The Grand Collection: luxury hotel experiences

When you spare no expense to choose a hotel, you aim to enjoy everything, the destination, its surroundings, gastronomy, shops, nature … but, above all, its accommodation. Booking a 5-star hotel in Tenerife or a luxury resort in Majorca implies a motivation which cannot be easily observed with the naked eye: the travellers want that the hotel provides them with a memorable experience, regardless of whether the destination is or is not what they expect.

In this sector of luxury resorts is where the Spanish tourism invest the most, since the emerging countries such as Tunisia and Morocco, are offering high quality hotels at really affordable prices. The lack of safety in these countries is no longer what it was, they have improved their treatment to the tourist and have created spaces reserved for them in which, besides allowing to find the essence of the country, they give them traditional western services: healthcare, security, leisure areas, private beaches … Spain seems to have seen, finally, the danger of losing this important market. This is why, the big chains are working hard  to create an army worthy of facing the new Mediterranean titans.

IBEROSTAR Son Antem Hotel

IBEROSTAR Son Antem Hotel

The Grand experience

That’s how the Iberostar Grand Collection was born, one of the most outstanding hotel companies in recent years in our country. Although they have luxury hotels in Saïdia, Berkane or Sousse, they keep its firm commitment to the national territory as the spearhead of its strategy with the sector of luxury travellers.

The islands are their favourite destination. And Tenerife, the apple of their eyes. In this Canary Island is where most of their hotel flagships are located: Grand Hotel Mencey, historic 5-star hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and prime example of its most valuable holiday accommodation in Spain. Along with this emblematic hotel, stand out others like Grand Hotel El Mirador and Grand Hotel Salomé, luxury resorts located in front of the best beaches in Costa Adeje

5-star hotels where space and services are the centre of attention. Iberostar has focused it work on developing accommodations where the traveller can enjoy a week of experiences without leaving the resort, with all types of exclusive activities ranging from gastronomic tastings with Michelin Star chefs and spa centres and luxury wellness, perfect to spend a few days of recovery after a frantic work routine. Although they are more intended to adult guests, they do not exclude family trips and have managed to balance the needs of both types of travellers with different spaces, family services for parents to enjoy their stay while kids use their energy in games accompanied by professional instructors and personalized attention, offering unique and different experiences for each guest.


More proposals

Along with Iberostar, Barcelo group has also developed a number of 4-5 star-hotels specifically designed to meet the needs of the most demanding travellers who do not mind paying what things are really worth. So, it i worth mentioning the Corralejo Bay, an Adults only hotel next to Grandes Playas in Fuerteventura; the golf resort in Jerez next to the Montecastillo Golf MotoGP circuit, and the hotel for events in Seville, Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento.


Come enjoy the Mencey wine tasting festival

La Cocina del Mencey has prepared a special event to all the good wine lovers and those who want to learn about this fascinating world as well. It’s about the I Mencey Wine & Gourmet Festival, a wine tasting celebration with the exhibition of more than 30 different wines, like white, pink and cava.
The wine tasting will be in charge of professional staff from the Gusto por el Vino, Vinófilos and Bodegas Chivita. Not only aimed to wine connoisseurs but also to the haute cuisine and gourmet products lovers, as there will be a local, national and international wine exhibition, a delicacy sample will take place as well.

To be precise, the wine will be served with a meticulous Iberian selection brought by Montesano, as well as smoked fish and grilled meat brochettes from Vara del Rey, the chef masters from La Cocina del Mencey will also cook a luscious selection of cold and hot tapas for the occasion.

To complete this experience a beer bar will be open brought by Heineken and a Chill out with the Ginebra Premium Ish, a gastronomic day with ambient music played by the DJ from the restaurant of Grand Hotel Mencey in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The event will take place on December 20 starting at 12:30 to 22:30 at the Iballa Cocktail Bar’s roundabout. Don’t miss the opportunity and come enjoy with us the good wine and the Mencey high cuisine. You will not only taste delightful wines and products, but be assure that you will spent a pleasant day in the best environment.


Luxury Adults Only Hotels that will not dissappoint you

It is not a secret that the sector of Adults Only hotels has established as one of the best administered businesses. And we should not be surprised about it because they have a large public that prefer this type of accommodations, a public seeking peace and spaces “free of children” during their holiday.

Luxury hotels are also joining this type of accommodations by ensuring to the guests that they will rest placidly in all the spaces of the hotel provided with, of course, 5-star services and facilities.

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Trinidad

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Trinidad

Iberostar is one of the chains that is taking advantage of the potential of this business sector and is investing in it. This company has a series of luxury Adults Only hotels that can captivate any customer.

In the Canary Islands, for example, the chain has several accommodations where they offer spaces intended to be wellness oasis exclusively targeted to adults. Iberostar Grand Hotel Salomé is one of them. It is a 5-star Adults Only hotel in the south of Tenerife, equipped with the most complete and luxury facilities.

In the same island is also located Iberostar Grand Hotel Mencey, a 5-star Adults Only hotel in Tenerife. Spacious rooms designed for well-being, luxury suites, haute cuisine… Everything a customer could imagine and, specially, the peace and quiet that only an Adults Only hotel could guarantee.

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

The chain has also in the same island the Iberostar Grand Hotel El Mirador, an elegant and luxury Adults Only hotel in Costa Adeje, in the south of the island. It is probably one of the best 5-star hotels in Tenerife. A place especially designed for those customers who are seeking pleasure and relax without worries.

But the Canary Islands are not the only destination where this Majorcan company has invested in this type of accommodations.  It has also opened hotels with similar characteristics in many other cities, such as Cuba. There the chain has the Iberostar Gran Hotel Trinidad, a 5-star Adults Only hotel in the centre of Trinidad.

They all share similar characteristics: luxury, elegant facilities, personalized services, gourmet gastronomy, dream locations and… peace. They offer the comfort and relax customers are seeking for their holiday, ensuring they will not feel bothered as sometimes happens when children are close.

Investing in the coast of Barcelona

The coast of Barcelona is one of the most traditional holiday destinations in Spain, an area of great natural beauty, dotted with fishing villages, diverse urban centres and complete services: leisure, health, education and commerce. One of its main attractions is the cosy, quiet and family atmosphere that few coasts can boast. Its small towns preserve the essence of modesty and peace they had before the tourist boom, and offer visitors a special charm, very different to what you find in Costa Brava or Levante

In a society that appreciates more and more the simple things, the lifelong traditions, the wellness without worries, this coast of Barcelona has become one of the most sought after destinations by families and couples seeking a space to rest and enjoy a healthy, safe and comfortable stay.

Towns like Santa Susanna, Calella, Malgrat de Mar and Pineda are the main elements of this holiday tour around Barcelona, where the Fergus Hotels chain has focused much of their investments for 2015 season, creating a network of resorts on the coast of Barcelona especially targeted to families, groups and couples.

Emblematic hotels in Calella such as the Espanya Hotel are part of this portfolio which gives priority to the traveller well-being at affordable prices, competing with some of the most important hotels in the centre of Barcelona, especially as regarding comfort and personalised service.

Besides Calella, Fergus has increased its presence in the Barcelona coast with hotels in Santa Susanna, accommodations in Malgrat de Mar and Pineda de Mar. They are modest hotels with attention to detail, modern, simple and functional decoration offering a pleasant feeling of well-being without ostentation. They are impeccable in terms of gastronomy, facilities and rooms space, and offer a wide variety of leisure plans and special services.

Price is one of its greatest values, since they offer high quality accommodations providing exceptional service at affordable prices. The location is good and reviews on forums give them a remarkable rating in terms of service and customer care, which is not very easy to find in such a tourist area as Maresme is.

Hiking in Jandía

Although the peninsula of Jandía is mainly a sun and beach destination, ideal to enjoy and relax in an All Inclusive hotel in Fuerteventura, just worrying about tasting the good life. There are more and more travelers opting for the south of the island for active tourism. Hiking in Jandía is attracting more attention, since all the mountain range of the natural park which occupies almost the entire peninsula, offers routes and unique spots.

The paths of this area have usually rising stretches: you set off from the foot of the mountains, from Playa Matorral to Playa Gaviotas, where are situated the biggest hotels for children in Playa Jandía and some of the best spa hotels in Fuerteventura. The routes directly connect these accommodations with so wonderful places such as Cofete beach, hidden behind the mountains of Jandía, in a coastal area where waves and winds are usually stronger.

Precisely, the excursion to Cofete is one of the most recommended in this area of Jandía. Although it includes a couple of ascents, it is considered to have a low level of difficulty, so it is suitable for children.  It is very close to one of the highest peaks in Fuerteventura, El Pico de la Zarza, and the panoramic views offered by all the southern coast of the island are really worth it.

If you want to consult all the routes signalized and regulated by the Fuerteventura council, check the previous link and prepare your following adventures.  The island has really magical places where, in most cases, you can arrive by adapted paths easy to walk.


Tenerife, the perfect island to disconnect

With thousands of sites to lose yourself in, Tenerife is one of those destinations that were created to escape from the world and breath, finally, without the pressure of routine and responsibilities. With a wonderful weather, the spring temperatures all year round and just a few rainy days, it offers the opportunity of lying on a beach almost deserted, listening to the sea and diving in the delicious waters of the Atlantic Sea.

The capital of the island is a must visit: it offers the best culture and gourmet gastronomy of Tenerife. One of the classic places to visit is Los Menceyes Restaurant, which makes part of the spa hotel in Tenerife, The Grand Hotel Mencey. It has a cooking classroom which will transport you to another world just by tasting some of its innovative proposals. If you want to pamper yourself in your relaxing escapade, we recommend you to stay for a night at this 5 star hotel in Santa Cruz, which is the most historic hotel in Tenerife.

 IBEROSTAR Grand Hotel Mencey

If you prefer to directly escape to a spot next to the sea, in Costa Adeje you will find all you need to spend some good time away from worries, surrounded by some of the best beaches.

Choosing a hotel in this area is not easy, since it has a very varied offer, so it depends on what your plans are. Now, if you are looking for relaxing, the best option is to opt for a spa hotel in Tenerife, or a space offering services focused on wellness tourism, such as the hotels with jacuzzi in Tenerife located in the area of Costa Adeje.

As for romantic escapades, Tenerife is a reference point. There you will find classic hotels, wonderful beach resorts with suites, affordable accommodations or event 5 star hotels, and apartments where you can enjoy at your leisure. Nevertheless, the best Adults Only hotels are in situated in Costa Adeje: this tourist destination is one of the most exclusive in the island, very lively in summer -even too lively- and perfect if you travel in autumn, winter or spring.

From Costa Adeje you can easily visit all the interesting places of Tenerife: El Teide, Loro Parque, Las Teresitas beach, El Médano, La Arena beach… And… Golf to complete the escapade! There are many golf courses in the island for different levels,, with all types of specialized services, from academies to equipment rental.

Do not miss the opportunity to attend the events of the Tenerife Auditorium since, depending on the dates, there are usually seasons of classic music and opera, folklore, theatre and dance performances…  Additionally, reserve a day to visit Icod de los Vinos and do a gastronomic tour.

In this way, your trip will be complete. And you will return home feeling completely rejuvenated.


Visiting the south before the year ends

I go to the south It is decided. Before 2014 ends, I will spends some days in Andalusia with my children, while Sergey stay here preparing everything. I have made a short list with places to visit, from Málaga to Cádiz, Huelva and Seville, but of course I accept all types of recommendations and comments from those who have already been there. The few times I have been there, I have stayed for really short periods or for work and, although I love the few things I have seen, I want to dedicate some free days to explore all the coast and the capital.

In Seville, I have already chosen an accommodation: I will stay at a hotel in Santa Cruz neighbourhood, which is one of my favourite ones, and as I know them, I will take advantage of the discount and I will also take the opportunity to say hello to the staff. By the way, I really recommend them! Besides, it is a great boutique hotel to go with children, charming, with an indoor courtyard where having a breakfast is just delightful. Among the planned visits in Seville, I have reserved a night to the theatre. a tapas tour in the surroundings of the hotel, which is very close to the Cathedral, and an intensive day of museums, with workshops for the little ones.

A big part of the trip will be dedicated to Seville, since I plan to visit its main tourist attractions, from La Giralda, to the Isla Mágica theme park (although I am undecided about the last one… what do you think about it? Is it worth it?) I expect to see a couple of exhibitions which are precisely open on these dates. I also want to enjoy a night in a tablao, even if it were short, you know how kids are… I was told about some famous tablaos, but I am more interested in an authentic tablao, than in a famous one. If you have any suggestion, please tell me (thank you in advance)

 Barcelo Montecastillo Golf Hotel

Then, I will visit Málaga to enjoy some sunny days, walks on the beach, relaxation and laughs with the kids. As for sleeping, in this case, I will mix two types of accommodations: a hotel right in the centre of Málaga, and a holiday hotel in Fuengirola, which is very affordable and seems perfect for resting and forgetting it all. My objective: resting, having fun and eating delicious food. I will undoubtedly visit El Tintero again and enjoy some of the sardines stalls placed throughout all the beach, next to the promenade of the city. If you want an affordable plan for eating with a group, it is not at all bad!

In Cádiz, I have a similar plan: I will stay a couple of days in the centre in order to enjoy its night atmosphere and know how the Christmas is in one of the sunniest places in Spain; afterwards, I will stay at a hotel with villas close to the motorcycling circuit so as to do the famous wine tours of Jerez and meeting with friends who live near (they have promised to take care of the children while I tour 🙂 ). Then, I will go to the coast. First, I will stay at a spa hotel in Chiclana, I will visit La Barrosa and I will do a couple of excursions around the area. Here I will stay for just a couple of days, because the New Year countdown gets closer. And finally I will visit the Roche coves and I will stay at one of the first hotels in Calas de Conil (yes, occupational habit: hotels, tourism, trips… My work is obsessive!).

I have reserved something special for Huelva: Ayamonte. I have always wanted to go, not just for its wonderful landscapes and its atmosphere, but also because one of the best persons I know is from there and I would like to see where she grew up. In fact. I will have the good fortune of travelling with her, so in this part of the trip I will leave almost everything in her hands. I want surprises.. (Get your act together, Marta!) We will stay at a golf hotel in Isla Canela, in order to enjoy a couple of golf lessons, visit the marshes and, of course, rest. We will return on December 31st. Meanwhile, take care of my island!