Holidays in…Barcelona, Madrid or Sevilla


Today we are going to review most desirable destinations of 2016. We looked for urban, rural and beach tourism references to make our selection. Multiple offers and price advantages available now: early booking, Let’s go!

Let’s start by the capitals…You choose

Vacaciones en Barcelona


This city is always one of our favourite destinations, a must in our directory. We can enjoy the Catalan capital all year round thanks to its cultural offer. By the end of January, music lovers could organize a Barcelona city break to attend one of the few concerts performed in Spain by Foals, a trendy brand at the moment.

For those who enjoy art and design in a different way, there are also interesting plans the beginning of the year in Barcelona. For example, Macba offers a great experience to live with children. We are talking about Espacio Mutante, similar to Carlos Bunga work by Toni Hervàs. It is possible to admire the temporary exhibition of Nitrato de Xavier Ribas until 6th March.

In the list of accommodations for your Barcelona getaway, we included some perfect options for art lovers, such as Vincci Bit and Vincci Gala, both at affordable prices at the first months of the year. Also, central hotels like Catalonia Sagrada Familia or Catalonia Atenas, both in the area of Sagrada Familia. Not to mention Catalonia BCN Plaza, one of the trendiest hotels in 2016.  

Vacaciones en Madrid


From one capital to another, and city break approaching: Madrid will always be a good plan. The city offers all year round a wide range of leisure, relax and business options, which anyone could easily organize its tailor-made travel with. A plan that cannot be missed this January and February is visiting the city and tasting the typical cocido madrileño, eating some tapas, go drinking some beers and enjoying a play. Gastro-cultural escapes to Madrid are now more famous than ever because gastronomy is becoming increasingly important in the capital and stands out from the rest.

We must highlight some famous places like Mercado de San Miguel, the traditional tascas in Barrio de Las Letras or the must-see cavas, where we can find most of the modern tapas bars in the city.

Our accommodation proposal meets with our gourmet escape plan: gastronomic hotel IBEROSTAR Las Letras, in the heart of Gran Vía; Vincci Soho and Vincci Soma; the most exclusive Petit Palace as Embassy Serrano and Lealtad Plaza, or boutique hotels like Posada del Peine, the oldest in Madrid at Plaza Mayor, where you cannot miss tasting a delicious squid sandwich.
Vacaciones en Sevilla


This is the best moment to visit Sevilla, if you do not want to feel the so common hot flashes. Prepare your luggage, go out and feel this city’s magic. Madrid’s cultural agenda is full of great plans that you will love. Apart from tablaos, which are always the perfect choice to live the most authentic Sevilla and its music, you will have the possibility of seeing some exhibitions like Pedro de Campaña in the Museo de Bellas Artes; Pabellón de la Navegación -at Isla de la Cartuja- which comprises an interesting sample of Egyptian art called “Ramsés, rey de reyes” and, in its last days -closed on 24th January- we can see at Muelle de las Delicias the famous Terracota Army.

If you finally choose an escape in January, February and March, we suggest you to check  hotel Petit Palace Santa Cruz, hotel Marqués de Santa Ana and Canalejas Sevilla. You can enjoy free hotel services like free Wi-Fi at affordable prices in the centre of the city.


Top 5 hotels in Madrid for a city escape

Are you planning to visit Madrid? Will you come alone, with friends or a couple? Madrid has it all. Everything is settled, ready to make you enjoy the most the Capital. Well then, here we have some of the best hotels in Madrid to spend your time this September. Take notes. They deserve it.

Stay in a historical building in Madrid

Choose an accommodation that gives you a new experience, a place that goes beyond just resting. In order to do that we suggest you to book in the oldest hotel in Madrid: Posada del Peine. Located in the Major Square, small but warm, this 4 star hotel is a boutique hotel, it has an exclusive design integrated to the historical building, that has been there since Madrid was named Madrid, aside from that the location, right in the centre plus other services such as: free Wi-Fi in the entire hotel, bicycles to ride through Madrid included, bedroom computers, hydro massage shower make it worth.

Posada del Peine Hotel

Posada del Peine Hotel

Hotel with rooftop terrace and a panoramic view to the Gran Vía

A new incorporation to the hotel industry in the city, a design hotel in the Gran Vía with one of the best rooftop terraces of the centre of Madrid. Under the firm of IBEROSTAR, Las Letras hotel offers you varied experiences: author’s cuisine in its gourmet restaurant, bedrooms for all tastes (it even has bedrooms with a terrace Jacuzzi in the Gran Vía) gym, Wi-Fi, the privileged location, close to the Congress, next to Las Letras, where you can go on a traditional tapas night in Madrid.

Stay in the Madrid’s first skyscraper

Since we are on it, why not to choose a completely different accommodation? If you’re up to, we have you the very first skyscraper in Madrid turned into a hotel, located near the Seville metro, between the Gran Vía and the Puerta Del Sol. Beautifully designed, a 70’s atmosphere, and a vintage touch, a place you want to take pictures since every corner looks charming. Bedrooms are furnished, with free Wi-Fi and computers. A 4 star hotel that has very affordable prices in the centre of Madrid.

High class hotel at a very affordable prices

Madrid isn’t a very expensive city regarding accommodation. Thanks to the big quantity of hotels, hostels and apartments available in the capital, some hotels offer really good prices, without losing quality (4 star or even 5 star hotels downtown). One of these high class hotel with low prices is the Catalonia Las Cortes. Business style. With classic design full of history, a hotel built in a XVIII century palace with wide and comfortable halls, you will be treated as a king without spending fortunes.

Stay in the Capitol Cinema

Yes, as we suggest, you can stay in the emblematic Capitol cinema building, this hotel in Gran Vía in Madrid, furnished like a cinema and full iconic film details, under the firm of Vincci hotels, one of the most exclusive ones in Spain is an authentic jewel, with bedrooms decorated according the kind of cinema with a 4 star service in Madrid, it also has, like Las Letras hotel, a beautiful terraces where you can enjoy the view of the Gran Vía. It also has a bar, buffet breakfasts, free Wi-Fi, and more. Make a plan with your friends or your couple, and live a movie like experience.


Urban hotels: the Pinterest model

How many times have you been in a hotel and you couldn’t resist to upload a photo to Instagram because it was incredibly beautiful?  Many? So you are probably a traveller that prefer a hotel in the city, an urban tourist that have travelled a lot and is demanding. Yes, a Pinterest model that appreciate design, architecture, spaces, décor details, daily art, the magic of those places where you always leave a trace.

Pinterest is one of the social networks with fastest growing and, despite the years, it has not lose an inch of interest from its users, gaining always more followers, collecting some of the best images in the world in terms of interior design, architecture, fashion and decoration. Pinterest has created its own style: crystalline, bright, full of attractive details, small touches of craftsmanship coexist with the most frenzied technology and modernity. Colours, forms, textures…

The Pinterest model is the model that prevails in shops, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels from all over the world.  First Ikea with its Nordic taste. Now this style between hipster, naif and minimal. When you arrive to a hotel perfectly decorated and designed according to the basic canons of this social network, it is almost irresistible to share that detail that captivate us with the rest of our followers. It is impossible. It is necessary.

Hotels know this and have seen it. The coffee shop recently renovated, investing in decoration, in furniture and curtains. The coffee shop full of visitors, although coffee is more expensive. Well, it is the same with accommodations.  As we have previously mentioned, this is more usual in urban hotels, not only because the tendency has been implemented before, but because coastal and beach hotels are always fighting with the beauty of the surrounding landscape: the sea that captivate everyone. Besides, it is not easy to transfer the Pinterest design to traditional beach resorts, where tropical model still prevails. Now, we must bear in mind that this is what many of their visitors are looking for.

This is different in cities. That design and décor invites and evoke experiences. It offers an extra benefit to guests, a differential touch that leads them to share, to think: I want everyone to see this incredible hotel where I am. We are not talking about services or about the deep details, we are talking about the superficial, the image. It is true that the image without a good service is not useful at all.  But we must also recognise that those who are investing in this type of design hotels are doing it really well.

Searching in portfolios, we have found some Catalonia Hotels: design hotels in Barcelona, some of them are business hotels; hotels in the centre of Barcelona offering fashionable services such as rooftop pool, Japanese restaurant, gym, spa, beauty salon… Everything in one accommodation (in this case, Catalonia Barcelona Plaza). More examples: Catalonia Sagrada Familia and Catalonia Ramblas.

We cannot forget Petit Palace: hotels such as Museum Barcelona are a treasure not only of the Pinterest model (it is impossible not to share the beauty of its spaces) but also of the Barcelona’s modernism, since this hotel is situated in the old Garriga Nogués house, one step away from Ciutat Vella. But in Madrid is where we find the most outstanding ones: the emblematic Posada del Peine, with an exquisite refurbishment; Art Gallery or Embassy Serrano can fill the Instagram gallery of any self-respecting traveller.

Even hotels with a lower category such a modern hostels (Generator Hostel in Barcelona, for example) are joining this fashion. And they are even competing with really affordable prices. Big chains of beach resorts are beginning to apply this tendency: IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has just opened this year a renovated and charming hotel in La Gran Vía, next to Barrio de los Poetas, following this trend: IBEROSTAR Las Letras, with a rooftop where you can contemplate the centre of Madrid.

Some may think this is a passing fashion or a simple detail, but in our opinion this is an extra benefit you should appreciate. And it is on the rise.

The latest in accommodation… on the other side of the pond

All resorts in the Caribbean seem to be the same. All hotels can give this impression at the time of booking… But then, when you arrive and see it, when you try it and experience it, you discover that not all are the same and that sometimes, we should research, invest more, or at least, invest well. By way of example, we have here a list with some of the last novelties in beach resorts and urban hotels in Latin America making a positive and satisfactory difference even for the most demanding ones.

Catalonia Hotels

With their Bávaro Hotel and beach resort in Riviera Maya, Catalonia is one the Spanish chains investing in more modern and complete accommodation in strong tourism destinations in the Caribbean. México and Dominican Republic are still a benchmark for relaxing holidays and both hotels’ concept coincides with this line: rooms and villas on the seaside, surrounded by lagoons, swimming pools and tropical gardens, up-to-date gourmet gastronomy services, innovative entertainment options and spa.

They offer prices from $130 per night in a double room and special services for weddings and events, for both private celebrations and incentive travels.

Olé Hotels

This new line of family beach resorts in Tenerife, Ibiza and Lanzarote have also arrived to the Caribbean with a complete and renovated hotel in Cayo Largo, Cuba. Without losing its traditional charm, with architecture typical of the island, this resort is situated on the seashore, very close to famous beaches such as Playa Sirena, Playa Luna or Punta Mal Tiempo.

Olé Playa Blanca Resort stands out for being very similar to a Cuban fishing village with 4-star services: spa and wellness centres, huge swimming pools next to the beach, lush gardens, innovative All-inclusive service, yoga and Tai Chi courses… Very affordable prices, like the Olé Hotels in Spain.

Dann Hotels

If don’t want to go to the Caribbean, but you want to discover some of the most interesting countries in Latin America, our recommendation is to visit Bogotá, Colombia. There you will enjoy the capital atmosphere of a dynamic city full of projects, culture and traditions.  The most outstanding and innovative accommodation is offered by one of the most emblematic hotel chains in the country.  Dann Hotels, with more than 50 years working, they boasts urban and holiday hotels in the main tourist places of Colombia.

The best hotels are situated in the centre of the capital, in the most exclusive areas: Dann Avenida 19, Casa Dann Carlton or Dann Norte Bogotá. 4-star hotels and deluxe hotels. All of them have an attractive price-quality relationship. Ideal for a quiet and safe trip. Outside Bogotá, one of their most outstanding hotels is in Ibagué, and outside the country, Dann Carlton Quito, in Ecuador.


Catalonia, an avant-garde hotel

Catalonia hotels made an all or nothing bet to the hotel industry: the future is now, and guaranteeing a renewing experience that goes far beyond the simple comfort and rest is mandatory. To succeed, each place has to stand out, create its own identity, but without losing the common thread and hotel chain portfolio. A defined line of work recognisable wherever it is.

This work philosophy might look very simple, but it’s actually a very detailed and complex system, supported by a large investment and an attentive and excellence taste. We’re not talking about 5 star hotels but 3 and 4 star hotels located from the most crowded urban areas to the usual touristic areas in holiday.

Some examples of this new concept are the emblematic hotels in Barcelona from Catalonia hotel chain, that offer and specialized service, with a distinguishing ambient, which varies in each hotel but with all the attractions of every location, with more services, and more free amenities, (Wi-Fi, breakfast, welcome gifts) creating full packages for each specific guest (businessman, youth, couples, group of friends, family, athlete, etc.)

The first thing you notice when you’re in a Catalonia hotel is the avant-garde taste, then you see the well maintained facility in both the private and common areas, offering the opportunity to enjoy an accommodation with a dreaming decoration that we all would love to have home.

Hotels like the Catalonia Atenas, the Catalonia Las Cortes or the Catalonia Sagrada Familia, will surprise you for they furniture care, they all have the avant-garde line of design, with modern style, and sometimes minimalistic, sometimes combined with baroque details or different styles that make them unique, far from those sad poorly designed hotels that look like an Ikea magazine.

It might surprise you that this avant-garde taste leaded them across the sea, creating two incredible resorts in Riviera Maya and Bávaro, some of the most care designed in the Caribbean. They services and facilities are excellent, despite not being deluxe resorts, nor the larger ones in the touristic area, they are starting a new wave away from the traditional Caribbean resorts, creating a beach hotel with good taste and art style, but the best of it is that it doesn’t take the tradition, and essence of the destination.


The best season to visit Barcelona has begun

Barcelona in May, is a luxury, and those who ever made a reservation during spring in this Mediterranean capital know it. The design, fashion and trend city shines radiantly this time of the year, when the heat rises and the sun can be enjoyed since morning.

So if you’re able to extend your stay a few days from the weekend, we recommend you a short trip to Barcelona and enjoy every single thing. In order to do that we have a tip list to enjoy it the most, keep reading and take notes.

1)    Accommodation in Barcelona. First of all, start right away to look for a hotel in Barcelona, an Airbnb accommodation or a hostel, since the accommodation is very crowded on this month thanks to the events (festivals, fairs, concerts, etc) and the prices will rise along with the market demand until June.

You already read our advices like a million times: book in a hotel in the centre of Barcelona if you have the chance. You really don’t need a car to move in the city, unless you want to know some towns from the Barcelona’s coast. The public transportation is perfect to move around the capital and it save you money and time.

Some of the featured hotels in Barcelona are in the Ramblas and Boquería zone, at the beginning of Eixample y Gràcia. However, another option would be opt for hotels in Plaza de las Glorias, the Pobre Now, and near Forum since they’re more affordable.

Prices may not be cheap, Barcelona is an expensive city, even more than Madrid, at least in accommodation, but the quality services are excellent, a high level service.

2)    Interesting routes. Besides Borne, the Gótico, the modern routes, the commercial areas and the best tapas y tascas zone, Barcelona has a variety of alternative touristic routes that you shouldn’t miss. The GoBcn offers us different activities, such as the hidden Raval route or the hidden Gracia, that will change the way you see this peculiar neighbourhood in Barcelona. This tours usually cost around 14 euros per person, they are in the morning and includes a vermouth and aperitifs. The web Turisme,is the entity that promotes the city tourism. You also have the opportunity to know the centre of Barcelona, both the classical and the modern areas, one of them is the Contemporary Barcelona which makes an itinerary of the city through its architecture from the xx to the xxI century.

3)    Downtown tapas Barcelona has thousands of excellent places to go and have some tapas and fresh cañas right in the centre of the city. The atmosphere in both the street and the buildings will captivate you, we recommend the Quimet I Quimet, the Esquinica (typical aragonese cuisine), the vermouth in the Xampanyet, the best cañas in El Vaso de Oro, the unique environment in the Gata mala and the unmissable San José Market (Boquería)

4)  Music and more music. May is the month of music in Barcelona, with international concerts with the best bands such as AC/DC, and to end the spring we will have the Primavera sound with the best independent groups nowadays, an excuse to come to the city and enjoy with your friends.