All the latest news of Mencey’s Cookery Classroom

This month of March we have with us one of the most important events of the year, for all those couples who plan to marry this 2015. At the hotel IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey they are aware of the importance of this day, as well as the needs and requirements of the couples.

4 Special Day Weddings and Celebrations

The coming Saturday 14th of March the 4th Annual Wedding and Celebrations event is held on the premises of the Mencey Hotel. The event will take place from 11.00am to 20.00pm, and some of the most prestigious brands in the industry will take place.

This event is a unique opportunity to discover the exclusive spaces that this 5 star hotel has to offer, as well as the complete gastronomic experience provided by the Mencey Cookery Classroom.

Nuevo menu degustacion restaurante los menceyes



New tasting menu at the restaurant Los Menceyes

IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey’s signature restaurant, restaurant Los Menceyes is changing its tasting menu this month of March. The new degustation menu has 7 dishes elaborated from the respect to the quality of products and where flavours from the island predominate. The tasting menu has a price of 45€ without drinks and 55€ with a selection of wines included, a unique price for a menu of this quality.

The tasting menu of Los Menceyes is available from Monday through to Friday from 19.30 to 22.30 and can be booked over the official website of Mencey’s Cookery Classroom.

Cooking classes Cooking Classroom Mencey

Each month, Mencey’s Cookery Classroom and its team of chefs, elaborates cooking courses for foodies and gastronomy enthusiasts, where they will discover all the secrets of haute cuisine in Tenerife.

The courses and dates

· March 18, 2015, Japanese Cuisine: Introduction to Teppanyaki and gourmet sushi rolls. The chef Zhe Hang will show attendees all the secrets of this Asian cuisine, appreciated worldwide for its balanced and healthy diet

· 27th of March, 2015, Initiation course for a professional “jamon” cut

José Carlos Prieto, a member of the Spanish National Association of Ham Cutters, and one of the best ham cutters in Spain, will be guiding attendees through the art of cutting “jamon”. Learn to cut Spanish ham with a straight and thin cut, that enhances the natural flavours of this product admired worldwide.

Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (Part 4)

Jandía, the stronghold of the family peace

You can say that only a few places in summer are quiet and relaxed. The large invasion of tourists that the major coasts and beaches in Spain sustain makes almost impossible to find a sunny destination that is not overcrowded… Except for escaping to an island. And this island is Fuerteventura and, in particular, its extreme South: the Jandía peninsula. Even if, like in every place, you can perceive the summer, since this area offers a spectacular climate (and very similar) all year round, in the high season there are no peaks of floating population, as it happens, for example, in Majorca in July or August.

For this reason (and for many others, like its beaches, nature and windsurf), we have included Jandía in this little list of destinations for holidays in 2015. The peninsula of Jandía, with areas with family hotels such as Playa Jandía, Costa Calma or the village of Morro Jable, offers a unique landscape, beaches with less waves and with less deep sea floors than in other parts of Fuerteventura, thematic parks where to take your children, a good native gastronomic offers and wines… Basically, without moving from the peninsula. If you travel there, we recommend you the excursion to Pico de Zarza, the tallest mount in Fuerteventura, and a visit to the beach of Cofete, but be careful because it is some kind of dangerous for your kids, since this is a coastal zone with strong marine currents. As regards accommodations, there are many options to choose from. If you travel with your family, any of the 3 hotels in Playa de Jandía of the Iberostar chain largely cover your needs. In addition, one of those hotels in Jandía features a special area for adults that will allow you to enjoy as it were a holiday with your partner.

Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (Part4)

It will be fantastic

Travel to Majorca. In particular, travel to Palma, the capital of the islands, the administrative and crucial centre of the culture, shopping, nightlife and of the most vibrant life in Majorca all year round. Palma engaged a lot to give travellers thousand and one excuses to consider it not only as a summer destination, and it has become one of the preferred European cities for a holiday any time of the year. We are not going to lie to anyone: the best moment to visit Palma is in June or September, when the summer begins or it is about to end. In this way, you can avoid the high temperatures of the Majorcan summer and the massive flow of tourists coming to this island between July and August mainly.


Palma changes completely according to the type of travel you plan to do. If you want to escape some days with your friends to experience the nightlife and drowse relaxed on the beaches during the day, between dips, we recommend you a hotel in the centre of Palma and a rented car that are quite cheap in the island, both in the beginning of the season and in the end. It is better that you plan your holidays with children in a hotel near Playa de Palma (that is very comfortable, because this zone is next to the airport and is connected through urban buses to the city centre every 15 minutes) or Illetas, which is one of the nicest coves outside Palma, after the Estación Marítima and Porto Pi. To travel with your partner, it is better to look for Adults Only hotels in Majorca that have been proliferating in various parts of the island during the last decade and they offer quite full accommodation and entertainment plans. As always, we recommend you to make your reservations firstly checking the official websites of the hotels, since you can save the intermediary and many hotels ensure that you can have the lowest online rate guaranteed by booking there.

Quito’s best option when it comes to resting and enjoying

The capital of Ecuador tempts and amazes us as a unique and wonderful holiday and business destination.

When we’re travelling, we’re always looking to discover new things but without losing the comfort. The Dann Carlton Quito Hotel is exactly what we’re looking for. A peaceful environment where calm is our major compromise which is located in the most important centre of finances and business of the city. It’s hard not falling in love with this exciting and cosmopolitan city. Declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) along with a hotel that fulfil your expectations and always gives you the best.

Luxury hotel in Quito

Luxury hotel in Quito

Dann Carlton Quito is an incredibly beautiful place, special to enjoy a family holiday, a romantic trip, a business trip or just escape from the routine, enjoy all the city wonders thanks to its location, (shopping malls – Quicentro, the UN and Fybeca – The Carolina Park right across the street, the Quito Exhibition Centre and the city monuments) or relax yourself in our amenities.

If you’re looking to discover a dream-like place, this hotel won’t disappoint you thanks to its complete and unequalled service. Need more information? The Dann Carlton Quito Hotel has 13 big halls with 30 to 300 spaces for business meetings, social and cultural events, business centres, coffee shops, bars and luxury restaurants with a wide gastronomic menu in charge of some of the best chefs in Ecuador, pool, spa, gym, squash court, Jacuzzi, sauna, massages, and the most comfortable rooms to bring you a wonderful and magical experience.

The hotel counts on an innovator deluxe service for executives, companies and national and internationals guests that look for comfort, joy and delight with the best location in the city. Enjoy your trip to Ecuador in the best 5-star hotel of the capital with the best assistance and first class service. Be seduced by its perfect combination of modern and avant-garde design making it unrivalled, opt for elegance and modernity opt for The Dann Carlton Quito Hotel. We are here to offer you an exclusive and pleasant experience that we assure to let you satisfied.

With mix of tradition and classic detail as well as a modern and sophisticated environment, Quito is a memorable destination. At the end what is important is not where you are but the things we lived there, the feelings we felt, our personal discoveries. This 5-star hotel is  first class in design and service, surrounded by a mythical and passionate city that takes out the best of its country, in here you are our five star.

Book now inour website. Quito is a dreamland with nothing but elegance, well-being and amusement. Staying with us is a decision that you will never regret.

Golf hotels in Tenerife: an oasis on the banks of the Atlantic sea

Do you want quality, services and matchless experiences for this holiday? Enjoy a charming hotel in the heart of Costa Adeje: Grand Hotel Salomé.  A luxury hotel in front of the sea with anything else!

If we talk about beauty and comfort, we cannot miss to mention the Grand Hotel Salomé: unsurpassable resort in the south of Tenerife, a sublime hotel that conquers every visitor.

Adults only hotel in Tenerife

Adults only hotel in Tenerife

Discover the wonderful beaches in Costa Adeje, visit this 5-star accommodation in Tenerife and indulge yourself with the best services and activities.  Situated on the beachfront, Grand Hotel Salomé has everything you need to rest and enjoy a wellness holiday.  Experience a unique stay in Playa del Duque and Playa Fañabé beaches.  Explore the modern facilities with classic design and traditional details of the Canary Islands. Every space will captivate you with its vibrant mix of elegance and relaxation.

Iberostar Grand Hotel Salomé is an Adults Only hotel situated in one of the best tourist areas in the south of Tenerife. It offers 24 different and personalized suites with special details that make your stay more comfortable and pleasant, several restaurants, with one of the best gourmet gastronomies in Spain, spaces specially conceived to pamper your body and mind, impeccable gardens, amazing views and fantastic swimming pools.

Every space of the hotel is designed to capture the beauty of Tenerife and bring you the best experience.  Wellness and relaxation in a luxury hotel that will far exceed all you expectations.

Allow yourself to be surprised by all the comforts, details and small pleasures that our resort offers you and enjoy every second of your holiday. The Mediterranean cuisine is undoubtedly one of our key strengths: revel in a unique gourmet experience in Tenerife on the seashore with an excellent service.  Immerse yourself in a world of flavours.

Besides, this hotel offers you an extra benefit for golf lovers.  Enjoy a golf trip to the best golf courses in Tenerife. Packages and deals you cannot miss!

Have an amusing stay in Grand Hotel Salomé in Costa Adeje and plan now a luxury holiday with personalized services. Remember that the most important thing if you want to get away from routine is always choosing top quality services to ensure your rest. Visit the hotel’s website andbook online. Let yourself be captivated by a top level gastronomy and warm and comfortable facilities.  Feel like you were at home!

Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (Part 3)

Mini-holidays… in Barcelona!

Sun, beach and ambientazo. Mediterranean at the rhythm of the city. Culture at a nice temperature, music, sport, museums and more and more plans. Barcelona – as we already said in other occasions – is always a fantastic option if you do not have many holiday days. Take a breath, ask for two free days on a weekend and escape to the Mediterranean capital. It is better that you check for the cultural programmes in those days, before booking your dates. If you have the possibility to choose your days, you can be sure that you will find events that will make your trip not only worthwhile, but also extraordinary. Whether you cannot choose your dates, do not worry too much. If we always mention Barcelona in our destinations proposals is because it will never disappoint you: the agenda of this city is endless and suited to every kind of audience, from parents with kids to groups of friends that want to experience the Barcelona night at the utmost.

Hotel Palladium in Palma de Mallorca

Hotel Palladium in Palma de Mallorca

Accommodations in Barcelona are more expensive than in Madrid. Since ever. Therefore, in this case, you need to book your trip as soon as possible. Other tips that can help you to lower the rate of your hotel in the centre of Barcelona or at least to get more and better facilities at the same rate, is to book directly on the official website of the hotel you have chosen. You will find very interesting hotel offers near Las Ramblas. It is also possible to get rooms in the Sagrada Familia area  at low cost rates, without sacrificing the quality or end up in flophouses. If you go there only for 4 days, the best you can do is to take a central, well-connected place with facilities that can help you get the most out of your days: free PC and Wi-Fi in your room, free breakfast, discounts if you travel with children or if you book rooms for groups…

Sun and beach holidays never fail

Even the most rebellious takes it. Even those who say nothing or criticise it end up to plan such a holiday once. And they enjoy it. The sun and beach holidays, lying down to dolce far niente for a week in a paradise at the edge of the sea, is one of those little comforts that everyone choose from time to time. It is no wonder that – and now they can say no, but those who denies it, will soon wish they could delete those words – planning holidays basically means: resting in a quiet place, where you can spend you free time in the most comfortable way, relaxing your body and mind, and doing everything that you cannot afford in the place where you live. It does not matter whether it is sport or long reading days lying down on sand. In any case, no one gets bitter for a sweet.

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace Hotel

Iberostar Fuerteventura Palace Hotel

It is true that the sun and beach holidays have a host of detractors, because in many occasions the budget is limited and you end up to any beach in Torremolinos or Benidorm, drowsing surrounded by people, children and beach equipment that leave not a single bit of sand free throughout the summer. But this is a very reductionist view of the travel concept we are talking about today. Sun and beach can also mean escape to a virgin beach among nature for 5 days, enjoying a comfortable accommodation and the varied entertainment proposals designed for their guests. An example is the resort in the El Rompido beach of Garden Hotels chain, an Adults Only resort in Huelva that offers sol and beach with 4 star facilities, interesting and varies complementary plans, and services customised for couples and adults who look for the maximum calmness.

Sun and beach, par excellence, is the Caribbean. In addition, despite those who criticise it, if you can afford it, in terms of dates and budget, everyone should go to a resort in Playa Bávaro or to an All Inclusive hotel in Riviera Maya, México at least once in a lifetime. Booking an All Inclusive hotel in the Caribbean, does not mean giving up visiting the destination or remaining in the resort all days of your stays, but, if you like it, it is a good plan as well. The value for money is exceptional and you can enjoy everything you want any time and in any place of the resort; you have every kind of service, not only inside the hotel, but also in its gardens and at the beach; you have parties, relax, culture… Everything you want and almost everything is included in your initial budget. Therefore, you can plan your holidays in an easy way and without last minute distress.

However, for those who do not like take an airplane and will never cross the pond, there are resorts very similar to those of the Caribbean in Spain, such as for example, the resorts in Playa de La Barrosa, Cádiz, that boast of having the biggest number of sunny days in Spain and are at the seafront. Some hotels in Costa Adeje, in Tenerife, are not inferior to the big Caribbean resorts. Actually, there you can find the one that, for three years in a row, has been chosen as the best All Inclusive hotel in Spain by its guests.

The All Inclusive resorts in Tenerife, Lanzarote, Majorca or Andalusia are perfect for holidays with children: comfortable, with complete services, every time more specialised (a good example are those called Picapiedra Hotels, of the hotels for family holidays range of Melià Sol Hotels). Some of them feature different spaces for parents and children, so that also the adults can enjoy some relaxing holidays, even if they travel with their kids… However, above all, they are an advantage, because you can have a fixed quotation beforehand that avoids you any distress at the end of your holidays.


Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (part 2)

Looking for the North

… Undoubtedly, we are in Bilbao. If you need to make a choice, do not hesitate, there is nothing better for the summer than this city full of life and with thousands of plans every minute: museums, cuisine, one of the most modern music festivals on the national scene, the most spectacular natural routes, its river and, of course, its people. Bilbao has been one of the Spanish cities that most suffered a big transformation in the last years, in terms of tourist destination, changing into one of the most quoted. July is the month with more popular festivals, therefore – if you can pick those dates – it is the best moment to visit the city. Do you fear the climate? Do not be afraid, the temperatures are usually mild, reaching 20 degrees on average (or more), it does not rain much as they say and, indeed, you may like the cool sunrises.

Catalonia Atenas Hotel in Barcelona

Hotel Catalonia Atenas in Barcelona

Accommodations are not very cheap, but they are not as expensive as those in San Sebastián or Santander. There are historic hotels in Bilbao that offer an excellent value for money, but you need to book in advance because their rooms are much requested: they are near the historic centre that is the most interesting area, if you like to enjoy the nightlife of the city. If you prefer holidays more oriented to beach or nature, we recommend you to leave the centre of Bilbao only for your visits and to look for a hotel close to the Ereaga beach or in any other area of Getxo: there are best rates and very good connections to organise excursions and routes around the city.

Excellence is the goal

Being the best and standing out year after year in the tourism industry is really difficult. On one hand, it requires huge investments in facilities and, on the other hand, it requires a special attention to anticipate the needs of the customers. The rough competition along with the varied range of services in Spain have turned it into a worldwide tourism reference that set trends, but it has also generated a such excessive efforts in the hotel chains that many small chains have given up.

If we focus our attention only on the main Spanish hotel chains, we will find a limited number but, undoubtedly, la crème de la crème of the world hotel trade. NH, Barceló. Melià and Iberostar compete year after year for local, national and international destinations, as well as for very characteristic travellers: from sports lovers to music fans.

In the interests of achieving the top of the list, one of the best defined portfolios is from the Grand Collection of Iberostar Hotels & Resorts, exclusive group of luxury hotels situated all around the world. In Spain, it has conquered areas with high tourism demand such as Costa Adeje and Santa Cruz de Tenerife, two of the most visited places during summer in Spain. Additionally, there are other relevant destinations such as Budapest, although in this case, it is not in Spain and has a very special hotel concept if we compare it with the rest of hotels.

We only need to visit the website of any of these Grand hotels to understand which types of accommodations we are talking about when we refer to the competition for being the best:  5-star hotels in Tenerife such as Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey; luxury resorts in Costa Adeje such as Grand Hotel El Mirador or Grand Hotel Salomé, and avant-garde accommodations in Europe specially designed for businessmen, managers and travellers with a high-medium purchasing power.

If there is a common characteristic between these hotels and resorts is that, regardless of the location, they have always invested in gastronomy and spa and wellness services as their main attractions. Cuisine is one of the oldest motivations when we travel and choose a destination, and, in the last years it has received a boost along with the rise of the chef profession, thanks to TV series that have democratized the high cuisine such as Masterchef or Topchef. Based on this, a new initiative appears: Chef on Tour, created by this chain in order to spread and promote more and more the select culinary tradition offered in the restaurants of their hotels in Europe and in the Caribbean.

As for gastronomy, there is a hotel belonging to the Grand Collection that surpasses all expectations (and it is really gaining ground). It is Grand Hotel Mencey. It famous Los Menceyes Restaurant and its Cookery Classroom has turned it into one of the best places to eat in Tenerife. Besides, we can enjoy its gastronomy not only in the exclusive Los Menceyes restaurant (also opened to the public in general), but also in a cocktail bar offering service of lunches and dinners based on the traditional Canary cuisine; in a casino bar with a complete menu of snacks; and a terrace restaurant called Los Laureles, which I now offering an additional menu with Mediterranean and healthy dishes.

Another important weapon of these hotels and their direct competitors is to offer some of the best spa and wellness centres in their destinations. They all have refurbished facilities, larger spaces and new areas, so that relaxation, mind and body are a key element in their holiday offer.

In fact, many wellness travellers stand them out as the most exclusive ones in the world, not only for their treatments and spaces, but also for the location: the possibility of enjoying a massage in front of the sea is a luxury that only few people can boast. In the same vein, hotels of Barceló such as Barceló Illetas are direct competitors, and hotels of Melià, such as Melià de Mar, both of them situated in the exclusive area of Illetas, just one step away from Majorca and with direct access to the sea from its spa areas.


Holidays in 2015: where to go and what not to miss (part 1)

Time does not run, it flies. Therefore, before June arrives without having set any plan, we are going to programme a range of essential and very varied proposals so that everything our imagination (or pocket) has stuck for holidays in 2015 collects some ideas and enjoys the most interesting accommodation offers that (attention!) already start to run out. Yes, dear travellers the countdown for 2015 summer has started. Fast your belts… we are taking off!


Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII

Petit Palace Savoy Alfonso XII

Summer in Madrid? Are we crazy? Yes and no. However, summer is for crazy things. Moreover, Madrid has changed a lot the concept of being a drowsing capital during the summer, when all its workers leave the city in crowds, and there are only tourists with their cameras crawling from monument to monument. There are more and more national tourists that plan a holiday from time to time and many residents in Madrid decide to remain enjoying the peace that summer offers. To best survive the hot days, there is nothing better to stay at your home… The truth is that Madrid has been offering more and more worthwhile summer proposals: concerts, open-air festivals, cinemas on the streets, summer theatre… and also the local fiestas are very interesting. In addition, you have the usual plans (that even if you can do them throughout the year, they do not lose their charm in summer): the vermouth in La Latina, the nights dancing in Malasaña, the sun rises in Gran Vía, the evenings in El Retiro. Of course, the cuisine: it is ideal to lose your entire figure you have gained at the gym during the wintertime. It so delicious and cheap that it is almost impossible to say no thanks.

To accommodate in Madrid, if you travel there in summer, do not hesitate: choose a hotel in the centre of Madrid. A hotel in Gran Vía  (there are various new and interesting hotels near the Congress) or rooms near the Retiro are two of the best options to stay near everything you need and to have always a funny plan to do. If you are looking for something cheaper, you can choose a hotel in the Arturo Soria area – today it is considered to be a central one – since if you take the metro there are only 3 – 4 stops and you will be near the airport.