Your last summer dive

Yes, is inevitable, the countdown to autumn has begun. And because of that, now more than ever, it is the time to take the change and take that last summer dive. To put it easy for you, and save any excuses, we brought you some hotels in Majorca, Minorca, Tenerife and Andalusia where you can book in during this time of the year with great discounts and enjoy a few days to relax and say goodbye to the ocean without spending a lot of money, with or without children, holiday for everybody.

Sol Katmandú Park.- A world full of granted fun in front of Magaluf beach, in Majorca. This children hotel (so so) is one of the last incorporations to the Sol Hotels portfolio, the hotel chain of family hotels for kids and teenagers in Melià, a place where staying is a whole new experience, full of surprises and innovation. When you choose this hotel in Magaluf that has a theme park there is no better way to end up your summer time. Enjoy all the offers they have by the end of season right now. You can also try all the Flintstones hotels that have different places all around Majorca, as well as in Menorca and the rest of Spain. Last but not least the Sol Beach House is a space to relax and do nothing at all.

Olé Tropical Tenerife.- The Olé hotel chain is a must in this small list. Besides being the best beach resort regarding quality-cost relationship right now, it is one of the hotel chains that has known how to create a more solid concept in family holiday hotels in Canarias, Majorca and the rest of renowned touristic destinations of the country. Their concept is very specific: A very comfortable and functional accommodation where children and adults can spend their entire day, with everything at their disposal, next to one of the best beaches of the country. It is perfect for those who seek that last summer dive at an affordable price and without worries, Regarding the Olé Tropical hotel, its great advantage is the location as well as all the activities that they have until the end of season, turning it into one of the best children resorts in Tenerife nowadays. But, if you prefer Lanzarote, Olé Olivina is a wonderful option, and if you prefer Ibiza, then your choice is the Olé Galeón.

Playa Garden selection Hotel & Spa.- our third option is the Garden Hotel chain, We have an family hotel in Playa de Muro, full of children entertainment and adult as well. It is our biggest proposal in Majorca because it knows how to spoil all children and adult needs, and, it is also located in one of the most beautiful areas of Majorca, in front of the northern beach of the island, leisure, kids games, sports, spa, gastronomy, pools, solarium, all kind of bedrooms, and even more. If you book from the official website Garden Hotels, you can get amazing accommodation prices in Playa de Muro.

Fuerteventura, a place for you this summer

Fuerteventura is the place for you this 2015 summer. If you have any doubt, here we have a lot of reasons to convince you.

Kilometres of sand

South Fuerteventura, in the beach hotels area in Jandía, you will be able to enjoy the longest and cared beaches of all the island. Calma Coast, Gaviotas Beach, and last but not least, the famous Matorral Beach, an almost unexplored sand area in the southern peninsula of Fuerteventura. The calm waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the shallow sea close to the beach, which makes it the perfect destination for family holiday, even with little babies.

Custom-made services

In the Jandía beach the hotels, apartments and hostels offer all kind of services specialized in couples and children, which are the usual customers there. From family bedrooms in front of Jandía beach to restaurants, chill out areas, spa centres and all you can image that would make your summer holiday comfortable.

Water sports

Is there is a perfect island to practice all kind of water sports that would be Fuerteventura. Ideal to practice surf and windsurf, in this island you will find all you need like some of the best surf classes and international competitions. To rent any sport equipment is really simple and many hotels in Jandía offer you this service and give you discount.

Culture and tradition

Despite being a tourism area, southern Fuerteventura keeps its essence, something we all like to find when we arrive to a different place, near the beach hotels area in Jandía is one of the charming towns of the island: Morro Jable, a port settle where you can still see the fisherman weaving their net and exploring the sea in their boats.


In this port we will find some of the best seafood restaurants in Fuerteventura. Prices are very affordable, and the fish is fresh, plus the environment is just perfect to spend any day any time and enjoy the Canarias flavour: from the gofio to the Canarian wrinkly potatoes with Mojo sauce. It is important to make a reservation beforehand since being a touristic place sometimes the place gets crowded.


Jandía peninsula has one of the most beautiful mountain range of all Fuerteventura. It covers a large part of the Pájara’s topography and it hides some secrets like the famous Cofete beach. The hiking routes are spectacular in this area since the ascent isn’t hard and you can enjoy a breathtaking view very easy, you can even go with your children.

Garden Hotels: new summer beach clubs

Beach clubs are in fashion. They are taking the lead of 2015 summer events focusing the attention on all those who plan their holidays in beach areas in Spain. With important models in clubbing areas such as Ibiza, they are now situated in all tourist areas in Spain, specifically in the best beaches, leaving behind the traditional beach bars characterised by their fried fish, beer and sandwiches and that were the summer kings in Spain until now.

We like them because of their design, style, music and relaxed ambience, their cocktails and magnificent sunsets.  Many private clubs of family companies or chains have established in the coast, renewing the beach bars and turning them into authentic chill out music palaces.  Many of them belong to hotels that have taken advantage of their location in front of the sea to captivate their customers and attract locals and tourists that, although they do not stay at these hotels, can enjoy their music and cocktails.

One of the last chains that have joined this trend of beach clubs in Majorca is Garden Hotels, which has just opened the Samsara Pool Beach with a high level event (with the irreverent Mario Vaquerizo at the top of the poster) promising a summer full of themed parties in Playa de Muro, where it is located.

Garden Holiday Village Hotel is also located in Playa de Muro.  Its modern beach club in Majorca is situated right in the pools and gardens area of the hotel and is directly connected to the sea. It offers live music with some of the most renowned DJs in the island and an excellent drinks and cocktails menu.  Likewise, it has a complete events calendar including themed parties open to the public and special advantages for those who book a room in their hotel in Playa de Muro.

Its design is inspired by simple, fresh and very Mediterranean lines, with exotic details.  Its lush gardens surrounding the chill out area blend perfectly with the atmosphere. Very close you will find other beach clubs, so you can always opt for a tour around Muro and reserve the weekends of the next months.  You will never have enough time to make the most of all.


IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, beach, children and relaxation

There’s no better place for summer like the Canary Islands, and today we are going to add a must-visit hotel in our summer 2015 list. The IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park, a family hotel in Fuerteventura, a special place for family holiday, for those who like to spend time in family and enjoy the free time.

This hotel is a deluxe destination, located in the Gaviotas Beach in Fuerteventura and close to the Matorral beach, a family resort in Jandía stands out thanks to its special service for family holiday, the affordable prices and its cuisine, the menu is wide and varied, something unusual in these types of hotels.

Additionally, its adult services are worth to mention, with the Thai Zen SPAce wellness centre, that offers Asian health and beauty treatments. This is the oasis where you are going to relax and enjoy since is reserved for over 16 years, while children play at the playgrounds or the kid pool area under the staff protection.

Many guests usually return thanks to the child care staff and security that the IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts always offers. A renowned hotel in the family segment, that always know how to leave the guests expectations satisfied, as the reviews in Tripadvisor support it.


The hotel location is ideal. A resort next to the Jandía beach, one of the most important beaches in the southern Fuerteventura. It’s also close to the famous El Matorral beach, that has a family area and a hidden area for nudist lovers (smaller every year)

The Morro Jable town is near too. A small fishing area where you can enjoy the great atmosphere, the daily and night activities and its local cuisine, specially the bars and restaurants near the docks, where you can find the most delicious fishes and fish stews.

Amenities and services

The Playa Gaviotas Park hotel, like the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas (next to the hotel), offers an all-inclusive service, kid pool areas, and adult pools, a wide solarium around the pools, bars, restaurants, snack bar, playgrounds, lounge areas, live performances, bowling alley, babysitting, breakfast service the whole morning, sports and direct beach access.


The rooms in the Playa Gaviotas Park Hotel are something worth to mention. They all are suites or junior suites, some of them have a view to the sea, a true holiday paradise. Guests also like the spacious facilities and the furniture, all of them are more than 30 square metres long, and have private bathroom and terrace.

Some of them even have a living room with comfortable sofa, TV inside and outside the room, its designed for family trips, but you can make a couple reservation and enjoy all the place for the two of you, with an affordable price of course.


The reservations for the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park can be made directly on their official website, or on the hotel chain page. You can be sure that both sites offers you the lowest price online.

Alcudia: sports, sunbathes, gastronomy and spring!

You can’t find any better spring destination than Alcudia for a spring break, north of Majorca, a small cosy coast that lead us to one of the most beautiful bays of this Mediterranean island,   one of Majorca’s most authentic, natural and well preserved landscapes, making it the perfect place for all kind of outdoor sports while enjoying the calm and warm of these first days of spring.

Alcudia was declared an ecotourism destination, it has a coastal zone of 30 km long with paradisiacal coasts such as the own Alcudia beach and the famous Playa de Muro, one of the favourite summer destinations for Europeans travellers, a place where you can experience the Mediterranean relaxation, thanks to its safety environment, its touristic services and its easy road access to the rest of the island and with Minorca by sea (ships sail directly from Puerto de Alcudia to Ciudatella).

Despite being one of the most visited places of the island with a large quantity of hotels, Alcudia is still a place with tradition, culture and unexplored nature, such as the S’Albufera de Majorca National Park the largest of the island well preserved and famous thanks to its unique wildlife. The perfect place for family hiking, bicycle touring, or for enjoying a couple of days of ornithology, many travellers (especially from Britain) come to Alcudia only to be able to watch the unique bird species in the park.

One of the main tourist attractions is the cycling and cycling tourism red all over Alcudia and it connects it with the rest of the north coast. One of the main routes is Alcudia-cape Formentor, at the edge of Serra de Tramuntana, a high level cycling tour, special for experienced trainers, it’s a secondary narrow street, very sloped, we recommend to be careful, since it is commonly used by rent cars and tourist buses that go to the top in order to enjoy one of the most spectacular views of the Majorca island. May not be appropriate for children.

However, if you’re planning a family holiday, Alcudia in spring is full of family activities, since the Mediterranean water is still fresh (and it will continue this way until well into May), It’s a good plan to book your accommodation in Alcudia with sailing lessons, kitesurf course or kayak course, or other services that hotels offer inside and outside.

Plans for everybody

A nice way to spend the day is visiting Alcudia town, from yourfamily friendly hotel in Majorca such as a hotel in Port de Alcudia, it will only take a couple of minutes by car to go the little market on Sundays, and have a traditional breakfast in one of the lovely terraces, toasts with olive oil and tomato, visit the small handcrafted shops, the monuments and its beautiful narrow streets…

A picnic at the beach is ideal to spend the day in family. The coastal zone between Alcudia and Pollença offers you that special place where you can relax next to the Mediterranean ocean and have a picnic under the pines. Just a few steps from the sea, it’s a place with tables and benches for a comfortable meal, besides, courts to play and of course, a warm place to sunbathe.

Where to eat in Alcudia?

Gourmet restaurant in Alcudia

Gourmet restaurant in Alcudia

If you’re looking for a special destination for a gastronomic weekend, you should add Alcudia to your route list, since it has many options where you can enjoy the authentic Majorca’s cuisine, not only downtown but in Port de Alcudia as well, new places like Restaurante Alcuina, near the docks, combine perfectly with the traditional tapas of Can Punyetes and the typical cuisine of the S’Oli Verge restaurant, a famous place in the port. There are other restaurants at the Majorca’s beach that you definitely should know, such as the Can Cuarassa, located in a typical Majorcan house at the beach, terraces and gardens with an amazing view to the sea.

Another gastronomic jewel here in Majorca is the Sa Romana, an author’s cuisine restaurant (prices varies from 30 to 40 euros), a menu full of local flavours, enhanced with new culinary techniques, influenced by other Mediterranean cuisines. The place is meticulously decorated, a delightful terrace with an outer garden, perfect for spring nights. If you booked in a hotel in Playa de Muro or an aparthotel in Alcudia, we highly recommend you to visit at least one time, we promise you won’t regret it.