Design hotels for your holiday 2015

Simple lines, sober colours and touches of citric, fluorescent and primary colours creating wider, more illuminated and quiet spaces. Simplicity is fashionable in hotel design for holiday 2015. Many of the Spanish chains specialized in urban hotels in Madrid and Barcelona work hard in order to offer the new interior decoration trends in their most emblematic hotels.

Small changes on furniture, bed clothes, curtains and some basic decoration objects could transform an entire hotel, without needing to make a big refurbishment. This is why there are many hotels using for the first time a more detailed, novel or just equally surprising appearance.

Hotels in Barcelona

Hotels in Barcelona


Other hotels, such as the beach hotels in the coast of Barcelona, Andalusia or the Canary Islands, will begin to work on decorating again their spaces in order to offer a 2015 summer season full of new sensations for their guests. In these holiday destinations, hotels are mainly investing in rooms where light prevails: white colours, big windows, outdoor spaces (from small balconies to terraces), very simple furniture, functional lines, inspired by Nordic design but always keeping a detail or relation to the essence of the destination.

Some of them take elements of the environment and promote them, representing a continuation of the sensations and experiences offered by the destination. Other hotels opt for taking advantage of the most traditional culture, recovering the typical details and creating a connection between guest and destination: famous quotes, images of renowned places of interest, small pieces of local crafts, traditional symbols…


A good example of this game consisting of eliminating borders between outdoor landscape and hotel interior decoration (especially in the rooms) are the spaces design made by FERGUS Hotels, specifically, in FERGUS Cala Blanca Suites Hotel, and by IBEROSTAR group, in its IBEROSTAR Jardin del Sol. Curiously, both hotels are located in the same area of Santa Ponsa Bay, just some metres away from each other, with views of one of the best Majorca sunsets.

In addition to the hotels, the rural accommodations and villas complexes in Minorca,Tenerife and the rest of the Canary Islands, are also investing in refurbishing their rooms and spaces. Apartments and hotel complexes with new areas for spa, relax and wellness; area with special spaces for children, such as swimming pools similar to water parks; fitness rooms, beauty salons and special health treatments, gourmet restaurants, even some of them with Michelin Star.


Beach clubs and Chill Out bars are some of the elements which have become a key space for hotels design. Places inviting to relax and comfort, where interior décor plays the most important role, since it must fill the space with sensations and transport the guest from an atmosphere to another one. Even opposite spaces in the same hotel. IBEROSTAR’s Sea Soul, for example, is an authentic cult of aesthetics, present in their spa hotels in Chiclana and the Royal Cupido spa hotel in Playa de Palma, among others.

By chance, these design spaces made for relaxing, the select wineglasses and music, are almost exclusively offered by Adults Only hotels and apartments, hotels for friends and, as an exception, All Inclusive Hotels in places such as Majorca and the Canary Islands. Precisely in the Canary Islands you can find some family accommodations with these beach clubs and cocktails included. A clear example is Fuerteventura Palace, hotel in Playa de Jandia where we can enjoy a exclusive VIP area for adults, combining the typical services of a family beach hotels in the Canary Islands, with the singularity and elegance of an up to date design hotel.

October’s latest news from IBEROSTAR’s Grand Mencey hotel

This month of October is packed with news from the Mencey’s Cookery Classroom. Summer has come to an end, making way to an always melancholic autumn. However, there is no reason not to enjoy this time of year and the Iberostar Grand Mencey hotel and its Cookery Classroom, are the perfect place for it.

Begoña Rodrigo, the winner of the famous TV contest TOP CHEF 2013, will visit Mencey’s Cookery Clasroom to offer an exclusive cooking course. The event will take place on Friday the 10th of October, priced at 60€ per person. The chef and owner of the restaurant La Salita in Valencia, will delight attendees with a “gastroshow” where she will present exclusively some of the delicious dishes served at her restaurant.

IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey Cookery Classroom

IBEROSTAR Grand Mencey Cookery Classroom

Some of the popular dishes of this course, include rice plankton with octopus carpaccio and Mary aioli sauce, or the paratana with pigs trotters juice and sweet and sour vegetables. The wine pairing will include the wines from the Bodegas Masaveu, including wines such as the Fillaboa 2013 or the Murua gran Reserva.

However, the cooking courses of this iconic gourmet hotel in Santa Cruz de Tenerife don’t end here. On Thursday the 9th of October, led by Chef Richard Andrade, you’ll discover all the secrets of Japanese cuisine. The class includes how to cook the perfect rice for sushi, as well as learning to make makis, shushi, niguiris and the sauces that go with it. You can book here your cooking class in Tenerife.

One of the most demanded courses among those attending the previous courses of the Mencey’s Cookery Classroom was a whiskey tasting. The time has come, and all thanks to Mencey’s bartender Chema Vicente. The course will be held on Wednesday the 15th of October, from 17.00 to 20.30, and it is priced at

Gold and spa, the perfect combination for autumn

We have the perfect excuse for receiving the autumn with the same attitude we receive summer. Which? A relaxing golf and spa getaway to the Andalusian coast, to Majorca or Tenerife. You choose the destination and we propose some of the most complete golf and spa hotels and the most interesting discounts!

If you have chosen Majorca as destination for enjoying an autumn to getaway and escaping from the routine, we propose you a different hotel, away from the typical beach accommodations and the classic family hotels in Majorca: a golf resort next to Palma, with a complete spa environment, including holistic area and personalized massage menu. It is a 5 star hotel featuring two golf courses and an excellent gastronomic service. One night costs approximately 165 Euros for Room Only Accommodation, double room (2 adults). Another interesting option is to book a spa hotel in Santa Ponsa (Calvià coast) or a spa hotel in Playa de Palma.

Iberostar Son Antem golf hotel in MajorcaIberostar Son Antem, hotel de golf Mallorca

If you prefer the Canary Islands, you have many excellent alternatives:  a spa hotel in Tenerife, a spa hotel in Fuerteventura, or an Adults Only hotel in Gran Canaria.

Any of them will give you the possibility of enjoying the pleasure of taking care of yourself next to some of the best beaches in the island. Besides, peace and sun are guaranteed in the eternal spring of the Canary Islands. One night at these hotels costs around 100 Euros, including accommodations and breakfast in a double room.

The Andalusian coast is another of the classic destinations in autumn, there we always find a pleasant weather until November and enjoy a health and sports therapy. Our accommodation proposal in the Andalusian coast will leave you in the Golf Valley and its surroundings. Our recommendations are a spa hotel in Marbella and a spa resort in Chiclana, next to La Barrosa beach.

Without going away from this destination in the south of Spain, you have the option of staying in a resort for golf lovers: a golf hotel in Isla Canela or a golf hotel in Chiclana, both of them offer prices per night from 40 Euros per person on half-board.

Quito: the magic of a different destination

When you plan your holiday, the first questions are where, when and _who _, we want to help you with those questions and invite you to discover a different destination, one of those places that, a priori, we would not search on the map. Quito, the wonderful capital of Ecuador. Are you ready to visit it?

From Madrid, you can find flights with many companies, offers of more or less 300 Euros  and usual prices of almost 800 Euros (return ticket) The accommodations offer various prices depending on the place you choose to book a hotel in Quito. Our recommendation is to opt for a room in the financial centre of Quito, close to the commercial area, although the old quarter is ideal for staying some days and enjoying the most authentic Quito.

Dann Carlton Quito Hotel

Precisely now, Quito is more fashionable than ever, It is now one of the finalists in the selection of the 7 wonder cities and it was in the past the first city declared World Heritage by the Unesco, thanks to its historical richness.

The capital of Ecuador, located in Pichincha, is in the most western part of the Andes . Its height requires to stay a couple of days, especially those who travel from other continents, in order to get used and avoid tiredness

Temperatures are very similar to the north of Spain, with significant changes between day and night, with 25 degrees at day and 10 degrees at night. The most important places to visit are, besides the historical centre, the called Mitad del Mundo, the rural parishes, and La Mariscal, as well as its surroundings.

In the old quarter, the must visit places in Quito are:

– La Ronda street: the best place for finding the perfect combination of fun, local cuisine and traditional crafst of Quito.

– El Panecillo: ideal place for enjoying the best views of Quito.

– San Francisco de Quito Square: the heart of the city.

– Corondelet Palace: it is the presidential palace, located in the mythical Siete Cruces street.

– Quito Cathedral: it is considered one of the oldest religious buildings in the whole continent.