The best moment to visit Matalascañas

Matalascañas is a coastal region that belongs to Almonte municipality in Huelva. It’s one of the most popular places in Costa de la Luz, and it’s the perfect starting point for your next travel. It is easily accessible from Sevilla or Huelva, a closer region in Eastern Andalusia.

Matalascañas is known as a beach area. Its large and beautiful coast is one of the largest in Costa de la Luz. We can find an amazing flora and fauna in Doñana Natural Park, which is also a perfect place to enjoy sports, great landscapes and gourmet gastronomy.

Keep on reading and discover why Matalascañas is the best destination for your spring holiday.

Practice golf in Matalascañas

Andalusia is a golf destination with more than 200 golf courses. Matalascañas has one of the best golf courses in the area (Doñana Golf), offering amazing landscapes while you practice golf.

Costa de la Luz, Huelva

Costa de la Luz, Huelva (picture: touristinspain)

In addition, Matalascañas has a great hotel infrastructure which is committed to golf practice,with exclusive hotels like El Cortijo Golf of FERGUS Hotels with excellent views of Matalascañas, and Doñana’s Natural Park, an icon in the region.

Discovering Matalascañas

Matalascañas has all the advantages that characterize Costa de la Luz: sunny weather, large sandy beaches, crystal waters, whitewashed houses and towns in Andalusia.

Matalascañas is one of the best environmentally friendly destination in Europe.  It perfectly preserves its ecosystems of an impressive natural beauty, as well as facilitates visitors access to the natural secret spots of Doñana.

A summer destination, but also a golf destination

In Matalascañas we find one of the best golf courses in Costa de la Luz, Doñana’s Golf. It’s the perfect place to practice golf amateurs and professionals from all over the world will meet to practice this entertaining sport. The course opened in 2000 and it is located within a few meters from the Atlantic Ocean.

In order to enjoy Matalascañas’ golf to the fullest,  FERGUS Hotels offers you the best accommodation for golf lovers, FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf, located in the E Section of Matalascañas.


Chiclana, a surf lovers paradise

Chiclana de la Frontera is one of the best surf spots that gather surfers from all over the country and the world too, just to ride those perfect waves. This town, located in Costa de la Luz, between Cádiz and Tarifa, is the right place to start a trip through southern Spain and enjoy the surf spots as well as the touristic destinations.

Chiclana de la Frontera beach

Chiclana de la Frontera beach

The best seasons to surf in Chiclana are in October and May since the waves increase significantly thanks to the winter storms in the Pacific Ocean. It’s also ideal to go on a trip to Chiclana with your couple, family or with friends since you can enjoy the warm weather and go to the beaches without worrying about the heat.

The perfect weather and wave conditions makes it one of the preferred surf destinations in Cádiz, but surf isn’t the only sport practiced there, the kitesurf and windsurf are popular too. The reason might be that wind blows assiduously, perfect for those who love sailing.

Chiclana isn’t just for experts, is a good option for those who want to learn to surf too, you can find several schools across the coastal area that will give you surfing lessons practically during the whole year. Amateurs begin where the waves are gentle, moving to better places as you improve your surf skills.

On the other hand, the accommodation shouldn’t be a problem since there are many seaside hotels in Chiclana with services that will complement your holiday.

So if you want to learn how to surf but you’re travelling with children, Chiclana is your destination, since you will find many family hotels in Cádiz near the best spots to surf.

Destination for a relaxing getaway

Sometimes, subjects unleash the imagination. Anyone can refuse to, from time to time, fall into the temptation of imagining an entire week doing nothing else than reading under the sun in a paradise beach, with a fresh pineapple plate and a cocktail waiting for you. In the background, chill out music and the murmur of the waves. Without children, without boss, feeling like doing absolutely nothing. That is called, sometimes, happiness.

In our search for happiness, we have found a series of perfect places for shooting our own film, a handful of exquisite destinations, ideal for taking a break, thinking of nothing and enjoying every moment on the seashore.


The first recommendation is to book a spa hotel in Chiclana. This privileged municipality is the access door to the most idyllic beaches in the south of Spain. Just 20 km away from La Tacita de Plata, right in Costa de la Luz, it goes throughout sand areas such as Sancti Petri beach and La Barrosa, surrounded by pleasant pine groves, natural parks, cliffs and the typical lively ambience of this Andalusian coast.


The moon island. A trip to another world. The perfect place for escaping from it all and never coming back.­ Lanzarote is a dream island, ideal for a week of dolce far niente on the banks of the Atlantic. The small Chinijo archipelago with its amazing pristine island called La Graciosa and its white sand beaches and crystal-clear waters: Corralejo, Teguise and the spotless Yaiza… If you are really looking for a relaxing getaway, the best option is to choose an All Inclusive hotel in  Lanzarote or an Adults Only hotel in Corralejo.

Cala Barca (Majorca)

One of the quietest and more hidden sites in Majorca, where you can go unnoticed and spend an entire week enjoying the Mediterranean among pine groves, sand and turquoise waters. Cala Barca Trencada is a small beach next to Mondragó Natural Park, in the eastern coast of Majorca, located one step away from the beautiful fishing village in Porto Petro. It combines peace and services, and leisure areas are at just 4 minutes drive and 25 minutes walk.  If you have the possibility, book a hotel in Cala Barca: relax is guaranteed.

El Rompido

One of the most striking natural treasures in Costa de la Luz, in Huelva. El Rompido hides a sand strip which gets into the Atlantic, very close to the mouth of Río Piedras and its marshes, especially ideal for resting far from the madding crowd. Pristine beach not very visited by tourists, even in summer high season. Perfect for a relaxing romantic getaway: there are several Adults Only hotels in El Rompido, at affordable price, with all types of special services for couples.

The most natural coast of Andalusia

For those thinking about organizing active tourism holidays for 2014, there is an economical destination with services for all types of travellers, which combines incredibly everything that a nature and marine lover could ask for. It is the famous Costa de la Luz, between Cadiz and Huelva.

These stunning coastal marshes, canals and infinite natural parks together with long sandy beaches, extend from La Linea de la Concepcion to Ayamonte passing by such well known areas as Tarifa, Zahara de los Atunes, Conil de La Frontera, San Fernando, Punta Umbria and Isla Canela.

Confortel Calas de Conil Hotel

Confortel Calas de Conil Hotel

Nature here has names that are well known throughout the world as some of the most beautiful areas of the planet.  This is the case of the Doñana National Park, with the spectacular canals of Guadiana and the mouth of one of the most important rivers in Spain, the Guadalquivir.

The Doñana park, declared as World Heritage by UNESCO, is perfect to visit at any time of the year, but it is in winter when you can appreciate the enormous number of aquatic birds living there. According to a study of the area, this number can reach around 200,000 each year with 300 different species.

With regard to other animals living in the park, we must highlight the Iberian lynx, a protected species, native to the area and considered to be one of the most at risk of disappearing from the planet. For some years, there has been a very successful breeding  plan for the Iberian lynx .

To visit the Doñana park, a good option is to reserve a hotel in La Barrosa, one of the most beautiful beaches of Chiclana de la Frontera, or a hotel in Punta Umbria, near to another outstanding natural park, Los Enebrales of Punta Umbria. This area is also a perfect place for an active family holiday because it offers many activities with children in Huelva and additionally is very near to the centre of the city.

A little further on, following the coast to Ayamonte, we find a paradise of sea and sand by the mouth of the river Piedras, the beach of El Rompido, one of the few extensive virgin sandy areas that remain in Spain.  This is the perfect destination for a romantic break and as a matter of fact in the surroundings can be found some of the best hotels for Adults Only in El Rompido, perfect with good prices.

Passing the marvellous marshes of the River Piedras, the nature of the Costa de la Luz offers us another singular place where it is essential to dedicate at least a morning, capturing with your camera the extraordinary lights and colours of this outstanding area.

These are the marshes of Isla Cristina, very near to the area of resorts in Isla Canela and hotels in Islantilla, but preserved from all human pressure.  The marshes are intact and full of life, but nearby to golf courses, leisure centres, the most beautiful beaches in Huelva and the charming villages such as Ayamonte.

Barcelo Punta Umbria Mar Hotel

Barcelo Punta Umbria Mar Hotel

To plan a journey to the Costa de la Luz is relatively easy because connections are good and the price of accommodation is within budget. It is also an interesting route for those with young children, thanks to the outside activities offered by the destination, combining beaches with natural landscapes where they can always learn something new about the environment.

Before leaving it is important to check out the events offered by the town halls and tourist offices of the towns and villages you will be visiting or where you will spend the night.  All have an ample offer of workshops, guided hiking trips, ecology courses etc. that can be the perfect complement.

As a starting point for this route along the Costa de la Luz, you could book the hotel in Calas de Conil Cadiz and follow the coast to the frontier with Portugal, spending at least one night in the places we have underlined.  This is it, the perfect plan for a week, next to nature, the sea and fun with the family.  Who’s up for it?




The first hotel in Islantilla

We begin September with a review of a very special hotel, an accommodation that was a milestone in the history of the municipality of Islantilla: the Confortel Islantilla Hotel was the first resort to be built in the area of ​​Costa de la Luz, where up to the 90s there was only fields, farming lands, private fincas and steep cliffs. The area, as a place of cultivation and farming, was not productive as the land was affected by the tides and the abrasive saline humidity. The alternative was to convert it into a residential area intended for quality tourism.

Hotel Confortel Islantilla en huelva

Hotel Confortel Islantilla en huelva

This is how a coastal town was configured, full of charm and a relaxed atmosphere, designed for those looking to relax and where the Confortel Islantilla Hotel led the concept of a modern and innovative hotel. Design spaces that are refurbished over the years and rooms with state of the art services.

The hotel is on the beach of Islantilla and offers beautiful views of the coast of Huelva, renown for the quality of its waters and the wide range of restaurants and entertainment that has developed in this small tourist resort located between Lepe and Isla Cristina. In fact, the golf course of Islantilla, 27 holes, was constructed at the same time as the hotel, circa 1992.

Hotel con spa Islantilla

Hotel con spa Islantilla

Some of the services, of the Confortel Islantilla Hotel, highly valued by its guests are the relaxing facilities and leisure options it provides, among which are the spa and the free WiFi. But, it has some other advantage over the rest of the hotels in the area: private parking, a full gym and heated swimming pool for the winter, since Islantilla is an interesting destination not only for a summer holiday.


Key points:

· Hotel with Spa in Islantilla

· Free Wifi and Internet Corner.

· Meeting rooms for events in Costa de la Luz.

· Mini club and activities for families.