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The Nit de l’Art in Palma, the night of art, is an event typifying Majorcathat is organized in the capital and that surprises everyone who attends. Celebrated for more than 20 years, this night pays homage to culture through the work of artists of all kinds who strive to fill the city with exhibitions of paintings, sculptures and crafts and to put on theatrical, poetic and musical performances. As a family it’s a great way to get to know an alternative side of the island that not everyone who visits has the pleasure of knowing.

On September 22, the city of Palma becomes the scene of a large number of artistic exhibitions. From early in the afternoon to the early hours of the morning, the capital becomes a canvas for a continuous display for all ages. From storytelling and children’s shows, to personal performances in individual lounges, paintings, poetry in the street, sculptures, dances and small plays that are performed in the squares and bars of Palma.

Sol Hotels would like to recommend some of the best areas of the city to enjoy this great cultural display that highlights the need to recognize the work that artists carry out to create the Majorcan cultural identity. The areas of Escorxador, and calle Blanquerna are reserved for artistic performances that can be group or individual, depending on the type of show that the artist is putting on. Exhibitions of painting and sculpture are reserved for the Plaza Mayor, which also hosts music concerts and some photographic exhibitions. The Paseo del Borne is reserved for theatre, dance and music groups while the Jaume III and Paseo Majorca areas host dance performances and exhibitions. Finally, the calle de Las Ramblas is usually reserved for a craft market where typical products and Majorcan crafts are available.

During the ‘Nit de l’Art’ the museums open their doors, allowing the public free entry to the works that they regularly exhibit. This event is also an excellent opportunity to try Majorcan food such as coca de trempó (cod and spicy sausage), ensaimada (cream cakes), tumbet (roast vegetables), frito mallorquin (fried meat and vegetables) and sausages, among many other dishes. Come to the ‘Nit de l’Art’ in Palma and choose Sol Resorts to enjoy a relaxing experience full of comfort and fun in our private theme park Sol Katmandu Park. Majorca knows all about the best family holidays.

Plans for 2 in Playa Jandía

We have spoken on many occasions about Playa Jandía as one of the booming destinations for those traveling with family, but we have always overlooked something very representative of this Canary paradise: the southern tip of Fuerteventura is an ideal oasis to forget the routine, to flee from the office, bosses, the work… Goodbye to responsibility. Welcome to the corner of the planet where you will only have to worry about which beach you want to roast in the sun on.

Playa Jandía, integrated in the municipality of Pájara, is one of the most welcoming and quiet tourist areas of Fuerteventura. While it’s true that you breathe in an increasingly familiar atmosphere, you should remember that Playa Jandía, and especially its famous Playa del Matorral, have been for decades romantic refuges for couple’s getaways.

Playa Jandía, Fuerteventura

Morro Jable, which is the town with more local life around it, brings you that livelier side, vibrant and festive, thanks to its taverns, terraces by the sea and places to have a drink in the sun while sharing an unforgettable moment at sunset. In its weekly activities, Morro Jable includes multiple activities where the visitor can join in. A must-see is one of its traditional markets, where you can find all kinds of native products, as well as artisan crafts and accessories for all tastes.

But, if your idea of a romantic getaway is to be both alone on a spectacular beach… don’t miss Cofete. Hidden behind some of the beautiful hills of the Jandía Natural Park, on the other side of the Matorral beach and Morro Jable, is the wonderful Cofete beach. What you should know though is that you should be aware of the tides. The Atlantic is not the Mediterranean and its tides and currents must be understood, and enjoyed with respect: at Cofete there’s a point where the tide goes up high enough to isolate you on one side of the beach, preventing you from being able to go back. So, enjoy your peace and beauty, but don’t get too distracted.

For accommodation, you should consider the possibility of looking at a suite or a slightly special or original room in one of the 3 and 4-star hotels in the area. The 5-stars are terrific, but they run high in price, while the 4-stars are more reasonable. As an example, you’ll see that right next to El Matorral beach you have 3 Iberostar options, a brand known in the sector to always provide guarantees: the IBEROSTAR Fuerteventura Palace, the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas, and its neighbor the IBEROSTAR Playa Gaviotas Park. The first of the 3 is the one most oriented to couples and romantic getaways specifically.

If you prefer to stay in the area of ​​Esquinzo, you will also find complete hotels, and also hostels and apartments that are quite affordable. In Costa Calma, a little more towards Puerto del Rosario already, there are some key accommodations like the H10 hotels, a chain that has several locations on this Pájara coast and that are well rated for their service, cleaning and attention.

Are you hunting high and low for summer holiday destinations?

A new calendar month is around the corner, the month of January is heading for its place at the end of the line and yes… it’s still cold, but it’s a different kind of cold and there’s a lot more sun. You’ve already noticed how the days are getting longer and how those months leading up to summer are approaching, and this is when it’s time to choose a travel destination – to enjoy your holiday in a well-researched location and at the best available price.

Early Booking is becoming increasingly popular, and a majority of destinations compete with each other, presenting interesting offers for leisure and relax. We’ll suggest three of them this month, three that never fail: Ibiza, Tenerife and Mallorca. It does sound good, doesn’t it?


Iberostar Santa Eulalia

Iberostar Santa Eulalia


Ibiza, the island that never sleeps

Couples, families, singles and groups of friends, there is room for all here on the white island of Ibiza. Known for its beaches and summer nights partying until dawn, the Balearic island has other places to offer that exist side-by-side with this bustling, frenetic lifestyle. Locations such as Santa Agnes or Santa Eulalia del Río where you can experience the real Ibiza. Also, finding a good hotel in Santa Eulalia, Ibiza is relatively easy since there are many who have chosen this area for their headquarters.

From enjoying golden sunsets to strolling along the nature trails, the truth is that this  destination always leaves you with a nice feeling inside, a feeling that this is a place you’ll always want to return to. The best month to enjoy it as it ought to be enjoyed? May, June, the first weeks in July and September.

Tenerife, a passion for everything natural

Territory of the Teide: Tenerife is a place where nature and authenticity is waiting around every corner and at every beach, which is why choosing it as a holiday destination is a winning idea. For those looking for peace and quiet nothing could be better than choosing a hotel in the south of Tenerife, one of the areas preferred by families who want to relax rather than go partying until dawn.

The good thing about the Canary Islands is that thanks to their lovely climate you can visit them all year round, so don’t hesitate to spoil yourself with a getaway during these months if what you’re looking for is getting away from the routine.

Mallorca, the perfect destination

Mallorca is beautiful, we know that for a fact. But there’s something else about it too: Mallorca is a destination that has it all… It’s the perfect place, in the perfect location and with a perfect climate where it’s never too cold or too hot. The Mediterranean in its purest state with landscapes that look like they’ve been created by some world-famous artist.

The areas in the south of the island (such as Playa de Palma) are mostly frequented by younger travellers and the north of Mallorca is the ideal option for those looking for a quiet holiday as a family in one of the many hotels in Alcudia. Just like Ibiza, the best months to visit the island without too much hustle and bustle are May, June, the first weeks of July and September.


Tenerife: a destination to learn cooking

Tenerife is the most well-known island in the Canary Islands and especially its gastronomy. 5 restaurants which were awarded Premio Michelin, one of the highest culinary distinction award, are located in Tenerife. There’s no place with such a high culinary distinction and prestige.

Tenerife has beautiful beaches, monumental mountains and running and hiking places, but it’s also one of the best gastronomic destinations, where it is possible to make a career in cooking and study culinary higher education.

An island with a delicious historical background

The best culinary secrets in Tenerife are found on their lands, which always have been really profitable for all the people from Tenerife. It’s a fertile ground where potatoes, bananas and lots of vegetables have been grown for more than 400 years.  Honey and cheese are also world-famous in Tenerife, and villagers worked hard to obtain the perfect flavours.

gourmet restaurant in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

gourmet restaurant in Santa Cruz, Tenerife

Gastronomic hotel Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey

Santa Cruz, Tenerife, and the Canary Islands are well-recognized since the 50’s.  After decades of effort,  illustrious guests came and tasted its delicious food, now a gastronomic icon in the city.  In fact, it’s a gastronomic icon thanks to a culinary classroom which offers guests a tasting menu and cooking courses at themed kitchens.

Culinary school in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

La Cocina del Mencey is responsible for training the new generation of chefs in Tenerife. It also offers courses for visitors and people who want to start a career as a chef: European haute cuisine courses, intensive exotic, Indian or Japanese food courses and Spanish and local cuisine courses.  Whether you want to learn cooking to make a culinary career or to surprise someone, The Mencey Cookery Classroom is the perfect place for you. You will learn to prepare a wide range of difficult drinks and cocktails in a unique destination.

April’s latest news for Mencey’s Cookery Classroom

Welcome once more to the latest news of the Mencey’s Cookery Classroom for this month of April. Spring is here and with it, the desire to go out and enjoy the outdoors, terraces, the company of friends and family, the sunshine and endless proposals that good weather brings.

For this month of April, both the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey and its Cookery Classroom introduce a number of new features that will delight those who come to this resort in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The first novelty involves a new service offered by this luxury hotel, Mencey’s SPRUNCH. The Sprunch is a new concept that combines the services of the Spa and the Brunch service that is already available on the weekends. Mencey’s Sprunch will be available every Sunday of the month, making it the perfect alternative to enjoy with your partner, group of friends and family. This package includes 90 minutes in the water circuit of the SPA, as well as tasting the delicious Gourmet Brunch menu, served from 11.00 am to 14.00pm. The price per person is only 35€, making it an unbeatable offer.

Gastronomic hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Gastronomic hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

There is one more news regarding the SPA Sensations, is its special promotion for the month of April. The Spa centre of the Grand Mencey Hotel has launched two irresistible beauty and wellness offers. The first includes 90 minutes in the water circuit of the SPA, as well as a full body exfoliation and massage, with a single price of 69 €. The second offer is the Cleopatra hydro-massage and the Shirochampi massage for just 49 €.

The following 26th of April, all members of Mencey’s SPA & Sport Center are invited to participate in a day of hiking organized by the group “Patea tusmontes”.

Other news related to sports, is the celebration of Mencey’s Padel Tournament. The event will take place from the 17th of April to the 2ndof May, with a maximum participation of 100 athletes in the male, female and mixed categories. The cost per participant is 20 €.

Literary Madrid

It is one of the hearts of Madrid, one of those places where time and space have stopped, where the most authentic essence of the capital is preserved, its art, history and the pages written by some of the most representative Spanish authors.  Dotted with traditional bars, it is arranged in around ten small streets with names of mythical poets and writers that lived and stayed in this area of Madrid close to La Gran Vía and Congress of Deputies.

 Panorama of La Gran Vía in Madrid

El Barrio de Las Letras comprises Calle de la Cruz Jacinto Benavente Street, the emblematic Paseo del Prado, Atocha and the mythical Carrera de San Jerónimo. There are situated historical places such as Plaza del Ángel, Quevedo street and a bar with the same name, one of the must do tapas tours in Madrid, Huertas street and the pleasant Santa Ana square, perfect to have an aperitif in the terraces under the winter sun of Madrid.

The name of this neighbourhood is recent, but its origin is ancient. In a certain way, it is a tribute to one of the golden ages of the Spanish literature, specifically to Madrid throughout the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. In these years, El Barrio de Las Letras in Madrid boasted so illustrious neighbours such as Quevedo, Cervantes, Lope and Góngora. Streets such as Calle del Mentidero -whose name comes from El Mentidero de los cómicos (The comedy club)-  Calle de Francos or the before mentioned Calle de la Cruz were places full of poetry, theatre, comedy and prose.

Nowadays, it is possible to walk around its streets and enjoy some of the traces of that time: the House-Museum of Lope de Vega, Convent of las Monjas Trinitarias Descalzas, San Sebastián Church… It is clear that not very much has been preserved, but the spirit is present in every corner and these street are still a must visit in Madrid.

The best option to know in depth El Barrio de Las Letras in Madrid is to book a hotel in La Gran Vía, close to Cibeles and Paseo del Prado. Your will be one step away from Puerta del Sol and Callao, and right next to the Golden Triangle of Art, La Latina and near to Lavapiés. The prices in this area are really affordable if you consider the price-quality relationship. Additionally, there is a wide range of alternatives, from guest houses for short and affordable trips to 3, 4 and 5 star hotels which are an authentic luxury. Here is a short list for those who are planning to escape to Madrid in these winter or spring months:

●       Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII

●       Iberostar De Las Letras

●       Petit Palace Art Gallery

●       Catalonia Las Cortes

●       Petit Palace Cliper Gran Vía

●       Posada del Peine


The new cooking courses at the Mencey’s Cookery Classroom

September begins with in full glory at Mencey’s Cookery Classroom, after a summer filled with news and special nights in this idyllic setting. The IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey Hotel is one of the most prestigious gastronomic hotels, with a long gastronomic tradition in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Her cooking classes, many of which are gourmet courses in Tenerife with internationally renowned chefs offer you the chance to become a real chef for a few hours.

On Thursday the 18th of September, the first cooking course of the season was held, and was centred around the “hot and cold around Appetizers served around the table“. This cooking course is designed to surprise family and friends in our homes, with some extremely creative appetitive and appetizers, very easy to prepare, and will definitely delight our guests. Some of the recipes that will be prepared include a Smith ham roll, Caesar salad snack, cauliflower pure with a crispy prawns and red fruits sauce.

Cooking lessons at Mencey's Cookery Classroom

The Cocktail Bar Iballa will continue to offer during the month of September the emblematic nights of the Mencey Lounge. The Mencey Lounge combines the best culinary proposals and the best live music, in a unique and incomparable space. Come and enjoy a perfect night at the Mencey!
On the Friday the 19th of September, the Mencey Lounge will offer a selection of gourmet tapas and pintxos, including mini Spanish avocado omelettes and tuna, fried morcillas with caramelized onions…


On Friday 26th of September, the nights of the Mencey Lounge will surprise you with a delicious sushi and a wide selection of hot and cold snacks. The selection of tapas will be paired with local and national wines, and of course, the delicious and exotic cocktails from our bar.

One final announcement to make, the following month of October there will be a special guest, Begoña Rodriguez, the winner of the TV show Top Chef 2013. Guests will be able to enjoy a degustation menu with many surprises…