capital, your best choice is the Vincci Malaga hotel. This four-star hotel is located on the sea front.

Costa del Sol, Malaga: recommendations to enjoy it to the fullest

Many people considers Malaga a synonym of sun, and from where the name of Costa del Sol cames from. Everybody knows Costa del Sol for its beaches, sun and more beaches. However, in Costa del Sol there are many other places which which are not included as sun and beach concepts: museums, theatres, bars, dynamic streets, folklore…We detail you below some of the most iconic places in Malaga. And finally, we recommend you the best accommodation option in the second biggest city in Andalucia.  

Discover La Alcazaba and Gibralfaro

For those who don’t know about Malaga’s city history, we must mention that this Spanish city was essential on Muslim settlement. As a result, La Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro are now emblematic buildings. Just some of the remains of the castle are preserved, however both places are visited by lots of people looking for something more than beach and sand.   

Alcazaba palace and gardens are really well-kept after their renovation.  


Visit “La Manquita”, the impressive Malaga’s cathedral

Malaga’s cathedral is famous in Spain and all over Europe, and it’s one of the most important architectural works in Spain. Also called “La Manquita” by locals, as they never finished to build this tower. It’s a must-visit place in Malaga, whatever your religious convictions are.

Note: locals confirm that funding for the unfinished tower construction were poured into the United States to help them with the Independence War.  

The best accommodation: Vincci Aleysa

Malaga is world-famous because of its artists. It was the cradle of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. For this reason, you should stay at an artistic hotel if you visit Malaga. Therefore, staying at Vincci Aleysa is your best option.

Vincci Aleysa has an excellent location close to popular places, allowing you to enjoy the city to the fullest avoiding traffic inconveniences.  

Accommodations to pamper yourself

Today we’re going to make a deluxe review in places that most of us look with envy and normally can’t afford. It’s true that they are way out of our budget, but, it doesn’t hurt to keep them at hand when the day come and we decide, finally, that is time to spoil ourselves. We only live once, right?

Luxury holidays

Luxury holidays

Grand Hotel Mencey.– It is one of the best hotels with suites in Santa Cruz, Tenerife. A renowned five-star hotel which has hosted celebrities and international figures such as Liz Taylor. It still has that colonial charm, its old architecture, but filled with modern services and innovative ideas. The hotel’s garden is a natural jewel in the city, it even has a little turtle pond. It is a gourmet hotel also, considered one of the oldest still open hotels in Spain, besides, it offers a Spa, buffet style restaurant, chill out terraces, cooking classroom, and deluxe suites.

Vincci Aleysa.- A luxury hotel in Benalmádena, it is one of those places specially designed to become a high-standing touristic reference in the country. It was designed as a boutique hotel, where the high-quality services are the key, specially created to give you unique experience. In this way, the main service is the gourmet food, the relaxation and spa spaces and its exclusive five-star suites. The best gift, undoubtedly.

IBEROSTAR Son Antem hotel.- We had mentioned before every now and then, since it is a reference hotel in Majorca regarding golf and spa. But besides these characteristics that makes it unique in the island, it also offers you a different deluxe experience: is not another beach hotel, it’s located in the middle of the Majorcan countryside, surrounded by farms and green fields, beautiful gardens and two enormous golf courses. It also offers several gourmet services such as Sunday brunch which includes some children activities.

Hotel Iberostar Grand Mencey

Hotel Iberostar Grand Mencey

Grand Salomé.- South Tenerife, across from  the Duque and Fañabé beach, surrounded by the most beautiful gardens that lead to the sea. Besides its gastronomy, the specialized service and its deluxe, all these and even more in this Adults-Only hotel in Tenerife, This accommodation in Costa adeje is a five-star hotel next to the famous Anthelia hotel where you can live the most amazing and unforgettable holiday of your life. The design, the different ambiences and spaces create that idyllic air where dream is just as easy as breath.