Popayan: the most detailed information of this World Heritage City

Today we discover Popayan, the capital of Cauca’s Department, world-famous as one of the UNESCO’s Gastronomic Capitals and its Holy Week, which is the most popular in Colombia and has been declared Intangible World Heritage by UNESCO.

In this article we will explain in detail what this “White City” has to offer to its visitors, international tourists and citizens from inland Colombia.

Step by step: discovering Popayan

  • The city is in the southwest of Colombia and it’s the capital of Cauca’s Department.
  • In reference to its demography, it’s not one of the most populated cities in the country, but currently has 300.000 inhabitants, which allowed the city to face development and industrialization and preserve its historical, colonial and traditional attributes, which are really appreciated for its visitors.
  • Founded in 1.500 as a Franciscan monastery, it’s one of the oldest cities in America and it one of the best preserved cities. Its old town is one of the best preserved in Colombia and one of the most emblematic places in South America, as well as Quito’s one.
  • Its beautiful colonial architecture and varied gastronomy make Popayan popular, which in 2005 and 2009 was designated UNESCO World City of Gastronomy and Intangible World Heritage, because of its famous Holy Week. For this reason, this city is a pilgrimage site for many Catholic-Christians.
  • Holy Week celebrations in Popayan have been held since 16th century.
  • This city is 113 kms away from Cali’s city, and more than 500 kms away from Medellin and Bogota. That’s why the best way to reach Popayan is flying from main cities’ airports in the country, offering daily flights (this topic will be addressed lately, at the first step of the “3 steps to enjoy Popayan”).

3 steps to enjoy Popayan

Popayan is a dynamic and vibrant city, so you must explore it, talk with locals and take some pictures to enjoy it to the fullest. The city hides historic spots that you should explore calmly and follow these two tips: experience and enjoy it.

Here’s a list of the 3 main steps you should follow on your first visit to the city.

1. Plan your travel

You should choose how you will reach Popayan taking into account distances to other important cities in Colombia.

If you live in Spain or in another Latin American country, before reaching Popayan you will have to cross another cities in Colombia like Bogota, Medellin or Cali.

There are direct flights to these cities from Spain. Once in Colombia, you have two possibilities to reach the White City:

  • Travel by plane to Popayan: the airline Avianca flies to the city as well as to the main cities in Colombia. There are 4 daily flights to Bogota. The airport Guillermo Leon Valencia is almost inside the city, so it’s easy to access it.
  • Travel by express bus: Panamericana Avenue is the biggest in Colombia and connects with other important cities in the country. You can take an express bus from Bogota, Cali, Medellin or Pasto and arrive to Popayan Transport Terminal in the centre of the city. Prices are really affordable.

Both transport means to Popayan are great. You should choose one or another depending on your needs and preferences.

2. Book your accommodation

You should book your accommodation in Popayan in advance. The city is a tourist attraction in Colombia, so you should book in advance to make sure you can stay at the city.

We recommend you some of the best hotels in the city, which are perfect for their quality, design, services and customer care.

Recommendation: Dann Monasterio Popayan Hotel

We can guarantee you that’s the best hotel in the city. It’s the only 5-star hotel in Popayan.

Dann Monasterio Popayan has a great colonial infrastructure with perfect finishes and modern and innovative services in the city. Here’s a list of reasons why we recommend you this luxury hotel.

Why we recommend the hotel?

There are 4 main attributes which differentiate the hotel from the rest of the hotels in Popayan. We could also write a new article just detailing the facilities and services of Dann Monasterio Popayan Hotel, but we just want you to focus on its 4 main differential attributes.

More than just a privileged location

It’s located in the centre of Popayan city, in the old town of Cauca’s capital.

Its location allows you to visit another emblematic places in the city within a few minutes from the place. As an example, San Francisco Church is near the hotel as well as the biggest museum in the city.

A gourmet restaurant offering local food

This hotel is one of the best innovative proposals in Colombia hotel refering to gastronomy. The restaurant must have the level of a 5-star hotel. This hotel managed by Dann Hotels went beyond that, offering their customers the possibility of  tasting typical dishes of Popayan and Colombian cuisine, which make this city deserve the designation of UNESCO World City of Gastronomy.

As it is a restaurant open to international visitors, it also offers themed menus with international recipes.

The biggest and most beautiful pool in Popayan

Below we talk about must-visit places and thermal waters in Popayan. However, hotel guests usually have problems to decide which is the best option: swimming in the pool or bathe in the thermal waters.

The pool is a reflection of the hotel luxury category. It’s the perfect place for families, couples or friends to enjoy the nice weather of the city.

Personalized and close attention

Customer attention at Dann Monasterio Popayan Hotel is perfectly personalized and close. All guests are extremely pleased with the hotel attention. The hotel staff is also really kind and friendly. They are always happy to help you, so you will want to stay longer at the hotel.

These are the main 4 attributes of this popular 5-star hotel in Colombia.

  1. What you should see and do in Popayan

Popayan is a great reflection of world history and evolution. This city preserves almost totally its original architecture, except some old town renovations, which didn’t affect to its colonial history. It also takes special care to maintain its culinary culture and history.

Below there’s a list of must-see and eating places in Popayan (essential).

Must-see places

Visit and discover the history of Puente del Humilladero

Puente del Humilladero is close to Monasterio Popayan hotel. You can reach it by foot if you travel in group, so you will have fun and meet people on the way.

This bridge also has its own history, which makes it popular among Popayan visitors. According to locals, not many centuries ago, only rich people could cross this bridge, but small farmers and poor people had to pass under the bridge.

Like a dump is a place full of garbage, a “shrine” is a place full of humiliation.

Visit the National Museum of “Guillermo Leon Valencia”

WE can find many Important historical figures in Popayan:

Guillermo Leon Valencia was the president of Colombia from 1962 to 1966. In the museum, in which he had previously lived, we can find some of his personal items and documents of great historical value.

It’s a unique museum you should visit, and locals will improve this experience for sure.

Walk through Morro de Tulcan

Despite there’s a statue of founder of Popayan, Sebastian de Belalcazar, at the top of the hill, morro de Tulcan was founded many years before the city foundation.

According to local historians, this pyramidal monument was built by indigenous from Pubenza (Valle de Pubenza is in Popayan) between 500 and 1600 before Christ. Morro de Tulcan and its churches are emblematic places in Popayan.

Discover Popayan churches

Popayan is considered a religious city, so you can find many churches.

You must visit the following ones:

  • Belen Chapel
  • Saint Augustine Church
  • Saint Francis Church (near Dann Monasterio Popayan hotel)
  • Saint Dominic Church
  • La Ermita Church. The oldest church in the city built in 1546.
  • Not to mention Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption in Popayan. Or simply: the Cathedral.
Enjoy the thermal waters

Purace Volcano is 22 kms away from Popayan, so its presence affects the existence of thermal waters around the city.

Some of the best thermal waters:

  • “Agua hirviendo”: Agua Hirviendo thermal waters is a water and ecological park in Coconuco, within a few kilometers from Popayan. Apart from pools, it also has huts up to thirty people.
  • “Agua tibia”: these thermal water with this particular name are located also in Coconuco, and from there you will have the chance to see its thermal fountain. It’s impressive!. Pools have a temperature of 35ºC although water emerges at 57ºC.
Discover the historical centre

Our last stop is in the historical centre which has been perfectly preserved in Colombia. Its colonial architecture gives Popayan the name of “White City”.

After 1783 earthquake, the city was almost totally rebuilt, so most of the historical buildings are preserved. 247 por lo que muchos de los edificios históricos se mantienen en pie. 247 years later, in 1983 there was 5.5 magnitude earthquake in the city and affected many historical buildings. However, a new restructuring reduced the damages.

In the city historical centre you should visit Torre del Reloj, Palacio Arzobispal de Popayan, or Parque Caldas.

The Cathedral is also in the historical centre.

If you visit Popayan, you should taste some of its typical dishes like the following:

What you should taste

Paila icecream

Paila ice cream is typical from countries like Colombia or Ecuador and it is not made as the traditional ice creams. You can taste it in different places. The name comes from its preparation, which is made by shaking the ice cream ingredients in a metallic paila (aluminium, bronze,…) over a big ice bowl, so it starts slowly to freeze. You must taste it. Moreover, it’s 50% less fat than traditional ice creams.


This animal is reared in Nariño or Cauca’s Department. Cuy is a rodent fed mainly with cereals. That’s why its meat is lean and low fat, making it a healthy food.

It can be roasted with garlic, cumin and peppers. If you love meat, you should ask for a well-done cuy.

Pipian pies

A traditional Popayan recipe that you should taste to know that it well worth the visit. Pipian is prepared by mixing chicken with peanut, mashed potatoes, eggs and a stew that can contain chili, peppers, tomatoes and onion.

This stew is inside the pies made with corn dough. Don’t forget to mix it with hot sauce if you taste them.

Rice Masato

Traditional fermented drink from Colombia. It’s served cold and is perfect to share with friends in an informal dinner. You will surely find someone drinking it at many spots of Popayan. If you like Andean chichas, you should taste this beverage.

The Colombian “white city” will amaze you

Popayan history and people make you love the place. Its gastronomy, history and multiple activities allow you to feel comfortable at any time. A quiet place with fresh air and peaceful atmosphere. A place with colonial atmosphere that will take you back to the past. A place where you will find one of the best hotels in Colombia as you can see at the photos of Dann Monasterio Popayan. Enjoy Popayan!

Travelling to Colombia: 3 cities you must visit


Bucaramanga is considered “the beautiful city” of Colombia, and also known as the city of the parks. Its ecosystem, mountains and forests give a breath of fresh air to the metropolis, where you surely would like to visit places like:

  • Parque del Agua
  • Parque de las Palmas: here you find the best cafes and restaurants in the city, a meeting point for locals.
  • Parque Santander: the most famous and important park in the city. It’s surrounded by buildings that are already part of Bucaramanga history.

The best choice is the Hotel Dann Carlton Bucaramanga, located in Barrio Sotomayor, a central area close to the best places of the city, as Parque de las Palmas.


The capital and financial heart of Colombia. It’s perfect for business travels to Colombia due to its wide hotel offer, from which we stand out the following:

  • Hotel Dann Bogota Norte: in the 17th Avenue and just 15 minutes away from Bogota’s World Trade Center. One of the few that has Sello Ambiental Colombiano and rooms with anti noise glasses.
  • Dann Carlton Bogotá: luxury hotel in the centre of the city. Perfect for business events and meetings.
  • Dann Avenida 19: more than 4 decades of service in the centre of Bogota. A hotel that satisfies the most demanding guests.

If you still have time, you cannot miss the following must-see places:

  • Museo del Oro: the most important of its kind in the world. It has been declared a National Monument.
  • Parque de la 93: sign of Bogota’s scattering.
  • Catedral Primada
  • Jardin Botanico de Bogota


For aquatic sports lovers. It is a young and developing city, however Teatro Tolima, Museo Antropologico or Jardin Botanico San Jorge are samples of the city’s history. Its beaches and fish gastronomy are unique.Departing from Bogota, you can reach Ibague by land or departing from any other Colombian big city, you can reach it by plane.

Once there you can stay at Hotel Dann Combeima Ibagué, the best one in the city, but not the most expensive one. It will make your trip special in a city with an idyllic climate and lots of places to discover.

Travelling to Colombia? Do not forget to visit Popayán

There are places not showing on the guides first pages, which hide thousands of possibilities to enjoy and discover things, experiences and feelings that whisper the authenticity of a destination and a country.  This is the case in Popayán, also known as Colombia’s Ciudad Blanca, which has never been the main focus of foreign tourism promotion, however it is one of the most magical places you can find in this wonderful Latin American country.

Its colonial atmosphere, art and heritage inherited from multiple civilizations with a particular Spanish influence makes Popayán a perfect destination to spend some days of cultural vacation. Among the mandatory visits is Puente del Humilladero, famous because of its arches and its spectacular fault in the centre of the city. Although it is not exactly the same as the original, as it was badly damaged by several earthquakes, it has been carefully renewed, becoming a sight worthy of being admired and photographed.

Puente del Humilladero

Puente del Humilladero

Popayán museums are also a great attraction.  otro de sus grandes atractivos. Casa Mosquera stands out specially because comprises a complete file, and an area exclusively dedicated to a museum and a traditional hotel. Negret museum is an essential element of Colombian culture, particularly in Cauca’s area. The name of Edgar Negret collects all the artist’s work, one of the best in the country. The Ibero-American Modern Art Museum is one of the most complete in Colombia, including famous international artists’ works as Picasso, Rivera, Chillida…

The Arquidiocesano Museum in the city includes very valuable pieces of worship for the more religious people. More than dozens of temples and sanctuaries are scattered throughout the districts, centre and outskirts. Making a tour to see some of the most representative ones is a great opportunity to understand local devotion to their gods: the temples of San Agustin, Santo Domingo, San Francisco, Las monjas

Lastly, there is a must visit in Popayán: see Morro del Tulcán to admire some of the best samples of Pre-Colombian art.  Also famous is the Pirámide, so called because it seems a construction, but it is a hill with briquetting slopes.

Accommodation options in Popayán are varied, from diverse hotels to hostels and guesthouses. One of the best equipped hotels is Hotel Dann Monasterio Popayán which not just is exceptionally located in an area of outstanding natural beauty, but it was built on top of a former Franciscan convent. With colonial influences, a wellness area, large gardens, pools…it offers rooms in Popayán and suites to accommodate couples and families with children. For booking with discount in Dann Monasterio Popayán, please visit the official hotel website, as it allows you to book directly without intermediaries and at very reasonable prices.

Dann Monasterio Popayán Hotel

Dann Monasterio Popayán Hotel

Four Bogotá neighbourhoods that you can’t miss

Bogotá is the Colombian most important city for many reasons, it is the capital of the country, and it is richness in many ways, like cultural, gastronomic and touristic and the preservation of its colonial tradition. Located in the centre of the country, the city has about 1600 neighbourhoods, a place where you can easily get lost and from we would like to take four neighbourhoods that stand out and are a must if you’re in Bogotá.

The first and probably the most important and representative one in the city is La Candelaria, located in the west centre of the city, is this historical district of Bogotá, which is a delight due its cobblestone streets, its colonial ground-floor buildings with metal grilled windows and the clay tails.

Cathedral of Bogotá, La Candelaria neighbourhood

In La Candelaria Neighbourhood you can find some of the most emblematic and important buildings of the city, like the cathedral, the congress hall, The Casa de Nariño, The Colon theatre, the mint house or Bolivar square. You can’t forget to visit two of the most important museums here: the Botero Museum and the Gold Museum.

Moving on to a different neighbourhood, we suggest you the Usaquén neighbourhood located in the northern area of the city near the majestic oriental hills. Here we also will found the cobblestones streets with colonial buildings, which harmonize with the modern buildings recently built, creating and interesting contrast to the view.

In the Usaquén neighbourhood you can find several restaurants where you can drop by to get something to eat. Among these you can find all type of international dishes, as well, of course, as the Colombian traditional cuisine. On Sundays you can’t miss the jumble sale a local tradition for more than 20 years, where artists and craftsmen from across the country participate in one of the most emblematic cultural events of the city.

Another place you shouldn’t miss while you’re in Bogotá is the Macarena neighbourhood, one of the most bohemian areas of the capital, crowded with design shops, art galleries, as well as bars and restaurants. In this neighbourhood we can also find the National museum, the oldest one in Colombia and where you can see a wide collection of historical objects of the country.

As a coda we bring you a neighbourhood where you can enjoy exquisiteness from all the restaurants in there. We’re talking about Zona G in the city, where you can find the best restaurants in Bogotá and be seduced by its gastronomy.


Dann hotels and the new hotel form in Latin-America

Exquisite gastronomy, design spaces, large bedrooms and a varied list of services thought to offer you completely different new experiences all in one place, gathering all kind of guests, that’s the Dann hotels style, one of the most advanced hotel chains in Latin-America, a new generation of hotels that adapt to a new generation of travellers with an accommodation for each one of them.

Distinguished, with a classic style, and a remarkable service this Colombian hotel chain doesn’t leave its characteristic tradition away, its true north charms the regular guests and the new ones discover a place that looks just made for them, like the  Dann Bogotá Hotel; Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa in Bogotá; and the Dann Bogotá Norte Hotel.


Most of them offer the typical urban services, thought for short stays to go out to know the places of interest or shopping or long stays for health or business related. This way, all of them offer you relaxation areas (some of them even have a Spa centre, beauty salon, beauty treatments, sport centre), meeting hall for large activities or little halls for corporate meetings, restaurants and lounge bars, with all the local style and taste, with the best quality, all of this with the most personalized service for all kind of guests.

The Casa Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa in Bogotá is an example of the exclusive areas, like the amazing terraces with a panoramic view to the city, located close to the 93 park. The bedrooms and suites in the centre of the north district of Bogotá and to the deluxe apartments for long stays make this hotel the perfect accommodation regardless your travel reason. It is the hotel chain flagship, the most cared and luxurious of them, it even has a conference centre with 16 halls to host all kind of high class celebrations and events.


More discreet, but still luxurious, the Dann Avenida 19 is a hotel in La Candelaria neighbourhood, a charming place with a classic decoration, with a baroque touch, and a restrained air, with some areas oriented to the businessmen, with with spice and colour in the rest of it. It is a 4 star hotel in the centre of Bogotá, greatly evaluated (and still does) for both the Colombian travellers and the Americans and Europeans which are the usual guests.

Despite most of their large hotels are located in Bogotá, The Dann hotel chain also offer they cared service in Medellín, Cali, Cartagena and Ibagué. The last one, the Dann Combeima is actually a renowned hotel for events in Colombia since it has several meeting hall with specialized services for businessmen and some different areas in addition to that, from business halls, to executive bedrooms, restaurant with catering service and a Gym.

The hotel chain has a corporative website and several individual sites specialized according each hotel, each site has a special area of online offers that allow you to find accommodation packs, with the best price and quality service, it’s recommended to check both the corporative website and the individual one since both usually offer very competitive prices.


Popayán, the white city of Colombia

Popayán is a dazzling city to get lost between its colonial buildings that lead you through time to this beautiful settlement origin. Capital of Cauca’s department. Located in the Pubenza valley, one of the oldest and well preserved towns of the American’s continent.

This antique town, known by its white facades that gives the image of a city cover by a white cloak, where it got the White city name. Some of the older buildings were remodelled and used as hotels, like the Dann Monasterio Popayán Hotel: an antique Franciscan monastery from 1570 which has a unique colonial architecture, turned into a luxury hotel in Popayán.

This Colombian city is an interesting destination thanks to its architectural heritage, with some singular religious buildings such as the Belén, Carmen and Francisco chapels, and other places of worship like the Ermita or the religious art museum. To visit these places, travellers can make a reservation in any hotel in the centre of Popayán which also have an incredible architectural wealth.

One of the best season to visit Popayán is during the holy week, when the whole city change in order to show its devotion in the festivities. Each years the city gathers many visitors that come to see the holy week processions in Popayán, declared oral and immaterial masterpiece of world heritage by the UNESCO.

The city not only shines by its architecture but its delicious gastronomy as well, in fact, it was declared city of Gastronomy by the UNESCO in 2005, thanks to its tasty, and varied cuisine, and for being itself a legacy from the traditional Colombian cooking methods.

The gastronomy from Valle del Cauca is consider Colombian’s world heritage, it has a variety of dishes made with a mixture of local ingredients and other brought from Spain, some of these traditional dishes are the caratanta, the soups, pumpkin seed tamale, pumpkin seed empanada, or the vegetables recipe like the huerta fríana potatoes.

Some of the best hotels in Popayán, offers a very rich Colombian menu, making a whole new experience to the guests, what’s better than touring Popayán to get fancy with the traditional cuisine, places like Humilladero bridge, located between the centre of the city and the Bolívar neighbourhood, other beautiful places to know are the Casa Mosquera museum, built in the XVIII century, o the Negret museum of modern art where the artist Edgar Negret Dueñas lived, and we can appreciate their whole life work where.

You can also visit some monuments like the Clock tower, built between 1673 and 1682, the pantheon of the heroes or the historical district which is considered a national monument.

Bogotá gets filled up with wonderful new opportunities and places of interest

Let the Colombian capital city dazzles you not only for its history, designs and culture, but also for the different places where you can rest. Looking to heighten your senses? This place has everything you to need.

Bogotá is the most important cultural centre in Colombia, perfect for holidays. A city with a growing culture, new museums, libraries, theatres, festivals, historic centres, national and international events, the perfect place to live a whole adventure. If you like the cities that change, that move forward, that look like they were alive, Bogotá is for you. It is a city that is always renewing itself, it is charming and intense, changing not only in structure but also in its social development. It is an attractive place for everybody, travellers, investors, businessmen. Undoubtedly, it is a city you must know.

Bogotá gathers both good taste and style. There are many excellent hotels in the city that gathers traveller from across the world, but nothing compares to the Dann Carlton Hotels: 4 exclusive luxury hotels, just waiting for you.

Hotel near the Candelaria district

Hotel near the Candelaria district

The Dann Avenida 19 Hotel is located in the centre of Bogotá, a 5 star hotel that offers you the best service with affordable prices. Close to many different places (the old town La Candelaria, the Monserrate sanctuary next to the Gold Museum, in the financial area of Bogotá) the hotel is the perfect place to enjoy, with all the necessary amenities to make your stay better.

The Dann Carlton Bogotá Hotel offers you an unmatchable service in each one of its 139 rooms designed to give you a full rest, a warm environment with a restaurant, sauna, massages service, business centre, free Wi-Fi, meeting room, gym, parking service, everything you need for a comfortable stay. Located near the World Trade Center, the Rincón Quiñones Battalion, and the Nueva Granada Military University. Drop by the 100 street and enjoy our deluxe service

The Dann Norte Bogotá Hotel is one of the preferred hotels in the capital thanks to its excellent service, its likeable staff, its elegance and comfort. It’s just a few steps from the Unicentro Mall, the Santa Bárbara neighbourhood, close to the Country Club and the transmilenio station Pepe Sierra. Enjoy our free Wi-Fi service, meeting room, business centre, sauna, spa, spacious rooms and suites.

The Dann Carlton Hotel & Spa is considered the flagship hotel of the Dann hotel chain, located in the heart of the north of Bogotá in the 93 street just 5 minutes by walk of the park 93 and the diagonal 92 business areas. It offers you 237 rooms with a modern and luxury design and 91 apartment for long stays. This place is perfect to renew your inner strength with the pools, relaxation rooms, Jacuzzi and many other services that this wonderful hotel has to offer.

 Enjoy Bogotá at its best with the Dann Carlton slogan: Life is luxury.

Cultural trip to Bogotá: must-visit museums

Every cultural trip to Colombia must include visits to the museums of Bogotá. This city boasts one of the largest numbers of museums and cultural centres in Colombia and, additionally, the last Sunday of every month the entrance to almost all of them is free or has a significant discount. Most of them are located in the centre of the city, specialized in all types of themes, from the most recent technology to the nature or history of the country.

One of the most emblematic ones that must be included in any cultural visit to Bogotá is the Colombian National Museum. This art centre invites you to make a unique trip to the essence of Colombia, since it has artworks of all kinds and ages. It also offers very interesting temporary exhibitions that you should consider on your trip.

National Museum of Colombia

National Museum of Colombia

There are also very curious and attractive museums. This is the case of the Gold Museum, one of the places in the world where you can appreciate the most wonderful metal works of the Pre-Columbian Era, as well as ceramics and unique gold articles.

The Botero Museum of Bogotá is one of the must visits, especially for those who appreciate the art of the 19th and 20th century. In this museum you can enjoy works of Miró, Picasso, Dalí or Renoir, donated before by Botero. This museum boasts one of the largest collections of Botero’s works in the world, with more than 130 exhibits.

Then, we cannot forget in our cultural trip to visit Quinta de Bolívar, a historic centre situated in the house that served as a residence to Simón Bolívar. This museum allows us to discover more about this figure so important in the history of the American continent, throughout personal objects, artworks and traditional elements from that time.

One of the most modern cultural centres in Bogotá is Maloka, an ideal museum to visit with family since it offers the possibility of interacting with many exhibited works. In fact, it is more than a museum, it is an educational play centre designed to bring science to society. You can play, take objects and even watch documentaries and 3d movies.

But if there is a place in Bogotá where modernity prevails, it is MAMBO, Modern Art Museum of the city, characterized by its unique architecture signed by Rogelio Salmona, and offering a schedule full of innovative and incredible plans.

Luxury accomodation in Bógota

Luxury accomodation in Bógota

For these types of cultural trips, the most recommended is to look for a central accommodation without giving up the safest and quietest areas in the city, so that you can enjoy some relaxing days in Bogotá. Some of the most outstanding ones belong to Dann Hotels, one of the most emblematic hotel chains in Colombia, with hotels for business, leisure, families and even for long stays.

●        Casa Dann Carlton Bogotá

●        Dann Carlton Bogotá Hotel

●        Dann Norte Hotel

Business trip to Bogotá

Capital of the country and meeting point of political, economic, administrative, industrial, cultural and tourism matters of the country, Bogotá is a city that receives a large number of visitors every year, and many of them are business travelers.  This is the reason by which it is important to provide a top level hotel service in order to make the business trip a pleasant experience.

As for business hotels, Bogotá has not one, but hundreds of alternatives.

The Colombian capital offers from 3-star hotels created to please the visitors to 5-star business hotels designed to turn the business trip into an unforgettable stay.

An excellent option as regards business hotels in the centre of Bogotá are the Dann Hotels, which offer high level services and exclusive facilities for work, rest and well-being. On the other hand, Platinum Suite Hotel, just 18 minutes away from the international airport, boasts an elegant and sophisticated furniture, devised to meet the needs of business travelers: its rooms has flat screen TV, free wifi, mini bar, and after a long work day, there is nothing better than a spa with relaxation sessions and hydromassage bath, sauna, gym and solarium.

Dann Avenida 19 Bogotá Hotel

Dann Avenida 19 Bogotá Hotel

Those who want to stay in a business hotel offering good gastronomy can opt for Bogotá Marriot Hotel, since it has two restaurants with Italian and Japanese cuisine. Its luxury rooms have soundproof windows, so you can enjoy a wonderful view and rest after a work day  without the noise of the city. It has high speed internet, desk and ergonomic chair. It also has 10 meeting rooms for large events.

All in all, there a huge list of business hotels in Bogotá worth recommending, so these three hotels are just an appetizer for all you can find in this wonderful city.

When you plan a business trip, comfort must always come first. If Bogotá is your destination, discover business hotels and stay in a place you will not want to leave.


Quito: the magic of a different destination

When you plan your holiday, the first questions are where, when and _who _, we want to help you with those questions and invite you to discover a different destination, one of those places that, a priori, we would not search on the map. Quito, the wonderful capital of Ecuador. Are you ready to visit it?

From Madrid, you can find flights with many companies, offers of more or less 300 Euros  and usual prices of almost 800 Euros (return ticket) The accommodations offer various prices depending on the place you choose to book a hotel in Quito. Our recommendation is to opt for a room in the financial centre of Quito, close to the commercial area, although the old quarter is ideal for staying some days and enjoying the most authentic Quito.

Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

Precisely now, Quito is more fashionable than ever, It is now one of the finalists in the selection of the 7 wonder cities and it was in the past the first city declared World Heritage by the Unesco, thanks to its historical richness.

The capital of Ecuador, located in Pichincha, is in the most western part of the Andes . Its height requires to stay a couple of days, especially those who travel from other continents, in order to get used and avoid tiredness

Temperatures are very similar to the north of Spain, with significant changes between day and night, with 25 degrees at day and 10 degrees at night. The most important places to visit are, besides the historical centre, the called Mitad del Mundo, the rural parishes, and La Mariscal, as well as its surroundings.

In the old quarter, the must visit places in Quito are:

– La Ronda street: the best place for finding the perfect combination of fun, local cuisine and traditional crafst of Quito.

– El Panecillo: ideal place for enjoying the best views of Quito.

– San Francisco de Quito Square: the heart of the city.

– Corondelet Palace: it is the presidential palace, located in the mythical Siete Cruces street.

– Quito Cathedral: it is considered one of the oldest religious buildings in the whole continent.