Discover Malaga from an exclusive luxury hotel

They say that Andalusia has two capitals, in the West it would be Seville and in the East, Malaga reigns queen. Beautiful, with great temperatures throughout the year, full of history and steeped in international culture and with customs loved by each and everyone (from the first moment); Malaga is a province of discovery, of rest and a place to experience an exclusive holiday full of luxuries … What sort of luxuries?

Puerto Banus

Puerto Banus

Unique routes to discover Malaga

Shopping along Calle Larios

With its history and character, Malaga’s ‘Calle Larios’ is the meeting place of the ‘fashionistas’ who reside in the Andalusian province and this central street hosts local, national and international brands of both clothing and footwear to complete the look. Since at peak times there are lots of visitors who scour the area from end to end, we recommend that the day of shopping along Calle Larios begins early in the morning (at about 10.00 h) or late or the afternoon.

Puerto Banus, a unique place in the world

Although you have to cover a distance of about thirty kilometers, visiting Puerto Banus is a delight. With its harbor full of white houses, the aroma of pure luxury (with Just, Cavalli or Versace boutiques among many others) and their pontoons filled with ultra long megayachts, the port is one of the most exclusive in the world and also one of the most visited by lovers of luxury tourism.

Dining with a Mediterranean background

Whether in the city center or at the port, there is an element that is always present in Malaga: the Mediterranean. With the slight breeze so characteristic of the Alboran Sea (which bathes the coast of Malaga), there is nothing like enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight with the sound of the Mediterranean waves, with its scent and cooling moisture. A unique and highly recommended experience.

Luxury hotels in Malaga

Select tourism has kept watch on Malaga for many years and has noticed that the city is a hub for the finest of hotels. Which of these luxury hotels stand out?

  • Vincci Aleysa: Located on the exclusive beach in Benalmadena, The Vincci Aleysa is a 5-star, smoke-free hotel, perfect for those who don’t want just any accommodation. Its cuisine and Spa make it one of the most important hotels in the area.
  • Vincci Estrella del Mar: In Marbella and less than 10 minutes from Puerto Banus, you can find the exclusive Vincci Estrella del Mar, a five star hotel in which you can relax as never before and where you’ll discover the province of Malaga’s most select and beautiful side.
  • Vincci Malaga: For those who prefer to spend their days off in the capital, your best choice is the Vincci Malaga hotel. This four-star hotel is located on the sea front.

Costa del Sol, Malaga: recommendations to enjoy it to the fullest

Many people considers Malaga a synonym of sun, and from where the name of Costa del Sol cames from. Everybody knows Costa del Sol for its beaches, sun and more beaches. However, in Costa del Sol there are many other places which which are not included as sun and beach concepts: museums, theatres, bars, dynamic streets, folklore…We detail you below some of the most iconic places in Malaga. And finally, we recommend you the best accommodation option in the second biggest city in Andalucia.  

Discover La Alcazaba and Gibralfaro

For those who don’t know about Malaga’s city history, we must mention that this Spanish city was essential on Muslim settlement. As a result, La Alcazaba and Castillo de Gibralfaro are now emblematic buildings. Just some of the remains of the castle are preserved, however both places are visited by lots of people looking for something more than beach and sand.   

Alcazaba palace and gardens are really well-kept after their renovation.  


Visit “La Manquita”, the impressive Malaga’s cathedral

Malaga’s cathedral is famous in Spain and all over Europe, and it’s one of the most important architectural works in Spain. Also called “La Manquita” by locals, as they never finished to build this tower. It’s a must-visit place in Malaga, whatever your religious convictions are.

Note: locals confirm that funding for the unfinished tower construction were poured into the United States to help them with the Independence War.  

The best accommodation: Vincci Aleysa

Malaga is world-famous because of its artists. It was the cradle of the famous painter Pablo Picasso. For this reason, you should stay at an artistic hotel if you visit Malaga. Therefore, staying at Vincci Aleysa is your best option.

Vincci Aleysa has an excellent location close to popular places, allowing you to enjoy the city to the fullest avoiding traffic inconveniences.  

Enjoy Matalascañas and Costa de la Luz with FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf

Costa de la Luz is an amazing destination and Fergus Style El Cortijo Golf makes your holiday experience in Matalascañas much more interesting and unique. You will never forget your pleasant experience.

The chain offers you one of the best hotels of the firm, located in the heart of Matalascañas beach with direct access to the Doñana’s golf course and National Park, as well as to the large beach of this park.

A total pleasure

If you plan to visit Matalascañas, in Costa de la Luz, whether you are travelling for leisure or business, do not miss the opportunity of visiting Hotel FERGUS Style El Cortijo Golf, and enjoy all what Matalascañas has to offer.

hotel in Matalascañas

hotel in Matalascañas

What to see in Matalascañas?

In Matalascañas you can admire 4 kms of fine white sand beach facing the Atlantic ocean. Apart from the beach and going for a swim, there are lots of different activities to do and other places to see. Here are some examples:

  • Parque Nacional de Doñana: one of the best known natural parks in Spain.
  • La Peña: old military building. A defense tower that fell over a long time ago, which remains upside down and crumbled into the sea. It is possible to see the old remains from the coast.
  • Parque Dunar and Museo del Mundo Marino
  • Nudist beaches of Mazagon or Castilla

Why Fergus Style El Cortijo Golf?

Because it doesn’t matter whether you are travelling for family holidays, a romantic getaway, a golf tournament, enjoying the beach alone or for business and you need a great meeting place, this 4-star hotel in Costa de la Luz with an impressive Andalusian touch and close to the biggest golf course in Doñana is perfect for you.

You will enjoy a horseback riding to admire one of the most beautiful sunsets in Matalascañas beach or drive to Parque la Doñana from early morning by 4×4 to admire the purest nature.
Why Fergus Style El Cortijo Golf? Because there’s nothing better!

Destination Andalusia: a colourful 2016

Andalusia is a magic destination, a region full of possibilities where the best gastronomy, the traditional music, the customs, the heat of its sun and its people, the life in the streets, the endless beaches, the parties and the natural beauty of its history come together. Here we find a wide variety of destinations, all of them perfect for your holidays, but each of them ideal for a specific type of trip.


Seville is the best destination for a getaway as a couple or with friends. In 4 days you can discover its colours, its rhythm and its taste. The best accommodation option is a hotel in the centre of Seville, if possible in the old town, so that you can walk along its lively streets, visit its main monuments and its flamenco shows or do an exclusive tapas route.

Triana, Santa Cruz neighbourhood, Maestranza… There are lots of must visit places you have to include in your tour if you want to visit the most important museums, art galleries, gardens, churches and temples, typical bars of Andalusian cuisine, flamenco tablaos, parks and everything you can imagine. Put no limits to your imagination.

The hotels in the centre of Seville offer affordable prices during these winter dates, offering you the possibility to book a 4-star hotel at the heart of Santa Cruz neighbourhood at 63 euros per person and night with free Wi-Fi, breakfast, flexible check-out, free bikes for visiting the city, daily press…

Rio Gaudalquivir, Sevilla

Rio Gaudalquivir, Sevilla

Malaga and Marbella

Start organising your holidays: hotels spa in Marbella, hotels for families at the beachfront, luxury hotels in the centre of Malaga, hotels near Larios Street… You can plan your desired trip in an only destination. This is Malaga. The versatile capital of the Costa del Sol, the queen of the most exclusive summers and of winters that look like mild springs. A place where to enjoy the open air, walking along its narrow streets, partying until sunrise, discovering the local art or visiting the most beautiful beaches of Andalusia.

The type of accommodation can make the difference depending on who you are travelling with -with children, as a couple, as a group…-, as the offer is really wide, so we recommend you choose the one that suits your interests and your needs of rest and type of travel.  If you are planning on an urban getaway for discovering the capital, stay in a hotel in the centre of Malaga; if you prefer nature, stay close to the sea or to the mountain and choose a hotel in Marbella or a boutique hotel in Benalmádena.

Check out the cultural agenda at your accommodation and combine your own routes with the cultural proposals of this province: cinema, theatre, street performances, exhibitions, the Picasso Museum…


We know you are looking forward to visiting this city… A city of surf, of tapas in a terrace by the sea, of relax, parties, laughs and friends. This is the best destination for a holiday as a group and for a funny getaway at any time of the year. Besides, it features idyllic must visit places: Chiclana and La Barrosa, Roche, Conil…

You will not have any problem with the accommodation in this city. You can choose an apartment in front of the beach or the comfort of a spa hotel in Chiclana with all the necessary services. If you are a sports lover, choose a beach hotel in Cádiz, as it will allow you to enjoy the best of the Atlantic surfing the waves or sailing on a boat. The golf hotels in Chiclana also offer special plans: apart from plans for this relaxing sport, they offer gastronomic services which will allow you to taste the typical delicacies of Cádiz at an affordable price and with a guaranty of quality.

The city is a fabulous leisure alternative. The happy character of Cádiz’s people, the atmosphere of its bars and pubs, its bustling streets -during the day and night- the funny ambiance of its carnivals and the history of its buildings, monuments and patrimonial settings. The tacita de plata is the current in-style destination, with guaranteed entertainment.




Huelva is a unique natural paradise, one of the most fabulous nooks for relaxing and enjoying a holiday with your couple or children full of adventures, routes, sports, games and good gastronomy. Huelva is quite big and it can be divided into different premium holiday destinations. One of the most classic destinations is Ayamonte, where you can choose between a stay in the village, with its customs and traditions, or a more complete accommodation in the outskirts, near the beach, like the golf hotels of Isla Canela, Isla Cristina and the marshland that surrounds these areas.

The area of Doñana is another good alternative for family holidays at the heart of nature, with comfortable services and customised leisure and relax plans. The hotels in Matalascañas and the hotels near Doñana park are a luxury accommodation for any time of the year. These hotel offer a good quality price ratio, family rooms and spacious apartments for everybody.

The Flecha del Rompido is an ideal plan for couples. It is a deserted beach where to get lost and enjoy the best company. Relaxing under the sun, reading, having a bath in the Atlantic… Besides, there are different accommodations in the surroundings, among which we highlight the best Adults Only hotels in Huelva, with services specially designed for romantic and wellness getaways.


Almeria has been the setting of some of the most famous spaghetti westerns of history, a place where the desert-like nature embraces the Mediterranean Sea, where life is peaceful and where there is no place for stress. Almeria is an in-style destination, with its beaches, its culture, its history and its interesting tourist attractions that offer a wide range of proposals. In fact, those who visit Almeria always come back.

If you have never visited the city, 2016 is the moment. Choose a hotel in Cabo de Gata if you are travelling with your family, as it is one of the most entertaining areas for children, for enjoying the nature, the quiet beaches and the activities in the open air for all ages. The resorts in El Toyo have the widest offer of services for families and for all type if travellers, although you can also choose an apartment and organise your trip your own way. It might be more complicated, but a perfect alternative if you are travelling as a couple.

This area also offers you the possibility to plan a trip or a luxury relaxing getaway at one of the best 5-star hotels in Almeria, with spa, gourmet gastronomy…Enjoy a complete plan at your chosen accommodation and pamper yourself with exclusive services.

Marbella Beach: Iberostar Costa del Sol

Good things are gone, sun goes away, and daylight hours shrink with clock hands running night after night. Rain, coat, blanket and sofa return. So stay home and dream. Yes, because there is no better time than now, when the autumn is just beginning and winter already threatens to stay, to play to imagine the next holiday.

Today we bring you a proposal that you will have to study seriously: a new hotel in the heart of ideal for a family holiday or a relaxing getaway as a couple. It has spaces for children and exclusive areas for adults’ relaxation, beach club, gastronomy, complete rooms and professional entertainment team.

This is one of the new hotels that & Resorts group has incorporated this year to its portfolio, into its new line of resorts in with luxury amenities and reduced prices. It is, therefore, an alternative to keep in mind if what you need is to escape for a few days but budget is tight. In this type of establishment, quality services are guaranteed and the range of boards they offer allow to adapt the trip to every budget and every type of traveller.

IBerostar Costa del Sol hotel

Among its most outstanding services, it is worth mentioning that this hotel has direct access to Saladillo beach; in one of the pools it offers a water playground, as well as a miniclub and professional entertainer in care of children. As for relaxation, it has a complete spa centre, Jacuzzi, solarium areas featuring design furniture, and all-inclusive service so you don’t have to worry about paying for everything you eat or drink… And, for gourmets, a restaurant which will delight any expert palate.  

Even though the hotel is new, you can already book directly, without intermediaries, through the official website of , with the guarantee of being the only ones who offer the lowest price online.

Chiclana, a surf lovers paradise

Chiclana de la Frontera is one of the best surf spots that gather surfers from all over the country and the world too, just to ride those perfect waves. This town, located in Costa de la Luz, between Cádiz and Tarifa, is the right place to start a trip through southern Spain and enjoy the surf spots as well as the touristic destinations.

Chiclana de la Frontera beach

Chiclana de la Frontera beach

The best seasons to surf in Chiclana are in October and May since the waves increase significantly thanks to the winter storms in the Pacific Ocean. It’s also ideal to go on a trip to Chiclana with your couple, family or with friends since you can enjoy the warm weather and go to the beaches without worrying about the heat.

The perfect weather and wave conditions makes it one of the preferred surf destinations in Cádiz, but surf isn’t the only sport practiced there, the kitesurf and windsurf are popular too. The reason might be that wind blows assiduously, perfect for those who love sailing.

Chiclana isn’t just for experts, is a good option for those who want to learn to surf too, you can find several schools across the coastal area that will give you surfing lessons practically during the whole year. Amateurs begin where the waves are gentle, moving to better places as you improve your surf skills.

On the other hand, the accommodation shouldn’t be a problem since there are many seaside hotels in Chiclana with services that will complement your holiday.

So if you want to learn how to surf but you’re travelling with children, Chiclana is your destination, since you will find many family hotels in Cádiz near the best spots to surf.

Visiting the south before the year ends

I go to the south It is decided. Before 2014 ends, I will spends some days in Andalusia with my children, while Sergey stay here preparing everything. I have made a short list with places to visit, from Málaga to Cádiz, Huelva and Seville, but of course I accept all types of recommendations and comments from those who have already been there. The few times I have been there, I have stayed for really short periods or for work and, although I love the few things I have seen, I want to dedicate some free days to explore all the coast and the capital.

In Seville, I have already chosen an accommodation: I will stay at a hotel in Santa Cruz neighbourhood, which is one of my favourite ones, and as I know them, I will take advantage of the discount and I will also take the opportunity to say hello to the staff. By the way, I really recommend them! Besides, it is a great boutique hotel to go with children, charming, with an indoor courtyard where having a breakfast is just delightful. Among the planned visits in Seville, I have reserved a night to the theatre. a tapas tour in the surroundings of the hotel, which is very close to the Cathedral, and an intensive day of museums, with workshops for the little ones.

A big part of the trip will be dedicated to Seville, since I plan to visit its main tourist attractions, from La Giralda, to the Isla Mágica theme park (although I am undecided about the last one… what do you think about it? Is it worth it?) I expect to see a couple of exhibitions which are precisely open on these dates. I also want to enjoy a night in a tablao, even if it were short, you know how kids are… I was told about some famous tablaos, but I am more interested in an authentic tablao, than in a famous one. If you have any suggestion, please tell me (thank you in advance)

 Barcelo Montecastillo Golf Hotel

Then, I will visit Málaga to enjoy some sunny days, walks on the beach, relaxation and laughs with the kids. As for sleeping, in this case, I will mix two types of accommodations: a hotel right in the centre of Málaga, and a holiday hotel in Fuengirola, which is very affordable and seems perfect for resting and forgetting it all. My objective: resting, having fun and eating delicious food. I will undoubtedly visit El Tintero again and enjoy some of the sardines stalls placed throughout all the beach, next to the promenade of the city. If you want an affordable plan for eating with a group, it is not at all bad!

In Cádiz, I have a similar plan: I will stay a couple of days in the centre in order to enjoy its night atmosphere and know how the Christmas is in one of the sunniest places in Spain; afterwards, I will stay at a hotel with villas close to the motorcycling circuit so as to do the famous wine tours of Jerez and meeting with friends who live near (they have promised to take care of the children while I tour 🙂 ). Then, I will go to the coast. First, I will stay at a spa hotel in Chiclana, I will visit La Barrosa and I will do a couple of excursions around the area. Here I will stay for just a couple of days, because the New Year countdown gets closer. And finally I will visit the Roche coves and I will stay at one of the first hotels in Calas de Conil (yes, occupational habit: hotels, tourism, trips… My work is obsessive!).

I have reserved something special for Huelva: Ayamonte. I have always wanted to go, not just for its wonderful landscapes and its atmosphere, but also because one of the best persons I know is from there and I would like to see where she grew up. In fact. I will have the good fortune of travelling with her, so in this part of the trip I will leave almost everything in her hands. I want surprises.. (Get your act together, Marta!) We will stay at a golf hotel in Isla Canela, in order to enjoy a couple of golf lessons, visit the marshes and, of course, rest. We will return on December 31st. Meanwhile, take care of my island!


Andalucia, an autumn that smells like summer

Andalucia, especially its coastal destinations such as Cadiz and Malaga, are the best reference to enjoy an autumn of golf breaks, well-being, gastronomy and culture. As one of the regions with the best climate all year round in Spain, it also offers a wide range of recreational activities along with all types of services, specialized and targeted to audiences of all ages, and with different travel motivations. So, booking an All Inclusive hotel in Torrox – Costa, can be a very good option to prolong the summer with the family during these first days of September, while the spa hotels in Marbella are ideal if you are looking to charge with extra energy before returning to the daily routines from work, your home and going back to school.

The Andalusian culture is a perfect companion to the landscape and climate benefits that this community has in southern Spain. Beyond flamenco music and singing, Malaga is one of the main cities that has very strong ties to Spain’s cinema industry, together with San Sebastian, and is also, home to Pablo Picasso’s museum. The best to quietly enjoy everything in the city is to choose a hotel in the centre of Malaga and organize a cultural break with family or friends. Malaga is also the perfect destination to take advantage of autumn’s nights with a drink in the open air at Larios Street.

Iberostar Malaga Playa

Iberostar Malaga Playa

To take advantage of the sun and the beach and enjoy a different view, with no crowds, and with spectacular locations where you can practice all kinds of outdoor sports, Andalucia has several possibilities, but without a doubt, one of the most valued are the holidays in Huelva. In this province, beach and nature are blended in a unique way, creating places such as the marshes of the Guadiana and its traditional culture can be felt in every corner of their beautiful villages, like Ayamonte, which is near the border with Portugal and the tourist destinations of Isla Canela and Isla Cristina.

Sports and relaxation are two of the main motivations that attract travellers who decide to spend a few days in this area of Costa de la Luz. Many are those who book golf hotels in Isla Canela, beachfront hotels for surfing and wellness resorts that are perfectly integrated into the landscape, and invite you to disconnect for the whole weekend, without to many troubles, and prices are actually very competitive.

In Cadiz, the main attraction is the pristine waters of its beaches, the unspoilt coastline and its excellent traditional cuisine. The so called Tacita de Plata is always a success if you plan an escapade with your partner or with a group of friends, as it offers the right amount of culture, entertainment and nightlife along with a unique heritage and eating options.

Staying in the city of Cádiz is a good alternative if you are looking for hustle, art and cultural events in general. If what you want is to enjoy the beach and rest before going back to school, the best option would probably have to be a spa hotel in Chiclana or a golf hotel in Chiclana, as this town is one that has the best services for visitors and some of the most beautiful sceneries in the whole coast of Cádiz. For a romantic escapade, we recommend choosing a hotel in Calas de Conil, as here you can find the quieter beaches on the coast.

Malaga, destination for golf lovers

In Malaga we can enjoy  one of the strategic places for practicing golf in Spain, the known Valle del Golf, one step away from Marbella and Puerto Banús, in the middle of the stunning Sierra Blanca mountains.  It is not the only enclave targeted at golfers in Costa del Sol, but it is one of the most exclusive ones and boasts a wonderful landscape. Luxury housing developments have been built in the entire area, fostering the worldwide fame of Marbella, which has turned into a Jet Set holiday destination in Spain.

Altogether, there are about 70 golf courses in Costa del Sol and, specifically, there are 16 golf courses in Marbella which stand out for hosting some of the best national and international golf tournaments celebrated in Spain.

Two of the most appreciated courses in Valle del Golf are Aloha Golf Club and Golf La Quinta.  The first one was designed by the renown Javier Arana and was opened in 1975.  It is a big official golf course with 18 holes,  and an additional course with nine par three holes, designed by Enrique Canales, horrific member of the club.

IBEROSTAR Marbella Coral Beach

IBEROSTAR Marbella Coral Beach

On the other hand, La Quinta Golf is one of the biggest courses.  It has 27 holes, split among 3 nine hole courses.  Additionally, it has school, shop, gym, wellness area, restaurants…

There also other important golf courses close to Alhaurín el Grande and AntequeraMijas, another of the places of reference in Costa del Sol, has its own Valle del Golf, with 12 golf courses, ideal for both experts and those new to the practice.

If you are planning a golf getaway for this summer or autumn in Málaga and if you have the possibility of choosing an accommodation, the best area is Puerto Banus and the Benahavis mountain village: a spa hotel in Marbella or an apartment  right in Sierra Blanca are two interesting alternatives especially if you are looking for rest and relax without getting away from the beach area in Costa del Sol.

Kitesurf in Huelva

The Huelva province has 120 kilometres and perfect beaches for kitesurfing. The ideal wind conditions and the quality of beaches have gradually made of Huelva a sought-after destination for those who practise this exciting water sport.

Throughout the Huelva coast, there are at least ten spots (beaches where water sports are practised, such as surfing and windsurfing) where we can kitesurf. Some of the most known spots, thanks to their suitability for this sport, are for example, Isla Canela or Punta del Morral, both in the Ayamonte municipality.

Foto de Andalucía Información

Other beaches also boast good conditions, such as Isla Cristina, La Antilla or Punta Umbría. On windy days, it is very usual to see the beaches sky swarming with kites and the kiters taking off the sea and doing acrobatics in the air. For tourists, it is a real spectacle and, actually, many of them spend long time in the seashore taking pictures of the kiters.

There are even many people that, attracted by this sport, sing up for an introductory course in some of the many schools of these beaches. These courses provide the students with all they need to start this thrilling sport, such as the material, the basics of safety, kite control, etc…

Foto de Faro del Sur

Whether you do kitesurf or not, travelling to Huelva to do this sport is a stupendous experience because, besides good wind and weather conditions, in this province we find beautiful fine golden sand beaches where sailing is just fantastic.

Recommended hotels in Huelva:

–          Sensimar Isla Cristina Palace Hotel

–          Flamero Hotel

–          Dunas de Doñana Golf Resort Hotel