Gastronomic centers in Tenerife for an Autumn break

Although we all agree that Summer is the best season to travel so that we can be assured of having good weather (at least an 80% chance), this statement isn’t the case if Tenerife is your chosen destination.

With mild weather all year round and with a level of tourism that goes down considerably in the Autumn and Winter months, the Canaries are perfectly ideal for three or four day getaways with the aim of escaping the cold.

Once the destination is chosen, it is time to start making plans that will make your stay unforgettable. Yes, we know … The beaches are there and we all know that going to the Canaries and not going to any of its beaches is rather like not having been there; however, the lucky islands offer visitors lots of alternative ideas that are worth trying, especially in this season. For example why not try visiting one of the most outstanding ‘shrines’ to gourmet food in Tenerife.

bodega en Tenerife

A good starting point is to taste some of the wines of the land and what better way to enjoy them to the maximum than with a visit to the Island’s main wineries. Wineries such as Frontos or El Lobo that offer travelers a tour with tasting included. Without a doubt, this idea can be recommended.

Since a glass of wine is perfect to get your appetite going, from Hotels and Destinations we suggest you make an obligatory stop at one of the best restaurants on the island: the Papa Negra restaurant.

This is a restaurant located in the impressive IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey in which to try some of the land’s most special delicacies presented with an exotic and avant-garde touch. Although in low season it is easier to get a good table, it is best to book in advance.

Lastly, and since more and more people love cookery and spending hours in the kitchen, no traveler with cooking skills should return to his/her routine without having passed through Mencey’s cookery classroom, a place that offers cooking courses in Tenerife taught by expert chefs.

Ole Hotels, the perfect option for a family vacation in the Canary and Balearic Islands.

Travelling with your couple or friends is very different to travelling with your family and children. Although travelling with your family is a unique experience (especially if your children are between 5 and 10 years old), the experience might turn an authentic drama if you do not book the perfect hotel in advance, the one that covers all your needs and ensures a safe and comfortable stay.

There are just as many types of hotels as there are families. While in destinations like Seville or Malaga you can choose hotels with half board plan, the best option in other areas of the Spanish geography like the Canary or Balearic Islands is the All Inclusive service offered by chains like Ole Hotels. A chain with experience and many good reviews regarding the services it offers. Its best advantage? Its excellent quality/price ratio and the location of its hotels.

Olé Hotels

Olé Hotels


Are you looking for your All Inclusive hotel in the Canary and Balearic Islands?

Although Ole Hotels has All Inclusive hotels in different areas of our country, the ones in the Canary and Balearic Islands deserve a special mention for their quality, good reviews and good price also in high season. Which is our selection of hotels of this chain for this summer month?

  • Olé Galeón Ibiza

Apart from being one of the most beautiful destinations of our country (for its hippy ambiance and its wide leisure offer for the whole family), Ibiza hosts one of the All Inclusive reference establishments of the island: the Olé Galeon Ibiza. This hotel located at the shores of the emblematic Puerto de San Miguel is perfect for an unforgettable family vacation.

It is located in a natural setting and offers an excellent gastronomic service. In addition, it features an area for children and children’s entertainment offered by a professional staff. And for adults? Its chill out areas or its exclusive solarium with views.

  • Olé Galeón Tenerife

The best option for those who prefer to spend their holidays in the Atlantic ocean is Tenerife, a destination full of natural gems perfect for a family vacation. It has fabulous All Inclusive hotels like the Olé Tropical Tenerife, a charming accommodation located less than 500 metres away from Troya beach.

The hotel offers modern facilities and a good gastronomic service, and it is perfect for parents looking for safe areas for children.

  • Olé Olivina Lanzarote

If you want to enjoy a summer family holiday far away from mass tourism areas, Lanzarote is your best option, a volcanic island with the essence of the Canary Islands and with thousand plans for the most adventurous families.
Although there are many All Inclusive hotels in the island, only the Olé Olivina Lanzarote has its own volcanic garden and a surface of more than 5000 metres devoted to the entertainment of adults and children. In addition, the hotel has an excellent location 200 metres away from Porcillos beach which makes it one of the most popular hotels of the area.

Give experiences, give a trip this Christmas

Christmas season is ending and many are those who are still thinking of what to give their loved ones. For many of us, that means stress.  We all know that it’s not always easy to find the perfect gift. One of the latest gift-giving trends is giving experiences. Adventure activities, wine cellars tours, escapades to wellness centres… options are endless. One of them… giving a trip.

Travelling is a unique experience. Almost everyone loves to travel and for that reason giving a trip is a safe bet. Surely your loved one will never forget this gift. And if you want an even more special experience, we suggest you to choose a luxury hotel. Of course, these hotels are not for all budgets, but if it is a special occasion, it is worth it.

Iberostar Grand Hotel Salomé

Iberostar Grand Hotel Salomé

As for the destination, it depends on your preferences, but now that winter and cold are coming, it would be fantastic to travel to a warm destination such as the Canary Islands.

If you opt, for example, for a 5-star hotel in the south of Tenerife, you will have the possibility of enjoying the beach the Canary sun, accompanied by the exclusive services that only a luxury hotel can offers you.

You can also opt for an Adults Only, 5-star hotel in Tenerife if, besides a wonderful destination, you want to enjoy a quiet and pleasant accommodation.

If you prefer a more exotic destination, you can consider a trip to Cuba, where you will not only enjoy the good temperatures, but also such a special and peculiar country as Cuba is.

We propose you to see a 5-star hotel in the centre of Trinidad, also known as Cuba’s museum city and declared World Heritage Site by the UNESCO. There you will know the essence of Cuba and its delicious gastronomy.

And if your loved one prefer cold places, you can also choose a 5-star hotel in Budapest to enjoy a wonderful getaway. The capital of Hungary is always a good option to visit and give.

The Coast of Playa Blanca

The coast of Playa Blanca, in Lanzarote, is one of those magical places that welcome you to a journey far from any borders. Its volcanic landscape, protected by the declaration as a Biosphere Reserve Park, as well as its spectacular ocean, provide a range of colours and contrasts that surprise visitors time after time, even to the most experienced traveller.

Playa Blanca is a very appreciated tourist destination around the world, specially in Europe, for its unique beauty, the tranquillity of its ambience and its exceptional climate all year round. It is one of the most valued destinations for a relaxing trip during the autumn and winter months, as communications with this part of Lanzarote are comfortable and the possibilities for leisure and rest are infinite.

Apartments in Lanzarote

Apartments in Lanzarote

Large beaches and small rocky coves make up this Atlantic coast, different to all those that can be found in the Canary Islands, including cliffs off volcanic stones, black, dark and red colours that merge with the intense blue of the Atlantic Ocean that slide over the water, turning into fine white sand. A paradise for the senses where the sound of the waves propose a halo of perpetual tranquillity.

Less pronounced coasts link with vertiginous cliffs and coves that open to the traveller, like small oasis where to rest for hours, far away from civilization. Playa Blanca is perfect to defy routine and recover from the stress of the large cities. Ideal for a long weekend after weeks of hard work or to enjoy 10 days of well being and relaxation.

Villas Coral Deluxe

Villas Coral Deluxe

The accommodations in Playa Blanca connect with this peaceful spirit that reigns in every corner of the island, even in the most lively towns of the coast of Yaiza, known for its attractive parties, striking traditions and folklore. To stay in this coast of Lanzarote, there are different options to choose from, from luxury villas in Playa Blanca, at the foot of this stunning volcano of Montaña Roja, to a quiet hotel in Yaiza, or some family apartments.

Travelling is also very comfortable and versatile, as the roads connect the whole island and they provide routes to the most interesting and famous places in Lanzarote. The connection of Playa Blanca with the islands airport is easy, as well as with the capital of the island.