The GastroSpa trend

First we had the Brunch, then the afterwork and now it’s time for the GastroSpa, a combination of body and mind care and a delicate cared gastronomy, in selected spaces with the best quality and attention. Sounds good huh? Well that may be the reason these model is spreading and many spa centres now offer these complete formula, the perfect way for a relaxation and care break.

One of the first ones to bet for this gastro-healthy tendency in Spain is the restaurant of Grand Mencey Hotel, which perfectly harmonized its exclusive wellness facilities with its wonderful Cocina del Mencey, One of the strongest culinary offers in Santa Cruz of Tenerife.

The Mencey GastroSpa cost 35 euros, it includes access to the hydrotherapy area (one of the best ones in Tenerife) for 90 minutes and a complete appetiser of your choice: Gourmet, vegetarian, or vegan. And you can add an additional massage (extra charge), and while being there, book in this historic gastronomic hotel in Santa Cruz and enjoy a complete relaxation weekend without any worries.

The hotel is a 5 star accommodation in Tenerife with guests like Liz Taylor, as well as other famous characters, like politicians, writers, and stars from tv, movies, and music industry of all times

The spa centre located in Santa Cruz is one of the most complex: almost 5000 metres squared dedicated to your cared, body therapies, beauty treatments and the most sensorial relaxation. Its hydrotherapy are is renowned (the one included in the GastroSpa offer) and it also has professional massages inspired in the latest Asian relaxation techniques.

To enjoy all these services and delicious restaurant aperitifs of this new proposal make a reservation in the 922609924, or send an email to:


Urban hotels: the Pinterest model

How many times have you been in a hotel and you couldn’t resist to upload a photo to Instagram because it was incredibly beautiful?  Many? So you are probably a traveller that prefer a hotel in the city, an urban tourist that have travelled a lot and is demanding. Yes, a Pinterest model that appreciate design, architecture, spaces, décor details, daily art, the magic of those places where you always leave a trace.

Pinterest is one of the social networks with fastest growing and, despite the years, it has not lose an inch of interest from its users, gaining always more followers, collecting some of the best images in the world in terms of interior design, architecture, fashion and decoration. Pinterest has created its own style: crystalline, bright, full of attractive details, small touches of craftsmanship coexist with the most frenzied technology and modernity. Colours, forms, textures…

The Pinterest model is the model that prevails in shops, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels from all over the world.  First Ikea with its Nordic taste. Now this style between hipster, naif and minimal. When you arrive to a hotel perfectly decorated and designed according to the basic canons of this social network, it is almost irresistible to share that detail that captivate us with the rest of our followers. It is impossible. It is necessary.

Hotels know this and have seen it. The coffee shop recently renovated, investing in decoration, in furniture and curtains. The coffee shop full of visitors, although coffee is more expensive. Well, it is the same with accommodations.  As we have previously mentioned, this is more usual in urban hotels, not only because the tendency has been implemented before, but because coastal and beach hotels are always fighting with the beauty of the surrounding landscape: the sea that captivate everyone. Besides, it is not easy to transfer the Pinterest design to traditional beach resorts, where tropical model still prevails. Now, we must bear in mind that this is what many of their visitors are looking for.

This is different in cities. That design and décor invites and evoke experiences. It offers an extra benefit to guests, a differential touch that leads them to share, to think: I want everyone to see this incredible hotel where I am. We are not talking about services or about the deep details, we are talking about the superficial, the image. It is true that the image without a good service is not useful at all.  But we must also recognise that those who are investing in this type of design hotels are doing it really well.

Searching in portfolios, we have found some Catalonia Hotels: design hotels in Barcelona, some of them are business hotels; hotels in the centre of Barcelona offering fashionable services such as rooftop pool, Japanese restaurant, gym, spa, beauty salon… Everything in one accommodation (in this case, Catalonia Barcelona Plaza). More examples: Catalonia Sagrada Familia and Catalonia Ramblas.

We cannot forget Petit Palace: hotels such as Museum Barcelona are a treasure not only of the Pinterest model (it is impossible not to share the beauty of its spaces) but also of the Barcelona’s modernism, since this hotel is situated in the old Garriga Nogués house, one step away from Ciutat Vella. But in Madrid is where we find the most outstanding ones: the emblematic Posada del Peine, with an exquisite refurbishment; Art Gallery or Embassy Serrano can fill the Instagram gallery of any self-respecting traveller.

Even hotels with a lower category such a modern hostels (Generator Hostel in Barcelona, for example) are joining this fashion. And they are even competing with really affordable prices. Big chains of beach resorts are beginning to apply this tendency: IBEROSTAR Hotels & Resorts has just opened this year a renovated and charming hotel in La Gran Vía, next to Barrio de los Poetas, following this trend: IBEROSTAR Las Letras, with a rooftop where you can contemplate the centre of Madrid.

Some may think this is a passing fashion or a simple detail, but in our opinion this is an extra benefit you should appreciate. And it is on the rise.

Family trips: Barcelona coast, Canary and Balearic Islands

To travel with family you need to choose a good destination in order to satisfy tastes of every member of the group. Children, grandparents, teenagers, parents… Beach is the most convenient option when you travel with children, since they can have fun freely and adults have always the possibility to relax without worries. Today we are going to analyse the advantages of 3 beach areas traditionally recommended to make the most of summer with family.

Barcelona Coast

Also called Maresme, the coast of Barcelona is one of the best alternatives for a family holiday. Easy to arrive by car from any point of the peninsula and Europe, it represents a historical destination with good services, quiet atmosphere and complete family accommodations.

It boasts comfortable beaches with easy accesses, quiet waters, all kind of attractions to complement a fun day with the little ones, bars, restaurants and clubs in the centre and surroundings. Calella, Santa Susanna, Pineda de Mar… Villages of this Catalonian coast are friendly places offering a range of possibilities in terms of culture, sport and children’s leisure.

Among the accommodations in Maresme, it is worth mentioning historic hotels in Calella, dedicated to families during decades, hotels in Pineda de Mar, shaping a top level tourist centre, and apartments, which are always an interesting options especially if you travel during a longer period (more than 10 days).

Canary Islands

The Canary Islands, headed by Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura, are the ideal destinations if, besides a fun place for children, you want to take advantage of the quietness, relaxation and magic of this wonderful archipelago.  Good aerial connections from almost any airport of the peninsula make them, despite of its distance, one of the most comfortable options: flight prices are really affordable, with many charter offers and low cost companies; there is good public transportation service in all the areas connecting to the airport and tourist centres, and most of the family hotels in Tenerife, Lanzarote or Fuerteventura provide direct transfers.

The number of leisure, cultural and sport plans are so many that choosing and organising a holiday plenty of activities, without giving up rest is really difficult. Theme parks and zoos, surfing, scuba diving, boat trips, hiking tours, wine tasting, local gastronomy…

Accommodations are complete and affordable, even those with higher category (4-5 stars). Among them, family hotel in Costa Adeje stand out, as well as spa hotel in Tenerife and family hotels in Jandía, Fuerteventura which are perfect for those in search of relaxation and entertainment.  4-star resorts in Lanzarote stand out for their services and prices.


It has been, is and will be the favourite one of families. Its nature, capacity of providing different leisure activities specially conceived for those who travel with children have turned it into a reference during decade and have kept it as the family holidays’ capital in Spain. With one of the best connected airports in Europe, and infrastructures designed to make the tourist’s life easier, enjoying Majorca is simple, although it is not as affordable as in other destinations of the peninsula.

Nevertheless, those who travel to this island, return and claims that it is worth it. Attractions in theme parks, as well as in nature, gastronomy, heritage and culture, make up a holiday plan hard to match: in Majorca we find some of the best Mediterranean beaches, amusement parks for children, varied and healthy gastronomy, a wide range of events, popular celebrations, museums, clubbing areas, bicycle, sailing, climbing and hiking routes which have attracted the most famous sportsmen in the world…

Hotels in Majorca are also some of the most innovative family hotels that you can find. It is worth mentioning some accommodations in Magaluf of Sol Hotels, such as Sol Katmandú, which is an authentic amusement park with hotel beside the sea.  All inclusive hotels in Alcudia are also very renowned because, besides being located in an enviable environment, they offer complete services specialised in children. The area of family hotels in Playa de Palmais the most convenient if you look for an accommodation close to everything, well connected to the airport and to the centre of the island’s capital.


Despite what people might think, Ibiza is not only for young people in search of party or for couples wanting to relax in front of the sea.  Ibiza is a peaceful and fun destination for families too. Villages such as Santa Eulária des Riu or Port de Sant Miquel are wonderful option to have a good time with children: nature, beaches and activities for all ages combine perfectly in these areas.

Connections to Ibiza are better and more complete: there are more trips to the main cities of the peninsula, flight prices are more affordable than ever, and it is really easy to mover around the island if you rent a car.

Family accommodations in Ibiza have been also growing, adapting and specialising to offer a more complete service, allowing families to take advantage of attractions of the island for children and adults, with original and careful leisure plans. Resorts in Port de Sant Miquel, as well as hotels in Santa Eulària –which are the areas more focused on families–, are the most recommended ones, although it is truth that nowadays you can find family hotels in almost any place in Ibiza, from Playa den Bossa to Sant Antoni.


Culture: an essential trip motivation

These are bad times for culture. The economic crisis that has affected administrations and private investments has reduced the quantity and quality of what we can enjoy in Spain. Nevertheless, fight continues and it seems that, right now, with few money, is when both institutions and businessmen notice that the cultural plans of a destination can make the difference and it can even turn it into one of the most efficient tools to make tourism less dependent on seasonal factors in Spain.

Culture has been always one of the most important travel motivations, especially in urban destinations. Cities of all over the world have worked in this concept and have polished it making it the philosopher’s stone for their tourism. Bilbao is a great example in Spain, as well as Barcelona, and now Madrid is also standing out in this sense.

Hotels in the centre of Barcelona and Madrid have joined this cause and there are many accommodation in these cities giving their guests tickets and cultural plans as incentives to close a sale. Musicals, museums with high quality temporary exhibitions, concerts or festivals… Now we see how initiatives like the indie music festival BBK Live, that this month is celebrating 10 years of existence, have achieved to fill hotels in the centre of Bilbao in dates that used to be deserted because of the high competition of beach destinations.

The same happened with the pioneer celebration in the capital of Catalonia, that year after year fill the rooms in the centre of Barcelona with the celebration of two of the most powerful music festivals in the country: Primavera Sound and Sonar, every one with a special style and combined during the year with other both professional and leisure events: opera seasons, concerts of big international groups, football, design and fashion catwalks…

Madrid, which has been always much related to the business trade thanks to the unstoppable schedule of IFEMA, is gaining ground in terms of culture. Besides the classic musicals that have always attracted a large number of tourists to the capital, they are investing in theatre, live music and specially, in gastronomy. Yes, gastronomy as a cultural option… or the bar culture, but in a more select way than now: tapas specialising in different tours, gourmet restaurants with unique proposals, renovated markets such as San Miguel, next to Plaza Mayor… This type of events and cultural attractions of the city (which keeps opting for night as its mainstay) are filling hotels in the centre of Madrid even during summer months, and not precisely with foreigners.

Cultural plans for children are also an important investment in the main cities of Spain, as well as cinema: some examples are San Sebastián and Málaga, which have made their film festivals a real international attraction. In fact, it is not strange if the first thing you see in hotels in the centre of Málaga and San Sebastián is a fully booked poster during these dates.

Cultural industry keeps thinking that efforts to support these initiatives are very few. The cultural VAT (21%) is not very helpful. This is the current battle: to achieve a more affordable access to culture for all social classes because there are all types of travellers and affordable prices are always welcome.

The best hotel areas in Majorca

Suddenly, you decide that this year you will spend your holiday in Majorca… and you don’t even know where to stay!  Don’t worry, this island has a huge range of accommodations and it is truth that it is better to rule out some areas, especially if you look for sun, beach and quietness. Here you have some clues:

North: beaches and nature

The north is the best area to book a hotel in Majorca if you are thinking of some relaxing days, huge fine sand beaches, beach bars, and games for children and nature. It is one of the best preserved areas in the island, along with Serra de Tramuntana, but there is a largest number of accommodations, so prices are more affordable and competitive. Hotels in Playa de Muro are one of the most complete options: they are not just specialised and high quality hotels, but they are also located right in front of one of the biggest beaches in Majorca, surrounded by beach clubs for sport lovers… and for those who love to have a beer on the seaside.

Hotels in Alcudia are also a very attractive alternative. They are situated in the north western, close to Pollensa and Formentor. They have the advantage of being located one step away from the centre of Alcudia, which is one of the most beautiful villages in the northern coast, and they have better connections to the centre of Palma. In a bit more than an hour you will be directly in the airport, in 2 minutes you will arrive to the mountain range or go to lively villages such as Sa Pobla.

East: Mediterranean dawn

From Cala Millor to Artà, the Eastern coast of Majorca is an authentic paradise to rest and forget from it all. Instead of big beaches, here you will find coves and inlets with rocks and sand, some of them even boast pine forests and outdoor bars where you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon beside the sea… and in the shade (which is a real luxury in Majorca in August).  The coves of Mondragó Natural Park are two paradises and are situated very close to picturesque villages such as Portocristo and Portocolom. As for accommodation, the most recommended is to look for hotel offers in Cala Millor, Sa Coma, Canyamel and Son Servera or, directly, a hotel in Cala Ratjada, one of the coastal villages in Majorca that preserves a fishing essence, where you will always have everything within reach.

Close to Palma: beach and urban leisure

The centre of Palma is an option where you need not combine certain elements to really enjoy it. You may think that spending the summer in this city is not precisely the most idyllic plan, especially for the high temperatures in Majorca in August… But Palma has many to offer and, if you rent a car, you can move easily around the island, visit all the places you want and return to enjoy the parties, shops and culture the capital has to offer. A very attractive alternative is opting for a hotel in Playa de Palma, just 2 minutes away from the airport, in front of the sea and 10 minutes away from the Cathedral. The closest area to Can Pastilla is the most recommended ones to avoid crowds of German tourists that come to spend their summer in the surroundings of Balneario 6, in the areas of Llucmajor known as S’Arenal. You can also choose a hotel in S’Arenal, but at the end, next to the yacht club: hotels are very affordable, there are less tourists and you can enjoy the Son Verí coves, Cala Blava y Bellavista, which are delightful.

Illetas, from the promenade towards Cala Major and Calvià, is another recommended place to stay in Majorca. Hotel rates are a bit higher, but quality and landscape beauty really worth it. Besides, it is very close to areas such as Puerto Portals, Portals Vells, Portals Nous and Cala del Mago.

Western: Relaxation and fun

Calvià is one of the classic British tourism areas, specially concentrated in Magaluf and Palmanova, which has had bad press in the last years. Nevertheless, apart from a couple of streets in Magaluf, Calvià, Santa Ponsa and Peguera are an exceptional destination to stay in Majorca and enjoy a really quiet holiday with your couple of family. In fact, here we have one of our favourite places: the area of hotels in Costa de la Calma, at the foot of Cala Blanca. Even in Magaluf people is changing their philosophy, and leaving behind the party concept for a more modern, amusing, relaxing and fresh hotel style. An example of this is the old Barracuda hotel that now is part of the innovative complex FERGUS Magaluf Resort, designed for young people, families and groups of friends in search of beach and relaxation, but without giving up the summer fun in Majorca.

Tramuntana: the pure essence of Majorca

Deià, Banyalbufar, Estellencs, Esporles, Valldemossa… They are nice villages in the island, authentic natural treasures that preserves to the perfection the lifelong Mediterranean charm, quietness and good taste of traditions. Perfect for those who want to get away from it all, lo live in the middle of nature, enjoy the Mediterranean in small coves, hike, contemplate beautiful sunsets and make part of the exclusive atmosphere of this area. It is exclusive because there is a smaller number of accommodations and higher prices.

The latest in accommodation… on the other side of the pond

All resorts in the Caribbean seem to be the same. All hotels can give this impression at the time of booking… But then, when you arrive and see it, when you try it and experience it, you discover that not all are the same and that sometimes, we should research, invest more, or at least, invest well. By way of example, we have here a list with some of the last novelties in beach resorts and urban hotels in Latin America making a positive and satisfactory difference even for the most demanding ones.

Catalonia Hotels

With their Bávaro Hotel and beach resort in Riviera Maya, Catalonia is one the Spanish chains investing in more modern and complete accommodation in strong tourism destinations in the Caribbean. México and Dominican Republic are still a benchmark for relaxing holidays and both hotels’ concept coincides with this line: rooms and villas on the seaside, surrounded by lagoons, swimming pools and tropical gardens, up-to-date gourmet gastronomy services, innovative entertainment options and spa.

They offer prices from $130 per night in a double room and special services for weddings and events, for both private celebrations and incentive travels.

Olé Hotels

This new line of family beach resorts in Tenerife, Ibiza and Lanzarote have also arrived to the Caribbean with a complete and renovated hotel in Cayo Largo, Cuba. Without losing its traditional charm, with architecture typical of the island, this resort is situated on the seashore, very close to famous beaches such as Playa Sirena, Playa Luna or Punta Mal Tiempo.

Olé Playa Blanca Resort stands out for being very similar to a Cuban fishing village with 4-star services: spa and wellness centres, huge swimming pools next to the beach, lush gardens, innovative All-inclusive service, yoga and Tai Chi courses… Very affordable prices, like the Olé Hotels in Spain.

Dann Hotels

If don’t want to go to the Caribbean, but you want to discover some of the most interesting countries in Latin America, our recommendation is to visit Bogotá, Colombia. There you will enjoy the capital atmosphere of a dynamic city full of projects, culture and traditions.  The most outstanding and innovative accommodation is offered by one of the most emblematic hotel chains in the country.  Dann Hotels, with more than 50 years working, they boasts urban and holiday hotels in the main tourist places of Colombia.

The best hotels are situated in the centre of the capital, in the most exclusive areas: Dann Avenida 19, Casa Dann Carlton or Dann Norte Bogotá. 4-star hotels and deluxe hotels. All of them have an attractive price-quality relationship. Ideal for a quiet and safe trip. Outside Bogotá, one of their most outstanding hotels is in Ibagué, and outside the country, Dann Carlton Quito, in Ecuador.


Fuerteventura, a place for you this summer

Fuerteventura is the place for you this 2015 summer. If you have any doubt, here we have a lot of reasons to convince you.

Kilometres of sand

South Fuerteventura, in the beach hotels area in Jandía, you will be able to enjoy the longest and cared beaches of all the island. Calma Coast, Gaviotas Beach, and last but not least, the famous Matorral Beach, an almost unexplored sand area in the southern peninsula of Fuerteventura. The calm waves coming from the Atlantic Ocean, the shallow sea close to the beach, which makes it the perfect destination for family holiday, even with little babies.

Custom-made services

In the Jandía beach the hotels, apartments and hostels offer all kind of services specialized in couples and children, which are the usual customers there. From family bedrooms in front of Jandía beach to restaurants, chill out areas, spa centres and all you can image that would make your summer holiday comfortable.

Water sports

Is there is a perfect island to practice all kind of water sports that would be Fuerteventura. Ideal to practice surf and windsurf, in this island you will find all you need like some of the best surf classes and international competitions. To rent any sport equipment is really simple and many hotels in Jandía offer you this service and give you discount.

Culture and tradition

Despite being a tourism area, southern Fuerteventura keeps its essence, something we all like to find when we arrive to a different place, near the beach hotels area in Jandía is one of the charming towns of the island: Morro Jable, a port settle where you can still see the fisherman weaving their net and exploring the sea in their boats.


In this port we will find some of the best seafood restaurants in Fuerteventura. Prices are very affordable, and the fish is fresh, plus the environment is just perfect to spend any day any time and enjoy the Canarias flavour: from the gofio to the Canarian wrinkly potatoes with Mojo sauce. It is important to make a reservation beforehand since being a touristic place sometimes the place gets crowded.


Jandía peninsula has one of the most beautiful mountain range of all Fuerteventura. It covers a large part of the Pájara’s topography and it hides some secrets like the famous Cofete beach. The hiking routes are spectacular in this area since the ascent isn’t hard and you can enjoy a breathtaking view very easy, you can even go with your children.