Gastronomic centers in Tenerife for an Autumn break

Although we all agree that Summer is the best season to travel so that we can be assured of having good weather (at least an 80% chance), this statement isn’t the case if Tenerife is your chosen destination.

With mild weather all year round and with a level of tourism that goes down considerably in the Autumn and Winter months, the Canaries are perfectly ideal for three or four day getaways with the aim of escaping the cold.

Once the destination is chosen, it is time to start making plans that will make your stay unforgettable. Yes, we know … The beaches are there and we all know that going to the Canaries and not going to any of its beaches is rather like not having been there; however, the lucky islands offer visitors lots of alternative ideas that are worth trying, especially in this season. For example why not try visiting one of the most outstanding ‘shrines’ to gourmet food in Tenerife.

bodega en Tenerife

A good starting point is to taste some of the wines of the land and what better way to enjoy them to the maximum than with a visit to the Island’s main wineries. Wineries such as Frontos or El Lobo that offer travelers a tour with tasting included. Without a doubt, this idea can be recommended.

Since a glass of wine is perfect to get your appetite going, from Hotels and Destinations we suggest you make an obligatory stop at one of the best restaurants on the island: the Papa Negra restaurant.

This is a restaurant located in the impressive IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey in which to try some of the land’s most special delicacies presented with an exotic and avant-garde touch. Although in low season it is easier to get a good table, it is best to book in advance.

Lastly, and since more and more people love cookery and spending hours in the kitchen, no traveler with cooking skills should return to his/her routine without having passed through Mencey’s cookery classroom, a place that offers cooking courses in Tenerife taught by expert chefs.

Hotel restaurants: Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa

Restaurants of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa invite guests to enjoy a unique experience in Dubai due to their varied offer of delicious dishes. Guests senses make a tour around the world through the appetising and tasty recipes with the personal touch of the chef.

Indian, Mediterranean, Egyptian, Thai, Chinese and other international cuisine, specialties and signature dishes are the items which give this resort the edge.

The Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa hosts the following restaurants and bars:

Mumtaz Mahal Restaurant

Specialized in Indian cuisine, this restaurant has won many awards.

It serves North West and Mughlai dishes using traditional ingredients.

Clients are both nationals and tourists.

Decoration: Indian style, colourful, comfortable furniture, handicraft, wood.

Live shows and performances of traditional songs and dancings.

Silk Route Chinese & Thai Restaurant

Serving the most famous and traditional dishes of Chinese and Thai cuisine.

Live show cooking.

Pharaoh Café & Restaurant

This is a museum restaurant of both Mediterranean and Egyptian cuisine.

Specialties such as camel burger.

Vegetarians and vegans will love it.

Drinks: beers, cocktails, spirits and wines.

VIP Lounge

Located in the Executive Floor and included in the grand suite and the executive rooms bookings.

Private and exclusive ambience.

Daily buffet breakfast.

Happy Hours from 06:30 to 08:30 pm offering canapés, aperitifs and alcoholic beverages.

Executive boardroom at extra charge.

Ahlan Lounge

Ideal for a quick break between meetings.

Salads, juices, sandwiches, coffee and tea.

Sherlock Holmes English Pub

Themed decoration which takes guests back to English heritage.

Perfect for relaxing after a hard day of work or a leisure day in Dubai.

Live music with a band.

Those who want to enjoy a gourmet experience in Dubai may come to any of the restaurants of the Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa. They are open to both locals and tourists so everyone will find his place.
If you want to have a look to the assorted menus, make a reservation or simply you need additional information about the restaurants and bars, visit the hotel official website.


What to eat in Budapest?

This post is dedicated to gourmet lovers wherever they travel. Those adventurous palates willing to taste everything and experiencing new flavours and typical dishes even in places hidden to tourists. Those who want to live their holidays to the fullest. Particularly, we dedicate it to those travelling to Hungary this summer and dying for an accommodation in Budapest. Here’s a piece of the best Hungarian gastronomy to pamper your palates.

You cannot leave Hungary without tasting a good Goulash. This is the most international dish and one of the most delicious stews you can taste in the world. It’s only suitable for meat-eaters and those who like spicy food. Although it’s not too greasy, it’s really hearty so you will feel full easily. There are many places where you can taste it, but if you are an expert gourmet, you must try Hungarikum Bistro or visit Grand Hotel Budapest restaurant , where this dish is excellent. Stay at least one night in this hotel in the centre of Hungary’s capital: its rooms in Budapest are amazing and this hotel also includes one of the best Spa centres in Budapest.

Borkakas Restaurant, Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest

Borkakas Restaurant, Iberostar Grand Hotel Budapest

There’s nothing better than Hungarian rices…. Are you surprised? Not just in Valencia know about rice. Rice tradition in Budapest is long-standing and they create great dishes with this ingredient, such as rice and meat balls accompanied by tejföl, chicken with rice and paprika, the colourful rice salad (includes yellow rice) with pepper, raisins, dried tomatoes, parsley; Hungarian style rice with mussels…

Everything cooked with…tejföl (bitter cream essential in the typical Hungarian sauces) is worth tasting. Its intensive and delicious flavour combines with everything -meat, fish or vegetables- and it’s the perfect garnish for the traditional Hungarian gnocchi, which are smaller than the italian ones.


Spend your Halloween night in La Cocina del Mencey

If you’re looking for a plan in Halloween we want to give you an option that you may find hard to resist, spend a terrifying night in La Cocina del Mencey tasting its delicious menu specially made for the evening, you’ll be delighted by dishes such as Tuna coffin in darkness or Vampire blood frappe.

has joined to the many hotels and restaurants that organize theme evening activities to celebrate on October 31, coinciding with all Saints day.

Halloween Night, La Cocina del Mencey restaurant, Tenerife

Halloween Night, La Cocina del Mencey restaurant, Tenerife

This night the gourmet restaurant at the Iberostar Hotel Gran Mencey has planned a delicious tasting menu decorated for this traditional celebration, it includes the pairing. Did you ever think you will taste a creepy crawly pumpkin cream? Or a pork confit on cauliflower brains? Well, this night you will have the chance to taste in one of the best gourmet restaurants, as well as other dishes like bloodshot eyes on a bed of spider’s webs.

And to go with these original dishes, La Cocina del mencey will offer to the guests an exquisite pairing of werewolf (whisky, Martini Rosso and Angostura Bitters), the popular Bloody Mary, Casper (passion fruit, strawberry and pineapple juice) and a spectacular drink call Frankenstein made with apple, apple juice, kiwi and sugar-free kiwi liqueur ¡such a delight!

Don’t miss this opportunity and reserve your table to spend an unforgettable and amusing Halloween night in La Cocina del Mencey , the price is 50 euros per person it includes the menu with the pairing, it will also have a live music performance to create the perfect atmosphere in this terrifying night.


The latest news of Mencey’s Cookery Classroom, August 2015

Summer is a month to unwind, relax, forget about your preoccupations and enjoy a well deserved holiday. And there is no better place to enjoy the summer, the sea and the beach, nature and culture, and gastronomy, than the idyllic island of Tenerife. The Grand hotel Mencey, owned by the popular hotel chain Iberostar Hotels & Resorts has prepared a host of activities and services for its guests, in order to discover the greatest pleasures available on the Canary Island.

Bellow you will find some of the novelties of the Grand Mencey hotel for this August 2015.

Aula de Cocina del Mencey, Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Los Laureles Restaurant

The restaurant and terrace Los Laureles has elaborated a new menu for this summer, where local products stand out, with an exotic touch, in combination with the influence of international cuisine. It has a great terrace from where to enjoy the famous Tenerife sunset. Open Monday to Sunday, from 19.30 to 23.00

Special “Mencey Lounge Night”

On Friday nights, on the 7th and 28th of August, the Grand Mencey hotel and restaurants celebrates a special Mencey Night Lounge. The first event will focus on “ceviches” and tartars, with a strong Latin influence in the menu. All accompanied by delicious cocktails, such as Pisco Sour, Cuban Mojitos or Mexican Margaritas.

On Friday the 28thof August will be an evening of barbecue, with succulent meats on the grill, such as marinated chicken with curry and yogurt, chutney or tuna steak from the Atlantic Ocean.

Both evenings will be enlivened by the best live music from 19.00 to 23.00. Limited tables available.

Spa Sensations

During the month of August, the Mencey Spa offers fantastic deals regarding health and beauty treatments. An example includes the 90 minutes in the Spa circuit, and a couples massage for only € 108 per couple.

Also, you can combine a day at the Spa with a gourmet meal, GatroSpa Gourmet, vegetarian GatroSpa, GatroSpa Vegan, for only 35€ per person.

For more information, visit the official website of Mencey’s Cookery Classroom, and don’t forget to book in advance!

The GastroSpa trend

First we had the Brunch, then the afterwork and now it’s time for the GastroSpa, a combination of body and mind care and a delicate cared gastronomy, in selected spaces with the best quality and attention. Sounds good huh? Well that may be the reason these model is spreading and many spa centres now offer these complete formula, the perfect way for a relaxation and care break.

One of the first ones to bet for this gastro-healthy tendency in Spain is the restaurant of Grand Mencey Hotel, which perfectly harmonized its exclusive wellness facilities with its wonderful Cocina del Mencey, One of the strongest culinary offers in Santa Cruz of Tenerife.

The Mencey GastroSpa cost 35 euros, it includes access to the hydrotherapy area (one of the best ones in Tenerife) for 90 minutes and a complete appetiser of your choice: Gourmet, vegetarian, or vegan. And you can add an additional massage (extra charge), and while being there, book in this historic gastronomic hotel in Santa Cruz and enjoy a complete relaxation weekend without any worries.

The hotel is a 5 star accommodation in Tenerife with guests like Liz Taylor, as well as other famous characters, like politicians, writers, and stars from tv, movies, and music industry of all times

The spa centre located in Santa Cruz is one of the most complex: almost 5000 metres squared dedicated to your cared, body therapies, beauty treatments and the most sensorial relaxation. Its hydrotherapy are is renowned (the one included in the GastroSpa offer) and it also has professional massages inspired in the latest Asian relaxation techniques.

To enjoy all these services and delicious restaurant aperitifs of this new proposal make a reservation in the 922609924, or send an email to:


What’s new in the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

This June the Tenerife Island will have lots of news and activities to enjoy with family and friends.  The arrival of summer increases the number of proposals available on the island. Here we have some of these activities you shouldn’t miss this month.

During the weekend of June 13 and 14 the 4th edition of Mencey Fashion Room will take place in the IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey turning it into an authentic concept store in the city of Santa Cruz in Tenerife. The hotel will change 50 bedrooms into luxurious fashion boutiques, jewelleries and decorations. The Mencey fashion room will be open for everybody, besides the fashion show, guests will enjoy the best live music and the gastronomic area Gastrolounge, specialized in high cuisine and the most amazing cocktails.

Every Saturday after 11, guests can enjoy the Mencey’s aperitif at the Iballa Cocktail Bar terrace.

During the night the Mencey Lounge Nights will continue this month with themed nights full of spice. The first night will be this Friday 5 of June at 19, where the theme will be ceviche and tartars. Guest will have the opportunity to enjoy a tuna tartar with mustard by 5 euros only,  accompanied with Peruvian cocktails and Cuban mojitos.

On Friday 19, at the same hour as before, the second night of Mencey Lounge nights will take place. This second evening will be theme with Andalucia’s flavours, like fried fish, Andalusian Calamari, shrimps tortilla, salmorejo, etc., drinks will be Andalusian of course: Chamomile, summer wine and the rebujito.

Regarding the cooking courses in the Mencey  cookery classroom, this June it will offer two cooking courses. One of them about  fresh potatoes and Italian sauces, given by the Italian chef Paola Soggiu, 1stplace winner in the VI Regional event of Canarian chefs. The course will be on June 22 from 17:30 to 20:30, with a 38 euros price.

The second cookery room will be on June 29 from 17:30 to 20:30, it will be about a banquet recipe for special occasions. This course will teach you how to cook snacks, canapés and fruit Sculptures, etc.). By the hand of Alberto Nieto we will learned how to surprise your family and friends with a delicious summer banquet.

All the latest news of Mencey’s Cookery Classroom

This month of March we have with us one of the most important events of the year, for all those couples who plan to marry this 2015. At the hotel IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey they are aware of the importance of this day, as well as the needs and requirements of the couples.

4 Special Day Weddings and Celebrations

The coming Saturday 14th of March the 4th Annual Wedding and Celebrations event is held on the premises of the Mencey Hotel. The event will take place from 11.00am to 20.00pm, and some of the most prestigious brands in the industry will take place.

This event is a unique opportunity to discover the exclusive spaces that this 5 star hotel has to offer, as well as the complete gastronomic experience provided by the Mencey Cookery Classroom.

Nuevo menu degustacion restaurante los menceyes



New tasting menu at the restaurant Los Menceyes

IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey’s signature restaurant, restaurant Los Menceyes is changing its tasting menu this month of March. The new degustation menu has 7 dishes elaborated from the respect to the quality of products and where flavours from the island predominate. The tasting menu has a price of 45€ without drinks and 55€ with a selection of wines included, a unique price for a menu of this quality.

The tasting menu of Los Menceyes is available from Monday through to Friday from 19.30 to 22.30 and can be booked over the official website of Mencey’s Cookery Classroom.

Cooking classes Cooking Classroom Mencey

Each month, Mencey’s Cookery Classroom and its team of chefs, elaborates cooking courses for foodies and gastronomy enthusiasts, where they will discover all the secrets of haute cuisine in Tenerife.

The courses and dates

· March 18, 2015, Japanese Cuisine: Introduction to Teppanyaki and gourmet sushi rolls. The chef Zhe Hang will show attendees all the secrets of this Asian cuisine, appreciated worldwide for its balanced and healthy diet

· 27th of March, 2015, Initiation course for a professional “jamon” cut

José Carlos Prieto, a member of the Spanish National Association of Ham Cutters, and one of the best ham cutters in Spain, will be guiding attendees through the art of cutting “jamon”. Learn to cut Spanish ham with a straight and thin cut, that enhances the natural flavours of this product admired worldwide.

Excellence is the goal

Being the best and standing out year after year in the tourism industry is really difficult. On one hand, it requires huge investments in facilities and, on the other hand, it requires a special attention to anticipate the needs of the customers. The rough competition along with the varied range of services in Spain have turned it into a worldwide tourism reference that set trends, but it has also generated a such excessive efforts in the hotel chains that many small chains have given up.

If we focus our attention only on the main Spanish hotel chains, we will find a limited number but, undoubtedly, la crème de la crème of the world hotel trade. NH, Barceló. Melià and Iberostar compete year after year for local, national and international destinations, as well as for very characteristic travellers: from sports lovers to music fans.

In the interests of achieving the top of the list, one of the best defined portfolios is from the Grand Collection of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, exclusive group of luxury hotels situated all around the world. In Spain, it has conquered areas with high tourism demand such as Costa Adeje and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, two of the most visited places during summer in Spain. Additionally, there are other relevant destinations such as Budapest, although in this case, it is not in Spain and has a very special hotel concept if we compare it with the rest of hotels.

We only need to visit the website of any of these Grand hotels to understand which types of accommodations we are talking about when we refer to the competition for being the best:  5-star hotels in Tenerife such as Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey; luxury resorts in Costa Adeje such as Grand Hotel El Mirador or Grand Hotel Salomé, and avant-garde accommodations in Europe specially designed for businessmen, managers and travellers with a high-medium purchasing power.

If there is a common characteristic between these hotels and resorts is that, regardless of the location, they have always invested in gastronomy and spa and wellness services as their main attractions. Cuisine is one of the oldest motivations when we travel and choose a destination, and, in the last years it has received a boost along with the rise of the chef profession, thanks to TV series that have democratized the high cuisine such as Masterchef or Topchef. Based on this, a new initiative appears: Chef on Tour, created by this chain in order to spread and promote more and more the select culinary tradition offered in the restaurants of their hotels in Europe and in the Caribbean.

As for gastronomy, there is a hotel belonging to the Grand Collection that surpasses all expectations (and it is really gaining ground). It is Grand Hotel Mencey. It famous Los Menceyes Restaurant and its Cookery Classroom has turned it into one of the best places to eat in Tenerife. Besides, we can enjoy its gastronomy not only in the exclusive Los Menceyes restaurant (also opened to the public in general), but also in a cocktail bar offering service of lunches and dinners based on the traditional Canary cuisine; in a casino bar with a complete menu of snacks; and a terrace restaurant called Los Laureles, which I now offering an additional menu with Mediterranean and healthy dishes.

Another important weapon of these hotels and their direct competitors is to offer some of the best spa and wellness centres in their destinations. They all have refurbished facilities, larger spaces and new areas, so that relaxation, mind and body are a key element in their holiday offer.

In fact, many wellness travellers stand them out as the most exclusive ones in the world, not only for their treatments and spaces, but also for the location: the possibility of enjoying a massage in front of the sea is a luxury that only few people can boast. In the same vein, hotels of Barceló such as Barceló Illetas are direct competitors, and hotels of Melià, such as Melià de Mar, both of them situated in the exclusive area of Illetas, just one step away from Majorca and with direct access to the sea from its spa areas.


10 Things to do in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The island of Santa Cruz de Tenerife is renown for its climate, beaches and warm seas tourist, making it one of the most popular destinations in Europe. However, its historical and cultural heritage is in many cases forgotten by the tourists visiting the island.

Here is our list of the 10 most interesting things to do in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

1. Visit the Port of Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The port of Santa Cruz shelters some unique and magical places, from which to contemplate the city of Santa Cruz.

2. Auditorium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

The Auditorium of Santa Cruz has been designed by renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava and was inaugurated in 2003. It has two independent spaces that houses the symphony orchestra and chamber orchestra.

3. Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Known as one of the most important carnivals in the world, the Carnival of Santa Cruz lasts two weeks and begins with the election of the Carnival Queen.

4. García Sanabria Park

This park is located in the city centre of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and is a true oasis for both locals and tourists. Take a walk through the park and disconnect from the chaos of the city.

5. Visit the old town of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The city of Santa Cruz was founded in 1499 and to this date, some historical monuments have been preserved. It does not cover a very large area, making it a comfortable walk from Plaza de España. There are organized tours that will guide you through all the secrets of the old town.

6. Walking route to Mount Teide

The ascent to Mount Teide is not too complicated, but the route takes about 5 hours at a medium slow pace. But, you will definitely enjoy the unique views while walking to the top of the mountain.

7. Tenerife Espacio de las Artes (TEA)

This building, located in the renovated old town area, has over 20,000 m2 distributed among a library, exhibition centre and Tenerife’s Photographic Centre. The TEA will not leave you indifferent.

8. Visit the Castle of San Cristobal

For many locals, it was a surprise to discover that under the Plaza de España lay the ruins of the ancient Castle of San Cristobal. In 2006, the local council decided to conserve and exhibit the castle’s remains in an unApartmaederground museum.

9. IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

This iconic luxury hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a reference on the island, where many personalities from the fields of art, film, politics and culture have stayed and enjoyed the comforts of this unique hotel. The hotel has 3 gourmet restaurants and a cocktail bar.

10. Cooking classes at the Mencey’s Cookery Classroom

Mencey’s Cookery Classroom is a space designed to taste and enjoy the best cuisine in a unique atmosphere. Enjoy the perfect cooking class in Tenerife.



You can find more information at the tourist office in the Plaza de España.